23 Feb 2018

Gnoomes remix Pinkshinyultrablast

Gnoomes have been approached by fellow Russians Pinkshinyultrablast to remix their latest single 'In the Hanging Gardens' and you can hear the results here:

Listen here: Spotify


Echoes and Dust reviews Mamuthones – Fear on the Corner

It says:

Italian psych-weirdos Mamuthones have been around for a while now but their first album for Rocket is a decisive statement of intent for a new phase of the band. The title Fear On The Corner suggests we might be in for a dark and queasy ride and the cover image features a weird sinewy monster mask with no features but bared human teeth, lips clawed back by its fingers. Its air of feral menace is only undercut by the lurid, hot pink colour of it. As if the xenomorph from alien had too many cheeky vodkas getting ready to go out clubbing, got a bit over excited and coloured her whole face in with a garish new lipstick.

This tension between carnivalesque celebration and something darker below it bubbles away through the album. At first it seems mysterious just what there might be to fear, and on what corner, with a tight percolating groove ‘Cars’ seems to kick off in a busy, bright square, the vocalist swaying like an amused drunk yelling at “cars! the people in the cars”. ‘Show Me’ sounds for all the world like The Fall before settling into a scratchy groove for the second half. This loose structure repeats across the record as the songs quickly resolve into open ended, up tempo, percussive grooves....

Read the full review here: E&D


Backseat Mafia reviews Mamuthones

It reads:

Mamuthones emerged from the Italian occult psychedelic movement and now in the wake of the release of their album Fear on the Corner on Rocket Recordings the band find themselves undergoing a metamorphosis from the mystical and ceremonial realms toward a direct connection with the everyday, the personal and the political. This vibrant reinvention also sees Mamuthones transcending their roots from Italian prog and soundtrack work after indulging in a healthy diet of krautrock and disco which has succeeded in shifting their modus operandi.

Alession Gastaldello, a founder member of Mamuthones states that “the songs deal with fear. Fear of the present, of human situations, fear of the new political situation, fear of political decisions being taken from other people’s fear, but also fear of relationship breakdown, fear of being alone or fear of being together with the wrong people, fear of not finding “a place in the world”, personal fear and obsession, fear of fear itself”. The album’s title is itself an amalgamation of the kinetic Fear Of Music by Talking Heads and the heat-haze repetition of Miles Davis’ On The Corner...

Read the rest here Backseat Mafia


Mamuthones – Fear on the Corner released today

Today sees the release of the amazing new album by Italian Mamuthones called 'Fear on the Corner'.

You can buy it on ltd pink/green vinyl here: Bandcamp

Or via your local record shop


Great words are already being said about Fear on the Corner:

"A truly unique psychedelic vision, 10/10" / Soundblab
"A possessed, dance-floor friendly, psychedelic sound" / The Quietus
"Their masterpiece" / Music Letter
"Fear on the corner is a really great record" / IndiePerCui 
"Mamuthones have pushed the limits with Fear on the Corner" / Backseat Mafia
"Conjures both joy and terror by opening a link to a primal, prehistoric past" / Echoes and Dust


The band are about to take this great album out on the road:

24 /02 /18 Circolo Nadir – Padova (PD)
03 /03 /18 Kabinet MÚZ – Brno (CZ)
04 /03 /18 Ut Conneitz – Leipzig (DE) (w/Camera)
06 /03 /18 Urban Spree – Berlin (DE) (w/Julie’s Haircut: Rocket Recordings Night)
07 /03 /18 Kinky Star – Gent (BEL) (w/Flowers Must Die / Skeppet)
08 /03 /18 Sticky Mike’s – Brighton (UK) (w/Mike Sultan)
09 /03 /18 Cluny – Newcastle (UK)
10 /03 /18 Garage/Rocket Recording 20th Fest – London (UK)
17 /03 /18 Circolo Dong – Porto Recanati (MC)
23 /03 /18 Mattatoio – Carpi (MO)
30 /03 /18 Astro Club – Fontanafredda (PN)
05 /04 /18 La Fine – Roma (ITA)
06 /04 /18 Camelot – Prato (ITA)

You can buy tickets for Rocket Twenty here: Alt Tickets


22 Feb 2018

Read Loud and Quiet's piece on Rocket's 20th Anniversary

Loud and Quiet have written this great piece on Rocket here, there are a few misquotes and we hoped it would feature '20 releases' and not 10 but it is a great read and we thank L&Q for all their support and to the lovely Dafydd Jenkins who conducted the interview.

