19 Mar 2018

Watch Paul Allen made Anthroprophh 'Death Salad' Video

Watch the 'Death Salad' video made by Paul Allen (Anthroprophh) the 2nd track to be reveal from the new Anthroprophh album 'OMEGAVILLE'.

Pre-order here: Store


Echoes And Dust Review Anthroprophh 'OMEGAVILLE'

Echoes And Dust review Anthroprophh 'OMEGAVILLE' album:

"Showcasing this pastiche of British life and culture in such a ferocious yet entertaining way".

It Reads:

It’s time to take a trip, one of many trips that Rocket Recordings have offered over the years, to the insanely twisted-psychedelic-rock-out land of Omegaville, the latest album by Anthroprophh. What’s to be found here? Only a manic rush of an experience that throws us through an almost satirical universe representative of our own, where the familiar elements of England feels warped and mutated into something wonderfully indulgent, whilst simultaneously feeling like a cosmic journey into worlds new and unknown, where nothing is predictable, where all rules are thrown out the windows into the streets of Omegaville, and where everyone of a certain disposition is sure to have a truly wonderful time....

Read the rest here: Echoes and Dust


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Echoes and Dust reveal new Anthroprophh track 'Death Salad'

We are super delighted to share 'Death Salad', the 2nd track from Anthroprophh's mindblowing album 'OMEGAVILLE'.

Anthroprophh, the three piece featuring Paul Allen (The Heads), Gareth Turner (Kuro/Big Naturals) and Jess Webb (Gnod/Big Naturals) monster new 2LP 'OMEGAVILLE', is released on 30th March.

Read what Echoes and Dust have to say about the album and watch the video here:

Echoes and Dust


High praise has been coming in for what some are calling a 'masterpiece':

"Fans of The Heads might wish to look away now because I think that this might just be the best thing that Paul Allen has ever done. 
10/10" Psych Insight

"Possibly one of the most important albums you will own." 
Days of Purple and Orange

"Guaranteed to be one of the year’s best, brutal and intensely beautiful releases of the year." 
Get into This

"The Stooges demolishing MC5's dressing room with Lemmy-era Hawkwind turned up to 11 on a dusty tape deck." 
The Quietus



Pre-order the album on LTD Double White/Black Splatter exclusively from here:

Vinyl / CD: Anthroprophh

Digital: http://smarturl.it/AOmegavilleAppleMusi
Stream: http://smarturl.it/AOmegavilleSpotify

The album is released on the 30 March 2018 worldwide and available on LP/CD/DL formats. 

The Independent Voice reviews Rocket Twenty

They say:

I headed to Islington’s The Garage for a full on day as the second date of Rocket Recordings’ 20th Birthday took place. Around 10 hours of a range of genres would be filling my ears courtesy of Gum takes Tooth, Goat, Hey Colossus, Housewives, Gnoomes, Mamuthones and Temple ov BBV.

Temple ov BBV are a group formed of members from Gnod & Radar Men From The Moon, which explains why there were ten members on stage at The Garage. A huge soundscape of long form psych with the slow flowing numbers traversing the space and rattling the rib-cages of everyone in attendance. Temple_OV_BBVA few crowd members were really into it, standing, eyes closed and absorbing the moment. I especially liked the penultimate number, the tantric beat continuing onward as a cacophony of noise and energy snuck up on me.Temple_OV_BBV

Mamuthones were next up. The electro-indie style 4 piece from Italy performed a lot of upbeat numbers. They were a stark contrast to the previous band with some huge thumping bass from the drums, some great guitar work and various electronics from the two other members, including the vocalist who was surrounded by keys and buttons....

Read the rest here: Independent Voice

Photo of Temple OV BBV by Al Overdrive


Moose and Hobbs say some words about Rocket Twenty

They say:

Blast into the future

Last weekend saw three days of loud. Three days of bands playing loud. I like bands playing loud so, obviously, I was there.

My travelling companions on this trip were Ellen, Rob and Simon, who had descended on The Smoke for the occasion, and also Jeremy on the Saturday. Over the course of the weekend I saw a whole range of bands but it was impossible to see everyone so I’m just going to focus on a few of my favourites who, for me, really stood out.

