16 Mar 2018

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Feed the Rats Ltd repress up for presale

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs debut album Feed the Rats gained huge praise and our first pressing of 1000 copies flew out of the door.

So, after a lot of emails from fans we have decided to do a new run on 'Molten Acid' (orange/grey) vinyl that is Ltd to 500 copies. The repress of the album still comes in a luxury diecut sleeve.

The album is released on 30 March however you can preorder a copy here: Bandcamp

Here is a photo of the first ones being manufactured at the pressing plant.


Listen to exclusive DJ mix for 'Beat Juice' by MIEN

MIEN were asked by the Beat Juice to create a special DJ mix....so they did!!

Go and listen to it now, exclusively at: Beat Juice

MNMX001 tracklisting:
01. [intro]
02. Oleo Strut – Marc Barreca
03. The Clock – Ruth White
04. La Sinistre – Eurythmics
05. James – Cluster
06. A-Train – The Flying Lizards
07. Tchi Tchi Vox – Vox Populi!
08. Heptapod B – Jóhann Jóhannsson
09. Appears (Mini Verberum) – Botany
10. The Harbinger of Spring – Children of Alice
11. There’s Gonna Be a Storm – The Left Banke
12. Signal – Phew
13. Solomon’s Ring – The Black Lucifer
14. Love Without Sound – White Noise
15. Improvisation 2 – Al Lover
16. Black Habit ($hit and $hine remix) – MIEN
17. White Sands – Thor and Friends
18. Kreen Akrore – Paul McCartney
19. In the Red – Jenny Hval
20. Kalyani – Joe Byrd And The Field Hippies
21. Golden Hair – Syd Barrett
22. Swirling Sphere – Tony, Caro & John
23. Treatment – The Future and The Human League
24. Future Days – Can
25. Cloud Mountain – Tom Furse
26. Fire Breath – Joanna Brouk
27. Silberland – Riechmann
28. By This River – Brian Eno
John-Mark from MIEN said this about the MNMX001 mix:
“I grew up feeling mildly obsessed with 12” extended remixes and synth pop, which are definite influences on what I bring to MIEN. I wanted to blend these elements with other inspirations that formed our sound including industrial, psychedelia, musique concrete and krautrock. The original idea was to make something a little seedy and raw, something you’ll hear plenty of on our album.”

MIEN's debut album can be preordered on Ltd vinyl here: Bandcamp

Listen to their latest single Earth Moon here: Spotify


VED – DDTT EP out today...

Today see's the release of VED's mighty new EP DDTT.

The band played a storming show at Rocket Twenty and we are so excited to be sharing the full EP with you today as it is easily up there with best things we have ever put out.

Buy the ltd vinyl here: Bandcamp

Stream here: Spotify  Apple Music


"An intoxicating sound." Backseat Mafia

"Colossal." The Quietus

“Diverse but intricately infused repetitive ambient electronica.” Line of the Best Fit


VED are another amazing Swedish band you have probably never heard of. With 3 albums, 2 EPs and a compilation on labels like Höga Nord and Adrian Recordings already behind them, VED are the latest Swedish band, following on from Goat, Josefin Öhrn, Hills and Flowers Must Die to release their exploratory music on Rocket Recordings.

The Malmö 5 piece are famed for creating trance inducing, repetitive, psych. Their ever evolving sound has always taken in many global influences, from Middle Eastern to African to the repetitive explorations of composers like Steve Reich and Terry Riley.

DDTT is a two track EP that at it’s core is exploring the art  of repetition, with each track surpassing the 12 minute mark. The song DDTT itself is centered around a series of monotonous African rock sounding drum patterns, plucked guitar riffs that overlap at varying speeds, all building to an intoxicating sound that juxtaposes itself as well as locking into a tight groove.  As the track builds, layer upon layer of bowed cymbals collide with tight percussion and a minimalist bass line straight out of Holger Czukay’s handbook.

Sheets of bowed drones reminiscent of Tony Conrad are at the core of second track Det långa straffet. The ritual looping of fluttering live drums, palpitating bass, trace and retrace repetitively within the carousel of grooves. Climaxing are sound rousing heavy horns, the whole piece gratifyingly serves as a brute force repetitive handprint of human intent. 

DDTT is an EP for the fans of the new Polish scene and the constantly excellent Instant Classic Records, and the minimal electronica explorations by Chicago acts like Joshua Abrams and Bitchin Bajas.


15 Mar 2018

Backseat Mafia reviews Day 3 of Rocket Twenty

They say:

Day Three of the Rocket 20 dawns and the weekenders are looking (and feeling) a little jaded, but the prospect of a third day with a darker, heavier side holds much appeal.