Also, Chris has been pulled-up about some facts regarding the start of the label. Apparently it was after a Lillydamwhite show at the Ropewalk when the idea of the single was birthed and Wayne from The Heads was there and suggested the split. Then a couple of months later the band played together. Tbh, we can't remember, but we do know our first 7" came out in March 1998! :)

It reads:

The 20 year story of Rocket Recordings told via 10 essential releases
A brief history to the heavy ‘n’ heady sounds of one of the UK's most prolific underground labels

“Rightly or wrongly, we’re generally thought of as a psych label”, Rocket Recordings co-captain Chris Reeder tells me over Skype from his London flat. “Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got a lot of friends involved in those scenes, but it just seemed like a fairly narrow conception of what Rocket is about”.

Rocket are, and always have been, more than harbingers of heavy ‘n’ heady grooves – that’s only a part of their prolific output as one of the UK’s busiest underground labels. Since their humble inception in 1998, Rocket have been responsible for some of the most forward-thinking British (and international) records of recent years, committing to wax the wonderment of astral rejecters Gnod, the ephemeral adjacent post-rock of Teeth of the Sea and the ecstatic trance of Goat. This is to mention nothing of the one-off collaborations, and the extra-curricular jams of “supergroups” like Temple of BBV. Rocket are a whole eco-system of cooperation, always ready to champion inter-label envelope-pushing. Through the commercialisation and reduction of UK indie music to a donkey ride seaside attraction (thanks The Libertines) Rocket have maintained a steadfast constitution in the mould of properly independent US imprints like early Sub Pop, Wax Trax! and SST...

Read the rest here: Loud and Quiet


Music Letter reviews Mamuthones Fear on the Corner

It roughly translates to:

I attract groups that do not want to like it at all costs. Those that just approach you show the quills like porcupines.

The Mamuthones fall fully into this category. Animals without hairless to caress. I did not follow their discography consistently and after all how do you follow everything without cheating and paying attention more or less due? I do not know what is considered their masterpiece but personally, among the three discs in their name in my possession, this beats them all, thanks to small prismatic masterpieces like Cars and Alone where they live together in a state of shared captivity Oneida, Supersystem and also the beating of wings of Bela Lugosi declared alive when everyone gave him for dead.

It seems to be inside those labyrinths that were the Liquid Liquid records. The percussions that become hundreds of pins and nails, the guitars that are bones victims of fulminant osteoporosis while the keyboards look like fakirs to advance on this carpet of splinters and the bass lines pass us through meandering.

The music of the Mamuthones is almost a broken bossanova, left to rot inside a favelas hut and now it crawls out, to see if there is still a slice of sun to heal the bruises. And it comes back to being alive with a pungent and diffident vitality. (Franco Dimauro)

Read the full review here: Music Letter


21 Feb 2018

IndiePerCui reviews Mamuthones' Fear on the Corner

Roughly translated it reads:

Psychedelic madness that establishes parallels with an unsettling and imploding nature for the band of former Jennifer Gentle Alessio Gastaldello, a substrate rich in references to a concise and almost hermetic tribal scene that then opens up to visceral lysergic complaints just when you least expect it a condensation of love for all that can be revolutionary or at least surprising and stunning. The new Fear on the corner is obviously a complex album, we can only catch an overview that sometimes seems to escape, but at times it gives us a high level test both from the technical-compositional point, both from the emotional point of view establishing with the listener a sense of estrangement bringing the album itself to comparisons able to touch the skewed architectures of ours, from the jazz fusion of Hancock passing through Miles Davis and crossing a funk that blends with the African rhythms. Fear on the corner is a really great record, both for its international flavor and for its expressive power that gives the experimentation a great feeling of beauty.