I started the weekend wishing that I’d arrived just a little earlier, as I only caught the last song from Flowers must Die and it sounded great; funky and bouncy is a good way to get things started. They were swiftly followed by Julie’s Haircut who played a cracking set with a little bit of jazzy sax and a lot of krauty-rock.

I spent all day Saturday at an archaeology conference (which was very very good BTW. See #lamas18 for some tweetage) and then sprinted over to The Garage straight afterwards to wreck my hearing. Unfortunately I’d missed Temple Ov BBV and, just to make it worse, my friends were all raving about them. 😦

Gnoomes, from Russia, reminded me of 1990. They’re that shoegazey moment before it went all fey and a bit too shimmery-dreampop. There was something about them that reminded me of The Pale Saints, although they don’t actually sound like The Pale Saints. They’re definitely the pop end of the weekend and I liked them...

Read the rest of the great review here: M&H

Photo of Bonnacons of Doom by Al Overdrive


16 Mar 2018

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Feed the Rats Ltd repress up for presale

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs debut album Feed the Rats gained huge praise and our first pressing of 1000 copies flew out of the door.

So, after a lot of emails from fans we have decided to do a new run on 'Molten Acid' (orange/grey) vinyl that is Ltd to 500 copies. The repress of the album still comes in a luxury diecut sleeve.

The album is released on 30 March however you can preorder a copy here: Bandcamp

Here is a photo of the first ones being manufactured at the pressing plant.


Listen to exclusive DJ mix for 'Beat Juice' by MIEN

MIEN were asked by the Beat Juice to create a special DJ mix....so they did!!

Go and listen to it now, exclusively at: Beat Juice

MNMX001 tracklisting:
01. [intro]
02. Oleo Strut – Marc Barreca
03. The Clock – Ruth White
04. La Sinistre – Eurythmics
05. James – Cluster
06. A-Train – The Flying Lizards
07. Tchi Tchi Vox – Vox Populi!
08. Heptapod B – Jóhann Jóhannsson
09. Appears (Mini Verberum) – Botany
10. The Harbinger of Spring – Children of Alice
11. There’s Gonna Be a Storm – The Left Banke
12. Signal – Phew
13. Solomon’s Ring – The Black Lucifer
14. Love Without Sound – White Noise
15. Improvisation 2 – Al Lover
16. Black Habit ($hit and $hine remix) – MIEN
17. White Sands – Thor and Friends
18. Kreen Akrore – Paul McCartney
19. In the Red – Jenny Hval
20. Kalyani – Joe Byrd And The Field Hippies
21. Golden Hair – Syd Barrett
22. Swirling Sphere – Tony, Caro & John
23. Treatment – The Future and The Human League
24. Future Days – Can
25. Cloud Mountain – Tom Furse
26. Fire Breath – Joanna Brouk
27. Silberland – Riechmann
28. By This River – Brian Eno
John-Mark from MIEN said this about the MNMX001 mix:
“I grew up feeling mildly obsessed with 12” extended remixes and synth pop, which are definite influences on what I bring to MIEN. I wanted to blend these elements with other inspirations that formed our sound including industrial, psychedelia, musique concrete and krautrock. The original idea was to make something a little seedy and raw, something you’ll hear plenty of on our album.”

MIEN's debut album can be preordered on Ltd vinyl here: Bandcamp

Listen to their latest single Earth Moon here: Spotify


VED – DDTT EP out today...

Today see's the release of VED's mighty new EP DDTT.

The band played a storming show at Rocket Twenty and we are so excited to be sharing the full EP with you today as it is easily up there with best things we have ever put out.

Buy the ltd vinyl here: Bandcamp

Stream here: Spotify  Apple Music


"An intoxicating sound." Backseat Mafia

"Colossal." The Quietus

“Diverse but intricately infused repetitive ambient electronica.” Line of the Best Fit


VED are another amazing Swedish band you have probably never heard of. With 3 albums, 2 EPs and a compilation on labels like Höga Nord and Adrian Recordings already behind them, VED are the latest Swedish band, following on from Goat, Josefin Öhrn, Hills and Flowers Must Die to release their exploratory music on Rocket Recordings.

The Malmö 5 piece are famed for creating trance inducing, repetitive, psych. Their ever evolving sound has always taken in many global influences, from Middle Eastern to African to the repetitive explorations of composers like Steve Reich and Terry Riley.

