19 Mar 2018

Watch Paul Allen made Anthroprophh 'Death Salad' Video

Watch the 'Death Salad' video made by Paul Allen (Anthroprophh) the 2nd track to be reveal from the new Anthroprophh album 'OMEGAVILLE'.

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Echoes And Dust Review Anthroprophh 'OMEGAVILLE'

Echoes And Dust review Anthroprophh 'OMEGAVILLE' album:

"Showcasing this pastiche of British life and culture in such a ferocious yet entertaining way".

It Reads:

It’s time to take a trip, one of many trips that Rocket Recordings have offered over the years, to the insanely twisted-psychedelic-rock-out land of Omegaville, the latest album by Anthroprophh. What’s to be found here? Only a manic rush of an experience that throws us through an almost satirical universe representative of our own, where the familiar elements of England feels warped and mutated into something wonderfully indulgent, whilst simultaneously feeling like a cosmic journey into worlds new and unknown, where nothing is predictable, where all rules are thrown out the windows into the streets of Omegaville, and where everyone of a certain disposition is sure to have a truly wonderful time....

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Echoes and Dust reveal new Anthroprophh track 'Death Salad'

We are super delighted to share 'Death Salad', the 2nd track from Anthroprophh's mindblowing album 'OMEGAVILLE'.

Anthroprophh, the three piece featuring Paul Allen (The Heads), Gareth Turner (Kuro/Big Naturals) and Jess Webb (Gnod/Big Naturals) monster new 2LP 'OMEGAVILLE', is released on 30th March.

Read what Echoes and Dust have to say about the album and watch the video here:

Echoes and Dust


High praise has been coming in for what some are calling a 'masterpiece':

"Fans of The Heads might wish to look away now because I think that this might just be the best thing that Paul Allen has ever done. 
10/10" Psych Insight

"Possibly one of the most important albums you will own." 
Days of Purple and Orange

"Guaranteed to be one of the year’s best, brutal and intensely beautiful releases of the year." 
Get into This

"The Stooges demolishing MC5's dressing room with Lemmy-era Hawkwind turned up to 11 on a dusty tape deck." 
The Quietus



Pre-order the album on LTD Double White/Black Splatter exclusively from here:

Vinyl / CD: Anthroprophh

Digital: http://smarturl.it/AOmegavilleAppleMusi
Stream: http://smarturl.it/AOmegavilleSpotify

The album is released on the 30 March 2018 worldwide and available on LP/CD/DL formats. 

The Independent Voice reviews Rocket Twenty

They say:

I headed to Islington’s The Garage for a full on day as the second date of Rocket Recordings’ 20th Birthday took place. Around 10 hours of a range of genres would be filling my ears courtesy of Gum takes Tooth, Goat, Hey Colossus, Housewives, Gnoomes, Mamuthones and Temple ov BBV.

Temple ov BBV are a group formed of members from Gnod & Radar Men From The Moon, which explains why there were ten members on stage at The Garage. A huge soundscape of long form psych with the slow flowing numbers traversing the space and rattling the rib-cages of everyone in attendance. Temple_OV_BBVA few crowd members were really into it, standing, eyes closed and absorbing the moment. I especially liked the penultimate number, the tantric beat continuing onward as a cacophony of noise and energy snuck up on me.Temple_OV_BBV

Mamuthones were next up. The electro-indie style 4 piece from Italy performed a lot of upbeat numbers. They were a stark contrast to the previous band with some huge thumping bass from the drums, some great guitar work and various electronics from the two other members, including the vocalist who was surrounded by keys and buttons....

Read the rest here: Independent Voice

Photo of Temple OV BBV by Al Overdrive


Moose and Hobbs say some words about Rocket Twenty

They say:

Blast into the future

Last weekend saw three days of loud. Three days of bands playing loud. I like bands playing loud so, obviously, I was there.

My travelling companions on this trip were Ellen, Rob and Simon, who had descended on The Smoke for the occasion, and also Jeremy on the Saturday. Over the course of the weekend I saw a whole range of bands but it was impossible to see everyone so I’m just going to focus on a few of my favourites who, for me, really stood out.

I started the weekend wishing that I’d arrived just a little earlier, as I only caught the last song from Flowers must Die and it sounded great; funky and bouncy is a good way to get things started. They were swiftly followed by Julie’s Haircut who played a cracking set with a little bit of jazzy sax and a lot of krauty-rock.

I spent all day Saturday at an archaeology conference (which was very very good BTW. See #lamas18 for some tweetage) and then sprinted over to The Garage straight afterwards to wreck my hearing. Unfortunately I’d missed Temple Ov BBV and, just to make it worse, my friends were all raving about them. ­čśŽ

Gnoomes, from Russia, reminded me of 1990. They’re that shoegazey moment before it went all fey and a bit too shimmery-dreampop. There was something about them that reminded me of The Pale Saints, although they don’t actually sound like The Pale Saints. They’re definitely the pop end of the weekend and I liked them...

Read the rest of the great review here: M&H

Photo of Bonnacons of Doom by Al Overdrive


16 Mar 2018

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Feed the Rats Ltd repress up for presale

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs debut album Feed the Rats gained huge praise and our first pressing of 1000 copies flew out of the door.

So, after a lot of emails from fans we have decided to do a new run on 'Molten Acid' (orange/grey) vinyl that is Ltd to 500 copies. The repress of the album still comes in a luxury diecut sleeve.

The album is released on 30 March however you can preorder a copy here: Bandcamp

Here is a photo of the first ones being manufactured at the pressing plant.


Listen to exclusive DJ mix for 'Beat Juice' by MIEN

MIEN were asked by the Beat Juice to create a special DJ mix....so they did!!

Go and listen to it now, exclusively at: Beat Juice

MNMX001 tracklisting:
01. [intro]
02. Oleo Strut – Marc Barreca
03. The Clock – Ruth White
04. La Sinistre – Eurythmics
05. James – Cluster
06. A-Train – The Flying Lizards
07. Tchi Tchi Vox – Vox Populi!
08. Heptapod B – J├│hann J├│hannsson
09. Appears (Mini Verberum) – Botany
10. The Harbinger of Spring – Children of Alice
11. There’s Gonna Be a Storm – The Left Banke
12. Signal – Phew
13. Solomon’s Ring – The Black Lucifer
14. Love Without Sound – White Noise
15. Improvisation 2 – Al Lover
16. Black Habit ($hit and $hine remix) – MIEN
17. White Sands – Thor and Friends
18. Kreen Akrore – Paul McCartney
19. In the Red – Jenny Hval
20. Kalyani – Joe Byrd And The Field Hippies
21. Golden Hair – Syd Barrett
22. Swirling Sphere – Tony, Caro & John
23. Treatment – The Future and The Human League
24. Future Days – Can
25. Cloud Mountain – Tom Furse
26. Fire Breath – Joanna Brouk
27. Silberland – Riechmann
28. By This River – Brian Eno
John-Mark from MIEN said this about the MNMX001 mix:
“I grew up feeling mildly obsessed with 12” extended remixes and synth pop, which are definite influences on what I bring to MIEN. I wanted to blend these elements with other inspirations that formed our sound including industrial, psychedelia, musique concrete and krautrock. The original idea was to make something a little seedy and raw, something you’ll hear plenty of on our album.”

MIEN's debut album can be preordered on Ltd vinyl here: Bandcamp

Listen to their latest single Earth Moon here: Spotify