See the full review here: IndiePerCui


TÍR NA GNOD to play Tremor Festival

Tremor Festival is brought to you by the amazing Lovers and Lollipops, the same wizards that bring you Milhoes De Festa

The band say this:

Paddy and Marlene will be performing at this years TREMOR FESTIVAL in the Azores. Performing as TÍR NA GNOD , they will be soundtracking a wilderness walk on the island followed by two special performances. Gnod bless

Tickets/info: Tremor


20 Feb 2018

Clash Magazine say some words about Hey Colossus's up-and-coming shows including Rocket Twenty

It says:

Hey Colossus are set to play a short burst of UK live shows this spring.

The psych-rock juggernauts released new album 'The Guillotine' last year, a phenomenal return that amplified their skull-crushing intensity.

An incredible live experience, Hey Colossus are set to play the 20th anniversary celebrations of Rocket Recordings, alongside a flurry of other headline shows.

The band explain...

"We ALL went to Rocket's 10th Anniversary show in Kings Cross, the weather was warm and dry. We sat outside for great periods of time, it seemed like the whole of London's underground music world was there. Popping in and out to see bands, hanging out the front, drinking too much, shouting the odds. It was on this night, at this show, that we asked Paul to join. We wanted a front man. Paul thought about it, and we nagged, and he said yes. We weren't with Rocket for the 10th anniversary but we're over the moon to be involved with the 20th. Congrats Rocket!"

Congrats, indeed. Hey Colossus will play the Rocket show at London's Garage venue on March 10th, while also making room for dates in Cardiff, Tunbridge Wells, and Liverpool:

3 Cardiff Full Moon
10 London Garage - Rocket 20th Anniversary Show
22 Tunbridge Wells Sussex Arms
23 Paris L'Espace B
24 Lyon Le Sonic
25 Brussels Magasin4
28 Liverpool Wrong Fest

See the full piece here: Clash

Buy tickets for Rocket Twenty here: Alt Tickets


19 Feb 2018

Gnod to play 'Greatest Hits' set chosen by you at Rocket Twenty

Great news for you Gnod fans at Rocket Twenty. 

They have announced they are going to do a 'Greatest Hits' set and they are asking fans what tracks would they like to hear:

You can vote on what tracks you would like here:

Tickets can be bought from here: Alt Tickets


Listen to whole of Mamuthones new album via Rolling Stone

Mamuthones amazing new album Fear on the Corner is released this Friday but you can listen to the whole album right now over at Rolling Stone:

Listen here: Rolling Stone

And preorder the album on ltd vinyl here: Bandcamp


Poster for Gnod/White Hills show in Sheffield

FB Event 


18 Feb 2018

Gnod to tour with White Hills

As we previously announced, Gnod and White Hills are playing Manchester together...well that is not the only Northern UK show they are doing together!


16 Feb 2018

Backseat Mafia say some words on VED

They say:

Rocket Recordings continue to bring some of the finest new psychedelia to the forefront, this time its VED emerging from Sweden. With three previous albums and two EPs under this belt, their latest release is a two track EEP which will be released on 17th March, a week after they perform at Rocket 20; a three day showcase of live music hosted by Rocket to celebrate their 20 years.

‘DDTT’ is centred around a series of monotonous African rock drum patterns, plucked guitar riffs that overlap at varying speeds which builds to an intoxicating sound.

See the full piece here: Backseat Mafia


14 Feb 2018

VED - DDTT Video

As we previously announced VED have a new EP 'DDTT' out on Rocket released on 16th March.

Watch the epic track 'DDTT' above, a video inspired by Guy Sherwin.

You can pre-order limited vinyl (330 Copies): Store

The band also will be playing the Rocket Recordings TWENTY 20th Anniversary weekender, weekend and day tickets: alttickets


Mamuthones - The Wrong Side Video

As we previously announced here Mamuthones have a new album 'Fear On The Corner' out on Rocket released on 23rd Feburary.

Watch the 'The Wrong Side' video directed Diego Scano & Luca Zambolin.