DDTT is a two track EP that at it’s core is exploring the art  of repetition, with each track surpassing the 12 minute mark. The song DDTT itself is centered around a series of monotonous African rock sounding drum patterns, plucked guitar riffs that overlap at varying speeds, all building to an intoxicating sound that juxtaposes itself as well as locking into a tight groove.  As the track builds, layer upon layer of bowed cymbals collide with tight percussion and a minimalist bass line straight out of Holger Czukay’s handbook.

Sheets of bowed drones reminiscent of Tony Conrad are at the core of second track Det långa straffet. The ritual looping of fluttering live drums, palpitating bass, trace and retrace repetitively within the carousel of grooves. Climaxing are sound rousing heavy horns, the whole piece gratifyingly serves as a brute force repetitive handprint of human intent. 

DDTT is an EP for the fans of the new Polish scene and the constantly excellent Instant Classic Records, and the minimal electronica explorations by Chicago acts like Joshua Abrams and Bitchin Bajas.


15 Mar 2018

Backseat Mafia reviews Day 3 of Rocket Twenty

They say:

Day Three of the Rocket 20 dawns and the weekenders are looking (and feeling) a little jaded, but the prospect of a third day with a darker, heavier side holds much appeal.

Opening are Bonnacons of Doom, a collective of musicians based out of Liverpool who last week announced their debut album with be out on Rocket in May. Their performances are theatrical to say the least; clad in black robes with silver disc masks reflecting the audience back at them. Musically they are complex, elements competing for attention throughout, yet somehow they manage to make this not sound chaotic. By far the stand out track from the set is latest single ‘Solus’ with its haunting vocal melodies and eerie countenance.

Upstairs the first offering of the evening is Ayn Sǿf, the solo project of Gnod’s Paddy Shine. He is joined tonight by two fellow musicians, one of which remains anonymous shrouded in a cloak. This project showcases a more subdued side to Shine, with the beauty remaining in the detail. The tantric qualities evoke a trance like state from the listeners and it is a perfect experimental showcase of talent that not many would know to experience otherwise...

Read the full piece here: Backseat Mafia

(Photo of GNOD by Al Overdrive)


Ltd Rocket 20 logo tshirts is now up on sale

Our ltd edition Rocket 20 logo tshirt is now up on sale on the Rocket Bandcamp.

You can buy it here, but be quick as there aren't loads: Bandcamp

We also have added some more GNOD - Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine shirts up as well: Gnod


Listen to new epic 15 minute GNOD track, taken from forthcoming album Chapel Perilous

On 4 May GNOD return with a new album called 'Chapel Perilous' and we are excited to share with you the first track from it, a mammoth 15minute epic called 'Donovan's Daughter's'...listen to the killer track above.

You can preorder the ltd to 500 copies (250 via Rocket shop / 250 via band) on Orange/black swirl vinyl here: Bandcamp

Preorder download here: iTunes/AppleMusic

Presave on Spotify: Spotify

And see what the Quietus say about it here: The Quietus


The press release reads:

Chapel Perilous exists whereby the supernatural converges with the everyday - whatever one’s definition of reality, this psychological realm serves to prove it endlessly and changeable. Robert Anton Wilson may have laid claim to the modern use of this phrase - as in his 1977 tome  ‘Cosmic Trigger’ - yet there can be few musical outfits in the here and now more worthy of carrying on its tradition than Gnod.  In more than a decade on the planet this singular Salford-birthed entity have married intrepid musical exploration with psychic fearlessness - not to mention a tendency to leave any tag or bracket one attempts to place on them utterly redundant. 

In a sense, the latest adventure bearing this title evolved both from the lengthy European tour that the band embarked upon in the wake of their stripped-down and paint-stripping 2017 opus Just Say No The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine. Yet recording in Supernova studio in Eindhoven under the auspices of Bob De Wit, the band found themselves free not only to lay down two tumultuous tracks that they had been honing and hammering into shape on the road -  the pulverising fifteen-minute opener ‘Donovan’s Daughters’ and the bracingly brutal ‘Uncle Frank Says Turn It Down’ - but to sculpt more abstract material, utilising dubbed-out repetition, furious riff-driven rancour, bleak soundscapes and off-the-map experimentation to create an intimidating and invigorating tableau of dystopian dread and unflinching intensity.