Opening are Bonnacons of Doom, a collective of musicians based out of Liverpool who last week announced their debut album with be out on Rocket in May. Their performances are theatrical to say the least; clad in black robes with silver disc masks reflecting the audience back at them. Musically they are complex, elements competing for attention throughout, yet somehow they manage to make this not sound chaotic. By far the stand out track from the set is latest single ‘Solus’ with its haunting vocal melodies and eerie countenance.

Upstairs the first offering of the evening is Ayn Sǿf, the solo project of Gnod’s Paddy Shine. He is joined tonight by two fellow musicians, one of which remains anonymous shrouded in a cloak. This project showcases a more subdued side to Shine, with the beauty remaining in the detail. The tantric qualities evoke a trance like state from the listeners and it is a perfect experimental showcase of talent that not many would know to experience otherwise...

Read the full piece here: Backseat Mafia

(Photo of GNOD by Al Overdrive)


Ltd Rocket 20 logo tshirts is now up on sale

Our ltd edition Rocket 20 logo tshirt is now up on sale on the Rocket Bandcamp.

You can buy it here, but be quick as there aren't loads: Bandcamp

We also have added some more GNOD - Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine shirts up as well: Gnod


Listen to new epic 15 minute GNOD track, taken from forthcoming album Chapel Perilous

On 4 May GNOD return with a new album called 'Chapel Perilous' and we are excited to share with you the first track from it, a mammoth 15minute epic called 'Donovan's Daughter's'...listen to the killer track above.

You can preorder the ltd to 500 copies (250 via Rocket shop / 250 via band) on Orange/black swirl vinyl here: Bandcamp

Preorder download here: iTunes/AppleMusic

Presave on Spotify: Spotify

And see what the Quietus say about it here: The Quietus


The press release reads:

Chapel Perilous exists whereby the supernatural converges with the everyday - whatever one’s definition of reality, this psychological realm serves to prove it endlessly and changeable. Robert Anton Wilson may have laid claim to the modern use of this phrase - as in his 1977 tome  ‘Cosmic Trigger’ - yet there can be few musical outfits in the here and now more worthy of carrying on its tradition than Gnod.  In more than a decade on the planet this singular Salford-birthed entity have married intrepid musical exploration with psychic fearlessness - not to mention a tendency to leave any tag or bracket one attempts to place on them utterly redundant. 

In a sense, the latest adventure bearing this title evolved both from the lengthy European tour that the band embarked upon in the wake of their stripped-down and paint-stripping 2017 opus Just Say No The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine. Yet recording in Supernova studio in Eindhoven under the auspices of Bob De Wit, the band found themselves free not only to lay down two tumultuous tracks that they had been honing and hammering into shape on the road -  the pulverising fifteen-minute opener ‘Donovan’s Daughters’ and the bracingly brutal ‘Uncle Frank Says Turn It Down’ - but to sculpt more abstract material, utilising dubbed-out repetition, furious riff-driven rancour, bleak soundscapes and off-the-map experimentation to create an intimidating and invigorating tableau of dystopian dread and unflinching intensity.

Always working purely on their own instincts and co-ordinates, Gnod’s pathway into unchartered territory continues to move firmly on with nary a care for the sanity of anyone in their surroundings. Chapel Perilous is a still more indomitable chapter in a transcendental travelogue from an iconoclastic institution that only gathers momentum with the passing of time. Wherever Gnod go in 2018 and beyond, expect reality to be reinvented anew, whatever the consequences. 


Sentireascoltare Reviews Mamuthones Fear on the Corner

It reads:

I would mention the end to talk about this new record of the Mamuthones. From that Here We Are that seems to cry out to the world its existence, if there was still need, but maybe even yes, at least here in our house where we are champions in making no prophet at home. As if that hypnotic mega-trip that takes and makes oblong a form of psychedelia that looks like a "turn of the day in eighty worlds", pulling in the middle the Balinese gamelan as the white post-funk-punk forms that roamed in England little pre-Thatcherian, a mantra to be repeated in loop to infinity as the raids first-second-third-quartomondiste plate Ze Records et filii tutti, was an ideal snapshot of the formation.

Stuff that sends the brain to the point that you would press replay to infinity; to the point that if there was the possibility to choose only one track to listen to ad libitum post-mortem, this would probably be one of the small group to choose from; to the point that it concludes a work reconnecting itself to the origins of the sound of the formation, although this Fear On The Corner is a sort of new beginning, a new phase in the training of Alessio Gastaldello....

Read the rest of it here: Sentireascoltare