You can pre-order limited  Pink & Clear Green 50/50 vinyl or gatefold CD from our store: 


The band also will be playing the Rocket Recordings TWENTY 20th Anniversary weekender, weekend & day tickets: 



GNOD and White Hills play Manchester show together

GNOD are playing another shoe with their sister and brothers of White Hills:

Gnod + White Hills
May 2
7:30 PM - 11 PM
Band on the Wall
25 Swan Street, M4 5JZ Manchester, United Kingdom

Info/Tickets: Manchester Psych Fest


Poster for Teeth of the Sea Rocket Twenty warm-up show in Leicester

Teeth of the Sea are going to be premiering a couple of new tracks at this Rocket Twenty warm-up

Info/Tickets: The Other Window


13 Feb 2018

Poster for up-and-coming Hey Colossus show in Cardiff

Info/Tickets: Terrascope


Introducing VED with their new EP 'DDTT' on Rocket

We are extremely delighted to introduce you VED, another amazing Swedish find with their amazing Rocket debut, the truly stunning 'DDTT' EP, a two track EP that at it’s core is exploring the art of repetition, with each track surpassing the 12 minute mark.

Head over to The Quietus to listen/watch the track DDTT
the Quietus

The EP is released on the 16th March 2018 worldwide and available on LP/DL formats.

Steam / Buy Digital:
Apple: http://smarturl.it/VEDDDTTApple
Spotify: http://smarturl.it/VEDDDTTSpotify
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/ved/318046129

Pre-order 12" EP: 



VED are another amazing Swedish band you have probably never heard of. With 3 albums, 2 EPs and a compilation on labels like Höga Nord and Adrian Recordings already behind them, VED are the latest Swedish band, following on from Goat, Josefin Öhrn, Hills and Flowers Must Die to release their exploratory music on Rocket Recordings.

The Malmö 5 piece are famed for creating trance inducing, repetitive, psych. Their ever evolving sound has always taken in many global influences, from Middle Eastern to African to the repetitive explorations of composers like Steve Reich and Terry Riley.

DDTT is a two track EP that at it’s core is exploring the art of repetition, with each track surpassing the 12 minute mark. 

The song DDTT itself is centered around a series of monotonous African rock sounding drum patterns, plucked guitar riffs that overlap at varying speeds, all building to an intoxicating sound that juxtaposes itself as well as locking into a tight groove. As the track builds, layer upon layer of bowed cymbals collide with tight percussion and a minimalist bass line straight out of Holger Czukay’s handbook.

Sheets of bowed drones reminiscent of Tony Conrad are at the core of second track Det långa straffet. The ritual looping of fluttering live drums, palpitating bass, trace and retrace repetitively within the carousel of grooves. Climaxing are sound rousing heavy horns, the whole piece gratifyingly serves as a brute force repetitive handprint 
of human intent. 

DDTT is an EP for the fans of the new Polish scene and the constantly excellent Instant Classic Records, and the minimal electronica explorations by Chicago acts like Joshua Abrams and Bitchin Bajas.

VED are joining the rest of Rocket Recording’s roster at their 20th Anniversary weekender at The Garage in London on the 10th March, a week later this monster of an EP is released.

Tickets: alttickets


Flowers Must Die Tour dates revealed

Join the pagan party...

3/3 - LÒrient - Linköping (se) w. Ex Canis & Sol 3
6/3 - Loppen - Copenhagen (dk) w. Mythic Sunship  Info
7/3 - Kinky Star - Ghent (be) w. Mamuthones & Skeppet  Info
8/3 - Kultur-A - Liège (be) w. Julie´s Haircut & Call Me Im Dead (Skeppet Djs)  Info
9/3 - ROCKET 20!!!  Tickets


Mamuthones on tour

Preorder their 10/10 new album Fear on the corner from here: Bandcamp


12 Feb 2018

Rocket Twenty – only 35 weekend tickets left

We have just been informed that there are only 35 weekend tickets left for our Rocket Twenty event at The Garage in March. Once these are gone there will only be day tickets left and as you can imagine Saturdays day tickets are few as well with Friday and Sunday's selling fast as well.

Buy now or forever regret missing this opportunity: Alt Tickets


See Echoes and Dust's photo's of Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs live at the Lexington

It was only a few weeks ago since Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs and Richard Dawson played a sold out show at the Lexington as part of The Quietus fundraising events.