Always working purely on their own instincts and co-ordinates, Gnod’s pathway into unchartered territory continues to move firmly on with nary a care for the sanity of anyone in their surroundings. Chapel Perilous is a still more indomitable chapter in a transcendental travelogue from an iconoclastic institution that only gathers momentum with the passing of time. Wherever Gnod go in 2018 and beyond, expect reality to be reinvented anew, whatever the consequences. 


Sentireascoltare Reviews Mamuthones Fear on the Corner

It reads:

I would mention the end to talk about this new record of the Mamuthones. From that Here We Are that seems to cry out to the world its existence, if there was still need, but maybe even yes, at least here in our house where we are champions in making no prophet at home. As if that hypnotic mega-trip that takes and makes oblong a form of psychedelia that looks like a "turn of the day in eighty worlds", pulling in the middle the Balinese gamelan as the white post-funk-punk forms that roamed in England little pre-Thatcherian, a mantra to be repeated in loop to infinity as the raids first-second-third-quartomondiste plate Ze Records et filii tutti, was an ideal snapshot of the formation.

Stuff that sends the brain to the point that you would press replay to infinity; to the point that if there was the possibility to choose only one track to listen to ad libitum post-mortem, this would probably be one of the small group to choose from; to the point that it concludes a work reconnecting itself to the origins of the sound of the formation, although this Fear On The Corner is a sort of new beginning, a new phase in the training of Alessio Gastaldello....

Read the rest of it here: Sentireascoltare


Crash Merch reviews Gnoomes live in Bristol

They say:

Gnoomes turned a dreary, rainy Sunday into a night of psychedelic wonder on the corner of Clare Street in Bristol, at HY-Brasil Music Club, on 11th March.

Supported by Acid Plans and Altered Hours, the collective, sonic mishmash of neo-punk, shoegaze and electronic beats concluded in a dreamy set by the Russian group. For such a small stage, the bands’ capacities to extend their energy beyond the cramped performance space was very impressive.

Set in a spacious bar with an array of cocktails, craft beers and an intimate ‘secret room’ towards the back....

...This set the mood for Gnoomes. Their music is the kind that makes you wonder about life in the most pretentious sense of the phrase, accompanied by their spacey, rolling loops and epic techno sounds. The band shifted effortlessly from ethereal psychedelic that you’d want to soundtrack your life’s adventures, to fast, fizzy punk-rock which got everyone moving. Frontman Alex Pyankov was charismatic, but didn’t say much. I suppose this helped the audience (and band) in getting into their own headspace, but it would have been nice to have seen a bit more interaction with the crowd.

The songs do have a similar sound without much to distinguish between each one, but Maria stood out. The set was very guitar heavy, and the band seemed to go into their own trance, which emanated through the crescendos ending most songs. Ultimately, this is the kind of music that makes you want to watch the stars from on the beach and fall in love. It leaves you feeling euphoric, joyous and optimistically curious. Undoubtedly, their dreamy sound is captured much better live than from studio recordings, and I believe would suit festivals and open spaces even more. With some wavy backdrop visuals and a mellow colour aesthetic, Gnoomes could tackle bigger venues and continue their cosmic adventure onto greater destinations.

Read the full review here: Gnoomes


Rocket Twenty showcase on Reprezent

Rocket fan Ailbhe showcased Rocket Recordings on her Reprezent show on Sunday, in honour of the Rocket 20 Weekender!

She played:

MIEN - Earth Moon
Anthroprophh - Dead Inside
Mamuthones - The Wrong Side

Listen to here: Reprezent


See photos from Gnoomes 'Deep Cuts' show in Liverpool

You can see a selection of photos from Gnoomes's recent 'Deep Cuts' show in Liverpool.

See them here: Get into this


14 Mar 2018

DLSO review Mamuthones' Fear on the Corner

They (roughly translated) say:

Mamuthones are a source of pride for Italian music. Inspired by the name of a typical mask of the Sardinian carnival of Mamoiada, the project by Alessio Gastaldello (founder and ex-drummer of Jennifer Gentle) is one of the most precious gems of local psychedelia, able to range between different genres and create unique sound patchwork and with a strong personality. It is no coincidence that Mamuthones' latest album, Fear On The Corner, has just been released for the English label Rocket Recordings, in whose incredible catalog include Goats or, to stay in Italy, Julie's Haircut.

A beautiful record already mentioned in the title as references - attitudinal rather than musical - Fear Of Music by Tales Heads and On The Corner by Miles Davis. So we asked Alessio to tell him a song by song...

Read the rest of the review here: DLSO


Backseat Mafia reviews Day 2 of Rocket Twenty

They say...

Day Two of the Rocket 20 celebrations is underway and with a sell out venue already crowded, we open with Temple ov BBV, a super group comprised of members of Salfordians Gnod and Eindhoven natives Radar Men from the Moon. The projects inception came to late when the two joined forces at Eindhoven Psych Lab a few years back, the informality of the event then being set to record via Rocket and an LP released in June 2017. With some 10 personnel on stage it comes as no surprise that the sound is of incredible volume, however the finer details of the sound are intriguing and their set is literally hard to put into words. ‘The Other Side of the Night’ is the stand out of the set with its evocative lyrics, relentless drumming and industrial feel. The entire set is executed perfectly and literally could not be a better start to things.

Next up its Mamuthones, who emerged from the Italian occult psychedelic movement to release LP Fear on the Corner last month. The vibrant reinvention of the band sees them transcend their roots from Italian prog and soundtracks to krautrock, funk and disco. Their set is lively and upbeat, setting the dancing mood for things to come. Their samples, random array of noise makers and atonal style goes down well live and they are clearly happy to be here, lapping up every second. Probably not to everyone’s taste, Mamuthones have done themselves proud with a strong performance that has turned a few heads...

Read the rest here: Backseat Mafia

(Goat photo by Al Overdrive)

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs and Anthroprophh to play Bristol Psych fest

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs and Anthroprophh join Fumaca Preta, Nebula, Cosmic Dead, Wold People etc at this years Bristol Psych Fest.

Tickets and info here: BPF


The Quietus reviews Rocket Twenty

They say:

Cosmic Fantastic: Rocket Recordings Twenty Weekend Reviewed 
In celebration of their 20th birthday, the mighty Rocket Recordings hosted Rocket Twenty - a three-day event at The Garage in Islington with Julie’s Haircut, Mamuthones, Gnod and more. Joseph Mumford reports.

For two decades now, Rocket Recordings have been consistently excellent purveyors of whacked-out psychedelia, krautrock, prog, post-punk: a hallmark of weirdo record collections everywhere. To celebrate their vicennial, the label hosted a three-day event at The Garage in Islington featuring most of their fantastic roster. All weekend the venue burst at the seams with Rocket enthusiasts, all delighting in the shared psychedelic experience.

An early highlight comes on Friday night with Italian experimental rockers Julie’s Haircut, who deal in jazzy krautrock. Midway through a lengthy motorik jam, a power cut silences them all apart from the rhythm section - who soldier on unperturbed. Seizing the moment, frontman Luca Giovanardi yells: “Fuck Brexit! We want to be here with you!” A little hammy, perhaps, but the roars of support from the audience drive home the fact that Rocket Recordings is a label with a global perspective and that this weekend is testament to that, with bands from all corners of Europe joining the party...

Read the full review here: The Quietus

(Photo of Housewives by Al Overdrive)

13 Mar 2018

Loud and Quiet interview Gnoomes's Pavel about his solo project Kikok

It reads:

In a remote part of Russia, KIKOK has made an EP that sounds like My Bloody Valentine doing Italo disco

In 2017, Loud And Quiet‘s Daniel Dylan Wray wrote about the story of Gnoomes – the three-piece “stargaze” outfit making music in Perm, a Russian city so isolated it makes London-Glasgow look like two short stops on the bus. It’s 22 hours on the train to Moscow.

That was around the release of their psychedelic second album ‘Tschak!’ which was made, well, without the aid of any psychedelics, after members of the band had been imprisoned after traces of weed had been found in drug tests by the authorities.

Put it this way – in recent years the members of Gnoomes have been making music under the harshest of circumstances.

A year on drummer Pavel Fedoseev, who makes music under the name KIKOK, is about to release a self-titled EP (out Friday 16 March) via Fatima Yamaha’s Magnetron Music label.

In Pavel’s words:
“I wanted to make a release with what I already had – a simple Korg Electribe er MK-II drum machine. I started to jam with it in a minimalistic way, but then I decided to merge my techno experiments into a more dreamy atmospheres and I bought a few synths (Alesis Micron, Arturia Microbrute) and a sampler (Boss Loop Station 202). My main goal was to take some harmonies from My Bloody Valentine stuff, add some Italo disco beats, mix it with the weird samples and see what will happen. Speaking of conceptual part, my Komi nation which I belong is a dying ethnics. There are only 90,000 Komi people left, that’s why all my tracks on the EP are called in Komi language and sometimes I say the words in it.”

Read the rest here: L&Q


NEOLYD give praise to MIEN

They say (roughly translated):

And who is to blame again? Anton Newcombe. A concert by the band The Brian Jonestown Massacre in Austin, Texas, apparently laid the foundation for one of the year's most exciting supergroup projects. On this gig, the two musicians Alex Maas and Rishi Dhir met for the first time and made plans. That this already happened in 2004 does not have to be surprising. After all, Newcombe has long been the godfather of the new wave of neo-psychedelic rock'n'roll, which has been steadily swelling for more than a decade. It also makes sense that the vague plans for their first meeting did not seem to work for a long time, considering what the Texan Maas and the Canadian Dhir usually did: they established the Black Angels and Elephant Stone as the front men in the indie Underground.

Finally, it took two Englishmen, until it could become what today is called Mien and only bursting with exciting and most plausible musical cross-references: the producers and electro-tinkerer John-Mark Lapham of The Early and The Horrors bassist Tom Furse , Together, the quartet now publishes a self-titled debut under the umbrella of the Goat label Rocket Recordings on 6 April....

Read the full piece here: NEOLYD


Gnod to play Moth Club

After GNOD's apocalyptic headline set at Rocket Twenty – Baba Yaga's Hut have just announced a new show at Moth Club on 13 May.

Tickets are available here: BYH

Baba Yaga's Hut also have lots of other amazing shows coming to London including Heldon, Death Kids, The Ex and many more...


Backseat Mafia reviews Day 1 of Rocket Twenty

They say:

Rocket Recordings turn 20 this year, and to celebrate they have teamed up with London based promoters Baba Yaga’s Hut and DHP to host a three day musical spectacular at The Garage. Tonight’s opening night and there is a buzz in the air as the queue forms outside the venue early doors.

With wristbands collected and the venue scoped, it’s not long to wait before Flowers Must Die, a Swedish multi-instrumental outfit who blend the genre boundaries to create a truly unique offering that captivates live and on record. They sprung into prominence in April 2017 when album Kompost thrust forward with fizzing interludes which only hinted at the special live performance they can concoct. Stand out tracks come in the form of ‘Hit’ with its deep funk groove and ‘Don’t You Leave Me Now’ which have everyone dancing. They have set the scene perfectly and being a festival opener will always be a big ask, but they have stepped up and done so elegantly...

Read the full review here: Backseat Mafia

(Photo of Josefin Öhrn by Al Overdrive)


Housewives to play Offset Festival

After their stunning performance on Saturday at Rocket Twenty Housewives have ben confirmed to play the great OFF Festival in Poland on 3-5 August

Tickets/Info here: OFF


12 Mar 2018

Rocket Twenty – thank you


We are still processing what just happened, it was truly a very special weekend for us!!!
And we have many people to thank who helped make it all happen...

First of all we have to thank the bands.
Every single one of you played out of your skins and made us a very humbled label by your quality and passion. Many of you travelled a long way to be with us, a lot of you put a lot of effort and time into your preparation. All of you really do make us the proudest label there is!!

We have to thank Anthony at Baba Yaga and all the DHP team, it would not of happened without their drive and vision for the event. Also the fantastic Jen who made sure that over the weekend it all worked, and it did. You made all our lives very easy, so thanks Jen!

Huge thanks to the amazing Sam Wiehl for his unrivalled visuals skills and knowledge.
Again, without him...

Thank you to the IMPATV team and Al Overdrive for documenting the whole event,  your professionalism and enthusiasm is unsurpassed...we can't wait to relive it all again and share that with everyone.

Also, massive thanks to Matt Smart for his fantastic sculpture, it worked so, so well and it will be shared with everyone again!

Thanks to all the crew and staff of The Garage, you made it a stress free and extremely fun time, you always had huge smiles on your faces and looked like you enjoyed it as much as we did!! All the bands said what a pleasure you made it for them, which was so great to hear!

And finally, we have to thank all the people that came and spent the weekend with us.
You all said very complimentary things to us which was so great to hear. So thank you for your continued support as with you all this really would not of been possible, so thank you!!

Chris & John


8 Mar 2018

Final amends to times of Rocket Twenty

Here you go, the final times for this weekends Rocket Twenty event at the Garage.

On Saturday night we have moved Gum Takes Tooth to downstairs and Nothing is... to upstairs...let chaos commence....

Fri/Sun tickets available: Alt Tickets


The Quietus interviews Anthrorpophh

Ahead of this weekend's appearance at Rocket Twenty, The Quietus have had a chat with Anthroprophh's Paul Allen about their new masterpiece, OMEGAVILLE:

Welcome To Omegaville: Paul Allen of Anthroprophh Interviewed 

Ahead of the Rocket 20 party this weekend, via the introduction of housing acts and accusations of sub-Hendrix wanks, Paul Allen anthroprophhesises our impending dystopia
 to JR Moores

You can tell a lot about a person from their favourite Black Sabbath album. Paranoid may be pretty unbeatable but, because of its hit-single title track, this tends to be the LP owned by those who have only ever purchased one Black Sabbath studio effort and it is thus, as a fave, treated with suspicion among connoisseurs. Opening with Tony Iommi's weed-induced coughing fit and introducing the guitarist's down-tuned technique for the inaugural time, Master Of Reality is the choice of many a herb-addled doomhead so stoned they don't even mind that it sounds like it was recorded in a cobweb-ridden outdoor privy. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath suggests you have a penchant for awkward synthesizer accompaniments including those deriving from the nimble fingers of Rick Wakeman. Anyone who selects a post-Ozzy album - and can articulately offer a plausible take on exactly why they would want to do such a thing - is worth hearing out.

Paul Allen first came to cult recognition as a member of the Bristol-based space-garage crew The Heads. Anthroprophh began as a solo project, then soon became a scorching power trio when Allen incorporated the talents of Gareth Turner and Jesse Webb (who also play noise rock in The Big Naturals). Allen's preferred Black Sabbath album is 1975's Sabotage. He is in good company. This is also the favourite of Luke Haines, J Mascis, Julian Cope and other maverick creative types...

Read the rest here: The Quietus

Preorder OMEGAVILLE: Bandcamp

Tickets for Friday and Sunday Rocket Twenty are still available: Alt Tickets


7 Mar 2018

Hey Colossus to support Sumac

Hey Colossus have been invited to join Sumac on the road for a few shows...

26th, Nijmegen Info 

28th, Kortrijk  Info  

29th, Liege  Info  

30th May, Stuttgart  Info

Hey Colossus live in Cardiff – Buzz Mag review

It says:

The Moon, Cardiff, Sat 3 Mar

For the intrepid adventurer soaked from trudging through the icy slush that has transformed Cardiff city centre into a post-apocalyptic wasteland, arriving at the Moon is like chancing happily upon refuge and sustenance in a warm, cosy cottage – only with beer and noiserock in place of the steaming mug of cocoa and roaring log fire.

The three members of Guide Dog have had quite a journey to get here, too – one that started in the late 1990s and has taken in stints in Robots In The Sky, People In Planes, Tetra Splendour and Cold Specks. Debut LP Lovely Domestic Bliss was released on their own Hi Vis Records imprint last July, and the single Egos With Genitals – not coincidentally the best song of their set – has received radio play from both Bethan Elfyn and Adam Walton.

“Post-grunge” is a tag that the trio have jokingly embraced, but in fact their use of electronic effects and evident disinclination to take themselves too seriously mean that the closest comparison is probably with Future Of The Left. A louder bark and a toothier bite, and Guide Dog might leave a bit more of an impression...

Read the rest here: Buzz


FOPP's 'Rocket 20th Anniversary' shop campaign

Our friends at FOPP have created a special Rocket campaign in all their stores to help us celebrate our 20th Anniversary.

So, if you want to pick up some of our releases at a special price, get along to your local store!



IMPATV and Al Overdrive documenting the Rocket Twenty event

We are very happy to announce that the great IMPATV will be filming most of this weekend event and the different sets will be aired throughout the rest of the year.

More about IMPATV here: IMPATV

Also, the very talented Al Overdrive will be running around capturing the event as it happens with his camera and we will also be sharing those great photos with everyone!!

More info about Al here: Al Overdrive

There are Fri/Sun Day tickets available: Alt Tickets


Bloody Reviews gives Mamuthones 10/10

It reads:

Oh god this is heavy mental for the people.
Ah like the drums and bas synths. Creepy vocals.  Love the CD cover. Brilliant pink lady with her lips all over the head or something. The cover was solely why I choose to listen to it. I’m not disappointed at all. It reminds me of some tracks I used to listen to around 2000. Yes, it’s Clinic they were called. But Mamuthones are more what I wanted Clinic should sound like I think. Eh! You can’t think like that I guess. Nice shit anyhow.
The guitars sound a bit as I would have played them myself if I could hav managed to do it.

There’s something that also reminds a bit of the old canadian band Trans AM. I loved Trans AM. Listen to this. This albums requires a few listens. There’s also some Talking Heads of course. .. nice!  10/10

Read the rest here: Bloody Reviews


6 Mar 2018

New Goat and White Hills/GNOD 'vinyl only' Record Store Releases announced

Record Store day returns in 2018 on 21 April and we have two extremely special releases lined-up:


Double Date is an independent British horror film that was released  to great applause in 2017. The film was written and stared Danny Morgan and was the debut movie directed by Benjamin Barfoot.  Ben was also responsible for creating the video of Teeth of The Sea’s Responder, plus several great shorts films including FIST which featured music from Rocket’s back catalogue.

Ben approached Goat in 2016 asking them if they would be interested in appearing in the film he was making as he had a club scene where he wanted to feature a band playing live. And when him and Danny were coming up with the idea for the movie they had Goat’s ‘World Music’ album on repeat and it was decided it was bands infectious tribal grooves that he wanted in the scene.

During filming of Goat’s scene Ben and the band bonded and he invited Goat to score the whole film, so their unique DNA would be running throughout the whole picture. The band liked the idea and decided to take the challenge on. And we at Rocket are very excited to be able to release the complete score Goat created for the film on a special ltd edition ‘pool of blood’ coloured vinyl 10” LP especially  for Record Store Day 2018.

The album contains all the original music Goat created to soundtrack the film plus the music they made for the trailer. The score also contains a different version of Goat’s live anthem ‘Run To Your Mama’ that was especially created for the film.

The film was released to great reviews and has gone on to win a couple of awards including the Fright Fest Rising Star Award for its writer/actor Danny Morgan. 



‘Aquarian Downer’ is a five track collaboration with New York’s purveyor of pummelling Post-Motorik Fuzz ‘White Hills’ and Manchester’s Psychedelic-Punk human anatomy assault ‘GNOD’. Initially released as a limited tour CDR in 2008, Rocket Recordings are delighted to announce that for Record Store Day 2018, it will be available for the first time on deep space’ blue swirl vinyl.

In 2007, GNOD booked WHITE HILLS to play at one of their ‘Attention All Shipping’ nights in Manchester. After the gig they spoke about doing a collaboration together.

As their inevitably synchronous desire to create music around the outer limits prevailed, the bands were drawn onto the same trajectory, their first meeting of minds.

Over the years the two bands have gone on to build a formidable reputation for releasing many outstanding records, including their second collaboration after Aquarian Downer; the stunning ‘GNOD Drop-out with White Hills II’ released on Rocket Recordings back in 2010.

Both bands’ music have consistently pushed at the boundaries of what psychedelic music is. Aquarian Downer is no exception, feasibly this is the point that they both crossed into the Event Horizon of their prismatic paths. An album submerged in minimally restrained serene chilling drones, tailed by the pulses of GNOD’s heads-down astral power, Dave W (White Hills) has masterfully conjured an album who’s boundary passes events that cannot ever be observed. 

More information about Record Store Day can be found here: RSD