The lovely people from Echoes and Dust sent a photographer along to capture the chaos and you can see the results here: E&D

Photos by Angelique Le Marchand


Housewives play Stellar Swamp Psych Festival

Housewives join Tomaga and others at a psych fest across several venue's in Brussels / Belgium on 31 March:

Tickets: Stellar Swamp


10/10 review of Mamuthones Fear on the Corner by Soundblab

It reads:

Mamuthones new album, Fear on the Corner is the kind of disjunctive funk and controlled improvisation that was once a hallmark of jazz experimentalists like Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock. Miles Davìs only released one studio album in the 1970s, which was On the Corner. In a snub to contemporary media, Davis turned his back on jazz traditionalism and sought disparate influences such as Karlheinz Stockhausen, Jimi Hendrix and Sly and the Family Stone for inspiration. Much of the brilliant 1970s Miles Davis stuff like Live Evil and Agharta was only available through Sony Japan on release. The Japanese loved his firebrand experimental jazz-funk. They were receptive to instrumental pandemonium. Oddly enough, Miles was trying to appeal to African-Americans but it was the Japanese that really loved that stuff.  Most of Davis’s old fan base couldn’t stomach it, including people like journalist Stanley Crouch, who thought the jazz-funk excursions were beneath someone with Miles’s genius.

These days, the rock media are falling over themselves to pronounce Davis’s 70s albums as visionary classics, and the live ones, especially Agharta and Pangaea (recorded live in Japan) certainly deserve that status...

Read the rest here: Soundblab


Bonnacons of Doom added to Raw Power Line-up

As we announced previously we are going to be releasing the debut album by Bonnacons of Doom (details to follow soon) and they have just been announced to play this years Raw Power Festival, joining Housewives and a stellar line-up of acts:

Tickets: Raw Power


L'Ulcera del Signor Wilson reviews Mamuthones – Fear on the Corner

Roughly translated it reads:

Mamuthones – Fear on the Corner
Noise, dissonant, electronic, eclectic and atypical are just some of the adjectives that can be used to describe "Fear of the corner", the brand new album by the Paduan "Mamuthones", published by Rocket Recordings and forged in the UK.

From the first bars of "Cars", the opening track of the collection, you can hear light "Zappiani" reverberations especially in the mallet section that recall songs to the "Inca Roads", for example, but the numerous references, both wanted and not, obviously they do not stop here.

Follows "Show me", rhythmically punctuated by a cowbell referring to "Do not fear the reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult, a participant of very funky guitar chords and pads full of frequencies but well amalgamated with the rest of the instruments.

The third track - title-track of the work in question - pivots on a somewhat muffled voice and mainly projected towards the high frequencies, by way of telephone. The guitar riff and the Afro-Cuban percussion line reminds a bit of the Art Blakey style, while the text refers to a socio-ritual, almost Dadaist dimension. Wah-wah, background noises, increasing dynamics and greater battery fillings, lead the song to an almost hendrixian conclusion, which seems to yearn for the hot nights of voodoo parties in the most mysterious suburbs of a 1970s New Orleans film...

Read the rest of the review here: L'Ulcera del Signor Wilson


10 Feb 2018

"A spectacularly woven tapestry" – The405 say some words on MIEN's Earth Moon

They say:

Psych rock amalgamation MIEN release explorative new track 'Earth Moon'
The second single from the band featuring members of The Black Angels, The Horrors, Elephant Stone and The Earlies

MIEN is a new psych-rock outfit that comprises The Black Angel’s Alex Maas, The Horrors' Tom Furse, Elephant Stone’s Rishi Dhir and The Earlies’ John-Mark Lapham, and while the (rightfully) maligned term "supergroup" would probably be an oversatement here, there is no doubt that the different elements brought by each of the members certainly adds up to a compelling whole.

This week MIEN have released their second single, 'Earth Moon'. The track takes sounds from all over the globe, with sitars, maracas, sampled flutes and African percussion detectable beneath the Asian-tinged psych-rock. This comes together as a spectacularly woven tapestry, with plenty of momentum that keeps the song spinning in and out of different movements, while staying tightly knit as a spellbinding piece.

See the full piece here: The405


Global News say some words on MIEN

They say:

This week’s undiscovered gem: MIEN
I’ve long been a fan of a Montreal indie band called Elephant Stone, a group that sounds like the Stone Roses if they had a lead sitar player. Now Rishi Dhir (said sitar player) is part of a new group featuring a member of Austin’s psych-y Black Angels, a dude from the UK’s The Horrors and an American member of England’s The Earlies. They’ve all known each other since about 2004, when Rishi ended up playing bass for the Black Angels. Tours with The Horrors and The Earlies led to new connections, all of which finally came together with this new project last year.

See the full piece here: Global News


Listen to Hey Colossus Podcast with Bresnix Recordings

They say:

"I talk to Joe Thompson from Hey Colossus about the bands new album the Guillotine, How Fugazi are essentially the Police, who Uri Klangers is, cassette culture, the re-release of RRR, the modern music industry,  physical media & much more"

Listen here: Bresnix Recordings


8 Feb 2018

MIEN, feat. members of The Horrors & The Black Angels, shares second single from debut LP

As reported before Rocket Recordings are extremely excited to be releasing the self-titled debut album by MIEN, the new four piece band comprised of The Black Angels’ Alex Maas, The Horrors’ Tom Furse, Elephant Stone’s Rishi Dhir and The Earlies’ John-Mark Lapham.

After revealing the video for their debut track Black Habit we are pleased to share with you the second track from the album which is called 'Earth Moon – Listen above

And see what Brooklyn Vegan say about the track here: Brooklyn Vegan

Preorder the ltd edition (300 copies) 2 colour vinyl LP here: Rocket Bandcamp

The single will be released on 6 March and will feature a killer remix of MIEN's first single Black Habit by the ever great $hit and $hine. We will reveal this mighty slab of industrial psych shortly!

The press reactions to the band's first single "Black Habit" has been overwhelming:

"Apocalyptic psych rock.' Pitchfork

"MIEN is the line-up of your dreams." Clash

"Kaleidoscopic series of atmospheres and excursions." Self Titled Mag

The band are debuting live at this years Levitation Festival in Austin on 28 April. With US and European tours soon to be announced. 


As mentioned yesterday Housewives are doing a joint headline show with Spectres at The Victoria in Dalston on 27th April.

Now both bands have announced a Bristol show the night before:

Spectres / Housewives / E B U

Rough Trade Bristol

Thursday, April 26 at 8 PM - 11 PM

Info/Tickets here: Howling Owl


GNOD (R&D) & Woven Skull start their tour of Ireland today

8th Feb - Belfast

9th Feb - Dublin:

10th Feb - Sligo

11th Feb - Cork


7 Feb 2018

Housewives to play joint headline show with Spectres

BOTW presents: 
Spectres + Housewives
Friday, April 27
7:30 PM - 11 PM
The Victoria 
(451 Queensbridge Road, E8 3AS London, United Kingdom)

Info/tickets: BOTW


Rockerilla reviews Mamuthones – Fear on the corner

Roughly translated it reads:

Mamuthones – Fear On The Corner

Beautiful vinyl in 660 copies with colorful cover for Paduan Mamuthones, training led by Alessio Gastaldello already excellent Jennifer Gentle. In this chapter, first on the long distance for the prestigious Rocket Recordings, the band creates a spectacular work to listen and listen again, all to enjoy and experience. The sound is a dynamic Afro punk funk that brings into play the Talking Heads of Remain In Light, the most polyrhythmic Lcd Soundsystem and the Mahjongg. Here there is a sense of the enthralling groove, an excellent research on sounds and also a precious attention to the play between singing and countermins which are revealed as further pieces for a perfect puzzle. From fear. Gianluca Polverari

Read the full review here: Rockerilla


5 Feb 2018

MIEN are Get into This Single of the Week

They say:

MIEN – Black Habit

Having recently signed to Rocket Recordings, MIEN have announced their debut self-titled record, due for release April 6.

This record marks the creative collaboration of some familiar faces in the mainstream world of psychedelia; leading the pack on vocals is Alex Maas of The Black Angels, who is joined by The Horrors synth player and programming genius, Tom Furse, Elephant Stone’s Rishi Dhir and John-Mark Lapham of The Earlies. 

Black Habit does indeed recall The Horrors, that initial meaty bass is ripped straight from their Sheena Is A Parasite, with Furse’s devilish synths.  Maas’s breathy, unsettled vocals recall that of The Moonlandingz, shot through with a sinister, intoxicating venom.

Read the full write-up here: