20 Apr 2018

Watch IMPATV footage of HOUSEWIVES live at Rocket Twenty via The Quietus

Watch this great footage of Housewives stunning performance at our #RocketTwenty weekender.

See what The Quietus has to say about it here: The Quietus


19 Apr 2018

Another fan made video for MIEN


Housewives hit the road

Housewives have the following shows booked in Spring/Summer


Backseat Mafia say some words on MIEN track (I'm tired of) Western Shouting

They say:

The debut album from MIEN, pronounced “Mean” and featuring members of The Horrors, The Black Angels & more has shared it’s new single ‘(I’m tired of) Western Shouting.
“It was very random and unpredictable,” says John Mark Lapham, of MIEN’s beginnings. “Rishi had contributed sitar to the Earlies’ second album, and I was living in Rochester, New York in 2012 when I saw that he was playing with the Black Angels in Buffalo, which is down the road. I went to go see them, and the whole idea of us working together with Alex started floating around. The Black Angels had crossed paths with the Horrors, so Tom was the last piece of the puzzle. It was initially just a case of exchanging ideas. We loved the music, but we never wanted to form a supergroup. We just wanted a fun experience. We didn’t even know we were a band until we got the record deal with Rocket.”

What, then, is MIEN? Unsurprisingly those involved find it hard to describe. MIEN sounds like it has emerged from the primordial swamp. Psychedelic music typically has associations with the late 60s and early 70s. An industrial slant gives modernist heaviness, but the sitars and sweet melodies bring an ancient quality. This is searching music, made by people who aren’t quite sure what they are looking for but will keep on searching until they have found it.

This is very much a side project in it’s truest form, as it has very little in common with the members other bands. There are some recognisable moments in the vocals delivery and occasional melody choice, but other than that it is very much out on it’s own. It actually has more in common with UNKLE to the ear and has a lot of potential if they keep in this direction.

See the pice here: Backseat Mafia


Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation to play Manchester Psych Fest

Info/Tickets: Manchester Psych Fest


18 Apr 2018

Gig Wise say some words on Goat's Let it Burn

They say:

‘Let It Burn’ was commissioned as part of a short film by The Guardian

Enigmatic Swedish psych outfit Goat have returned with a new track and accompanying video, Let It Burn.

The track was commissioned by The Guardian as part of a documentary film released last December entitled Killing Gävle, directed by Joe Fletcher. That film follows the story of the ‘Gävle Goat’ in Sweden, a giant straw animal constructed in the Swedish town of the same name. Almost every year, the goat is burnt to the ground by local pagans, despite the best efforts of other townsfolk to protect it.

The track was used in part for that film, but now thanks to Rocket Recordings we can hear the composition in full. A sprawling, fuzzed-out track, it sees the band return to the darker, driving aesthetics of their earliest work.

It sees a physical release on Rocket on 25 August, with ‘lucky dip’ 7” vinyl in either red, orange or yellow each limited to 400 copies, to be made available in record shops worldwide.

It comes backed with a four minute excerpt from a huge, cosmic-jazz studio jam, entitled Friday Pt. 1. The tracks are the band’s studio material since 2016’s well-received album Requiem, which saw the band venture into jazzier and folkier musical climes.

See the piece here: Gig Wise


Fuzzy Sun say some words about Bonnacons of Doom's new track 'Argenta'

They say:

Bonnacons of Doom released their first psych/doom track  ‘Solus’. Their music has a trancelike vibe to it. so we are very happy to hear the new track ‘Argenta’ wich has the same quality to it. their debut will be released on Rocket Recordings (wich we have been sharing music from a lot). Listen loud and let your mind drift away...

See the piece here: Fuzzy Sun


Indie Rocks gives MIEN a 9/10 review

They say:

A step forward. MIEN and his magical debut.
One of the most complicated points of forming a "super group" is the sound exhibition to present. But the coalition led by the veteran Texan Alex Maas , develops with a certain naturalness, excelling in a genre that continues to be explored assiduously and with dedication. It highlights the status of great musicians who have earned for years on the platforms, and if that was not enough, the study work raises that condition a little more if it were possible.

Without much preamble, the experimentation will be the standard of the debut, the magical first disc that begins a race that will present all the creativity and dedication of a band. In the depths of its dark space, MIEN  begins its bet with "Earth Moon" and the sitar sounds on top, while the voices that emanate Maas spread through the spectrum from the center of the calm to the ghostly echoes in the external reaches, we enter the blessed psychedelia.

Read the full piece here: Indie Rocks


The Heads self release compilation of Rocket's 'Sessions' releases

The Heads have delved into their back catalogue again to self reissue more gems.

This time they are collecting the Sessions records we released into a 3xLP set called RKT.

So the release includes the Heads track from Sessions 01 and Sessions 02, and some of these jams are being presented for the first time in their original 'unedited' longer versions. 

More info here: The Heads


17 Apr 2018

Soundblab reviews our White Hills/Gnod and Goat Record Store Day Releases

They say:

Rocket Recordings’ Record Store Day offering is a re-release of the 2008 tour CDr collaboration between GNOD and White Hills. It is out on Deep Space Blue Swirl vinyl.

I have no idea who’s doing what here so let’s just get down to it. Belonging fades in on a nasty, crashing drone, damages your hearing for three minutes and then fades out. It’s rather like something Faust might have found at the end of a tape in the 70s. Hard Butter Reality is equally Faust-like as Free Jazz bells and rattles compete with reverbed piano. Quiet explosions of noise break through every now and then creating the sense of two great beasts circling each other waiting to see who will attack first. But instead a kind of rhythm is found and with it, some kind of focus. Bongos appear and the feeling is still very stoned and ‘1970s in a forest in Germany’. After eleven minutes it all finishes with a short effects pedal drone...

Read the rest here: Soundblab

Released on limited edition 10” 'Pool of Blood' red vinyl for Record Store Day, Goat's soundtrack to Benjamin Barfoot's horror spoof, Double Date is not what fans would expect. Whilst in the tradition of Carpenter's Halloween and Goblin's Suspiria, Goat have found distinctive voice by blending just enough of their own rhythmic mischief into the mix.

Goat actually appear in Double Date in a nightclub scene, and this is where the genesis of the project can really be found. The soundtrack itself just augments mood, as soundtracks are supposed to do i.e manipulate the audience into feeling, experiencing or anticipating. Hence 'Man Eater' probably plays when the central female characters true sociopathic natures are revealed. Muffled screams and spine chilling sound affects brought to a close by intensifying percussion. Or the horrible foretelling (I'd imagine) of the track 'The Three of Us Together Again' a slowed down rendition of the central piano theme with twittering birds and a false serenity.

Read the rest here: Soundblab


Bonnacons of Doom reveal second track from forthcoming debut album

Liverpool collective Bonnacons of Doom have just revealed the second track from their forthcoming debut album which is set for release on 18 May. The new track is called Argenta and you can hear a 5 minute edit (album version is 10 mins long) above.

See what the 405 say about it here: The 405

Recorded at Suburban Home studios by Hookworms frontman MJ, this recorded incarnation of Bonnacons of Doom arcane conjury operates stubbornly free of genre, sashaying alongside psychrock, repetitive drone and electronic experimentation whilst consumed by a devotional intensity that’s multiplied by the transcendental echolalia of vocalist Kate. The result is a formidable cosmic continuum that joins the dots in constellations spanning the jam-based magick of Amon Düül II, the wild abandon of ecstatic jazz and the revolutionary spirit of acid house to produce a mighty alchemical charge. 

The band are going to be playing tracks from their album at:
16 May - Utrecht, ACU / NL
18 May - Nantes, Wine Nat White Heat Festival / FR
19 May - Lille, La Malterie / FR
25 May - London, Raw Power Festival / UK

You can preorder the the ltd to 350 copy LP on 'Acid Splatter' vinyl, housed in a diecut/mirrorboard sleeve via the Rocket shop here: Bandcamp


Fan made MIEN video

Here is a very ambitious fan made video for MIEN we thought we had to share


16 Apr 2018

Watch IMPATV footage of TEMPLE OV BBV live at Rocket Twenty via The Quietus

This was the fourth time Temple Ov BBV (GNOD/RMFTM collaboration) had played live together and what a show it was, they annihilated the Garage!

See what The Quietus say about it here: The Queitus


MIEN to play Levitation France

Excited to announce that MIEN have announced their second show!

After appearing at Levitation in Austin in a couple of weeks, the band are going to be heading over to Europe to play Levitation France on September 21/22nd!

Info/Tickets here: Levitation


Brooklyn Vegan say some words on MIEN

They say:

If the new APTBS album isn’t enough dark, hazy psych for you, the debut album from supergroup MIEN should do the trick. Featuring The Black Angels’ Alex Maas, The Horrors’ Tom Furse, Elephant Stone’s Rishi Dhir and The Earlies’ John-Mark Lapham. Made by four strong personalities — albeit mostly via the internet — you might think it would make for a disjointed record, but this record holds together well, and doesn’t really sound like any of the members respective bands. “Earth Moon,” krautrock groovin’ “Black Habit” and the claustrophobic “You Dreamt” stick with you, though MIEN are more about the mood than the melody.

See the piece here: Brooklyn Vegan


Poster for GNOD show at London's Moth Club

Tickets: Baba Yaga's Hut


14 Apr 2018

Turn up the volume say some words about MIEN

They say:

Last week this thrilling quartet released one of the best albums of the year (so far). Their self-titled debut LP is a multi-layered tour de force. Contrary to countless other side-projects these four most compelling musicians definitely didn’t come together just to kill some time while their respectively bands took a pause. Oh no, not all, the final result of their magical collaboration is nothing less than amazing. Here is a splendiferous record full of mind-stimulating explorations, richly orchestrated compositions, transcendent soundscapes and rapturous arrangements overall. A sonic work that needs several plays in order to discover the detailed grandeur of it. After daily spins over the past seven days, I now fully feel and experience Mien‘s psychedelic depth and magnitude. It shows clearly that his group should go on…

EARTH MOON: spiritual illumination
BLACK HABIT: haunting electronica
YOU DREAMT: experimental escapade
OTHER: cinematic gloominess
ROPES: neurotic disorder
ECHOLALIA: freaky mindfucker
ODESSEY: astonishing groove
EARTH MOON (reprise): cinematic finale

See the piece here: TUTV


13 Apr 2018

Watch IMPATV footage of GOAT live at Rocket Twenty via The Quietus

Watch IMPATV footage of GOAT tearing-it up at our Rocket Twenty Event.

See what The Quietus say about it here: The Quietus


Off The Tracks reviews MIEN

It reads:

MIEN is a modern psych-rock supergroup and the band’s debut, self-titled album lives up to and surpasses any hype. The members are Alex Maas (The Black Angels), Tom Furse (The Horrors), John-Mark Lapham (The Earlies) and Rishi Dhir (Elephant Stone) and through traces of those bands we arrive at a new sound – part shoegaze (Ropes), part psych-rock (Black Habit), a little bit of  horror-movie soundscape (Other).

It’s an assured debut, filled with huge collective experience and over a decade in the making.

The seeds of this collaboration date back to the early 2000s – Maas and Dhir meeting, then Lapham being on the same bill at festivals too, flash forward a few years and Dhir is playing bass with The Black Angels – and, well, from there…

So now we have the best of The Horror’s rocking fuzz-drenched indie-pop (Odyssey) and good old Krautrock-influenced jamming (Black Habit – which rides along on KISS’ Detroit Rock City-bassline if played properly)...

Read the rest: OTT


MIEN reveal live members for Levitation

The band say:

We're stoked to announce these amazing musicians who are going to be a part of the MIEN live experience at LEVITATION on the 28th of April in Austin, TX: 
Thor Harris of Swans (percussion), Jordan Geiger of Hospital Ships (synths), and Robb Kidd from Golden Dawn Arkestra (drums).

We're looking forward to bringing you guys the live debut of our album in a couple of weeks...

Levitation info can be found here: Levitation


Gigwise say some words about Lay Llamas track Silver Sun

They say:

Back in our day a ‘Silver Sun’ was a rather brilliant geek rock indie band with a crippling Cheap Trick obsession. These days, it seems, it’s a slab of sci-fi krautrock resembling The Beta Band dedicating their lives to Krishna.

‘Silver Sun’ is the first track to emerge from ‘Thuban’, the second album from Lay Llamas, an Italian psych-pop act centred around a chap named Nicola Giunta, whose debut 'Østro' raised third eyebrows back in 2014. That album was based around one Can-like extended psychedelic mantra, whereas the new eight-track record promises a more varied trip, with members of Goat, Clinic and The Pop Group lending an experimental drone rock hand along the way. The press release claims the album exists in “a realm seemingly without boundaries, one in which a pan-global fascination with rhythmic hypnosis and an unquenchable experimental zeal manifests hermetically-aligned revelations aplenty”. Presumably this is referring to the bit where a saxophonist has a fit, but ‘Silver Sun’ has greater treats to unfold than that. The ice-planet intro atmospherics, for instance. The part that sounds like a Super Furry Animals gig in a jungle. And the grainy garage rock guitars driving the whole thing unstoppably onward like a biker gang revving down a road to nowhere.

Read it here: Gigwise


Highlife gives MIEN 5 stars

Highlife, the Dutch 'weed smokers' magazine gives MIEN a 5/5 review in their print magazine:

The long-distance super group Mien seems the first album rather virtual to have put, but the chemistry between the four band members are clear. She playing with other bands like The Black Angels, The Horrors, Elephant Stone and The Earlies, with a clear preference for the psychedelic perspective. And with that they go deep, the ten tracks are an intense trip. All means are taken out of the closet, everything for the most pure experience of the consciousness-expanding experience. The sitar was once the binding element, but that is becoming economical and effective made use of, so that there is enough space remains for others, more than interesting sounds.



12 Apr 2018

Watch IMPATV footage of Zimpel/Ziołek live at Rocket Twenty via The Quietus

It wasn't that long ago since we invaded the Garage in London and put on three mind bending days of shows! Well lucky for us the great IMPATV was there to document it and the lovely people from The Quietus are revealing some of these sets.

The first one is by the great Zimpel/Ziołek who were playing their first ever UK show!

See what The Quietus say about it here: The Quietus


GNOD European tour dates

To celebrate the release of Chapel Perilous GNOD are heading out on tour:

28/04/18 Liverpool / Wrong Festival / United Kingdom

29/04/18 Newcastle / The Cluny / United Kingdom

30/04/18 Glasgow / Broadcast / United Kingdom

01/05/18  Hull / Adelphi / United Kingdom

02/05/18 Manchester / Band on the Wall / United Kingdom

03/05/18 Sheffield / Picture House Social / Netherlands

04/05/18 Brighton / Hope and Ruin / United Kingdom

05/05/18 Nijmegen / Doornroosje / Netherlands

06/05/18 Bruxelles / Magasin 4 / Belgium

08/05/18 Lille / La Malterie / France

09/05/18 Tilburg / 013 @ Hall Of Fame / Netherlands

10/05/18 Utrecht / dB’s / Netherlands

11/05/18 Diksmuide / 4AD / Belgium

12/05/18 Paris / Espace B France

13/05/18 London / Moth Club / United Kingdom


Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs become a PRS New Momentum artist

The band say this about it:

Big thanks to PRS for choosing us to be a recipient of their momentum fund. We’re heading into the studio in a couple of weeks to begin recording ‘The difficult second album’. Made a little less difficult thanks to the folk at:

PRS Foundation
Arts Council England
PPL - Phonographic Performance Ltd

New album on it's way, so watch this space!


Help Kid Millions from Oneida

Please help our good friend Kid Millions from Oneida

He was in a serious car accident and needs your help to pay medical bills and living expenses (while he can't work etc) which are mounting up

You can help by donating whatever you can here: Go Fund Me


Razzputin Crew reviews Mamuthones Fear on the Corner

It reads:

"Fear On The Corner" is a beautiful alien album.

How could the Martians play it after having injected into the vein the best of contemporary oblique music: from Talking Heads (Fear Of Music) to Miles Davis (On The Corner), from Joy Division with Martin Hannett to Fela Kuti and William Onyeabor, finally skidding on the globalist, suffered, and perfectible rhythms of cult labels such as ZE Records and ON-U Sound.

Just the tactical addition of a lot of motorik, sucked by the sancta sanctorum Kraut Rock (the sacred triad Can / Ash Ra Tempel / Neu! To understand each other better), to detonate in an apocalyptic crescendo that named "Here We Are "and that, coincidentally, is also the precise closure of a square work from the first second to the last.

This is how the band of Alessio Gastaldello, principal sculptor of the Italian Occult Psychedelia with the Jennifer Gentle, chisels with class and charisma the prestigious debut for Rocket Recordings. Initially showing intolerance towards certain orthodox boundaries of the concept "Music" that are slowly subjugated by the perfect orchestration of all the available sonic heritage...

See the rest here: Razzputin Crew


11 Apr 2018

GOAT reveal incredible new single 'Let it Burn'

We are very happy to share with you a new single by GOAT which is being released on 25 May. The track is titled 'Let it Burn' and you can watch the video for the 'radio edit' above.

Listen to the 'full version' on Tom Ravenscroft show (standing in for Lauren Lavern) here: BBC 6Music

'Let it Burn' was written specifically for the climatic scene in the short movie Killing Gävle, a The Guardian produced film (the video above uses footage from the film) directed by the very talented Joe Fletcher about the famous Gävle Goat in Sweden which every year local custodians of Gävle try to protect a giant straw goat that is built for the town every Christmas being burnt down by mischievous pagans. Obviously Goat’s music was the obvious to soundtrack the film – their back catalogue is used throughout the film but up to now it was the only place you could hear a segment of the 6 minute+ fuzz groove of 'Let it Burn' but now thanks to Rocket Recordings it can be heard in all its glory.

Read what the band say about it via The Quietus here: The Quietus

So what makes Let it Burn so good?
Frenetic ‘tribal ‘drums  ✓
Speaker shaking ‘fuzzwah’ guitar  ✓
Devils Jukebox ‘banshee’ vocal  ✓
Ridiculously filthy ‘fuzz bass’ groove  ✓
Stop-you-in-our-tracks ‘flute’ breakdown  ✓
Climatic ‘strings’ finale  ✓

Not only that, but you get a brand new b-side, and like most recent Goat b-sides it reveals another exploratory sound to the bands ‘world music’. Friday Pt.1 is a 4 minute excerpt from an organically evolving, cosmic-jazz, studio jam.

The ltd edition 7" is available in three 'pot luck' coloured vinyl versions on Orange, Red and Yellow, each ltd to 400 copies which will available in all good shops across the globe from 25 May.

Goat play two shows this summer, supporting Foo Fighters at Gothenburg’s Ullevi Stadium on 5 June and they will be headlining Stage 2 at London’s Citadel Festival on 15 July. 


MIEN give a track-by-track rundown of their new album for Gigwise

It reads:

From tiny sitar seedlings, such things grow. Back in 2004 Rishi Dhir from Canadian indie rockers Elephant Stone ran into Alex Maas of Austin’s psych heroes Black Angels at SXSW, and the pair bonded over a love of the Association’s “classic sitar banger” ‘Wantin’ Ain’t Gettin’’. Their many frustrated attempts to cover the song together ultimately drew in The Earlies’ John-Mark Lapham and Tom Furse of The Horrors and created a globe-straddling indie supergroup named MIEN. Releasing their self-titled debut album last week, the disparate four-piece united to run through the album for Gigwise.

'Earth Moon'
Tom Furse: I can’t remember when I wrote the original demo of this but it was a long time ago. I had met Rishi already and at some point in writing the demo I thought ‘shit - sitar! I can get sitar on this! I must get sitar on this!’. So I sent it over to Rishi and before too long he’d recorded all this amazing sitar on it. It wasn’t right for Horrors so it sat in limbo for a while until MIEN started to form. As a group MIEN is extremely fluid and open to ideas, there were very few points of conflict, and even they were minimal - and it was so exciting to hear how JM took my demo and developed that whole second movement in the track - bringing a whole new life to it...

See the rest here: Gigwise


Stingray interview Rishi from MIEN

It goes:

What is MIEN?
It’s a project that I’ve been working on that kind of started 14 years ago I met all the members of the band. There’s me Rishi Dhir from Elephant Stone’s, The Black Angels’ Alex Maas, The Horrors’ Tom Furse, and The Earlies’ John-Mark Lapham. I met Alex in 2004 at SXSW and we hit it off. He started Black Angels soon after. Fast forward to 2012, I was touring with Black Angels and The Horrors and started collaborating for a few years with them. At one point, John-Mark and I had this great song and we asked Alex to sing on it, and then asked Tom to play keyboards, and that was the first song off MIEN called "Black Habit". We got really excited and said: "Well, let’s see what else happens." And that was it. From 2013 to 2017 was when we fully worked on MIEN. It took 4 years to make this album.

Why the shift from Elephant Stone to MIEN?
I’m actually working on my next Elephant Stone album. MIEN was just something I was doing on my off time – I liked it because we’re all contributing parts and I’m more of a sideman than a frontman. I just liked being a piece of the puzzle rather than being the whole puzzle.

What have you learned from that experience as opposed to being the frontman?

Read the rest of it here: Stingray


7" by GOAT offshoot Capra Informis up for sale

Some more copies of the long sold out 7" by GOAT offshoot CAPRA INFORMIS have appeared on the bands Bandcamp.

Be quick as once these are gone...

Buy from here: Capra Informis


10 Apr 2018

The Revue reviews MIEN

It reads:

On their own, The Black Angels, The Horrors, Elephant Stone, and The Earlies are great bands, and each have made their mark on their music landscape. The Black Angels are unquestionably one of the best psychedelic-rock bands of the 21st Century. The Horrors helped bring spook-ified psych-rock into the mainstream. Elephant Stone, if you ask most neo-psychedelic fanatics, are the contemporary flag bearers of the George Harrison – Ravi Shankar psych enchantment. The Eels, meanwhile, are simply one of the great indie-rock groups who revived the scene in the UK. Now what happens when you bring a member from each band to form a supergroup? The answer is MIEN, whose self-titled debut album is a portrait of delirious wonderment.

Through ten songs running over forty minutes, Alex Maas (The Black Angels), Tom Furse (The Horrors), Rishi Dhir (Elephant Stone), and John-Mark Lapham (The Earlies) take the listener from the far reaches of the cosmos through the proverbial rabbit hole and finally landing in a post-modern world where our reality ceases to exist. MIEN, in other words, takes psychedelia to familiar places as well as to far-out, unchartered waters that could only be discovered by bringing these four great minds together...

Read the rest here: The Revue


Listen to 'MIEN Things' – an exclusive playlist for Tidal

Tidal asked MIEN to compile a curated list of new music, inspirations and other oddities in the MIEN orbit. And that is exactly what they did!

Listen here: Tidal


Backseat Mafia give MIEN a 9/10 review

They say:

The so called super-group MIEN released their debut self-titled LP on Rocket Recordings last week too much hype and anticipation.

The seeds for this collaboration were sown as long ago as 2004, when Rishi Dhir found himself in a chance encounter with Alex Maas whilst performing sitar with his former band on a bill at SXSW in Austin. Not long afterwards, he would also stumble across the Anglo-American band The Earlies, who he would similarly collaborate and share a stage with. This led to essentially the genesis of MIEN, via a shared love for one song – the classic sitar anthem by The Association, ‘Wantin’ Ain’t Gettin’. Upon finding that both he and The Earlies’ electronics guru and producer John Mark Lapham had a particular desire to cover this ditty, they began a slow process of putting together the version they’d always dreamt of. Whilst this would never come to fruition – the sparks that flew between them lit up a collaborative path clearly worth following.

Some years later, another piece of the puzzle came into place, when Dhir played bass with The Black Angels in 2012, and found the band sharing several bills with The Horrors, whose Skying album had been on heavy rotation for him. Thus he made the acquaintance of Tom Furse, and yet another pact was made to work together in the future. Soon, via yet another pass at the ill-starred Association cover, the four planets of the MIEN universe were to align...

Read the full piece here: Backseat Mafia


9 Apr 2018

Bearded Magazine reviews MIEN

They say:

Some of the advance press on MIEN’s self-titled debut album (pronounced 'mean' in care you were curious) indicates that the band was never sure why they got together. Ostensibly to make new music, that’s usually my muttered reply, but I find these kinds of claims curious, especially when the resulting project stands out as otherworldly amazing as this record, one of the happiest accidents on the 2018 alt-rock release slate.

The band MIEN is comprised of regular members from The Horrors, Elephant Stone and Black Angels. The ten track album kicks off on the lightly, hypnotic, Earth Moon which is built around a sensuous sitar introduction that kicks over into a groovy, krautrock beat. On one of the band’s potential singles, (I’m Tired Of) Western Shouting the beat comes loose to the point of jangly, full of neo-industrial percussion, while the vocals repeat the song title. It feels as though the singer is also out in search of the key phrase’s meaning...

Read the rest here: Bearded


Shit and Shine Spring Euro tour

Come and hear Shit and Shine play 'That's Enough' from the latest Rocket EP live!!

Music Tap reviews MIEN

It says:

When a band assembles as a side project from four successful bands, the first rule of thumb should be to NOT overshadow their original and still active bands. I may be alone in this assessment but I felt that is what happened with Hot Tuna, a side venture with several musicians from Jefferson Airplane. The newly released debut from Mien not only is a great album of psych Rock today, but it has currently overshadowed albums from the four members’ respective bands. Of course, I STILL love all the bands that the Mien members hail from. But I must confess, I’m ALREADY awaiting the next Mien album.

The members of Mien are: Alex Maas (The Black Angels), Rishi Dhir (Elephant Stone), Tom Furse (The Horrors), and John-Mark Lapham (The Earlies). With recent albums released and breaks after tours, the four members decided to convene and flesh out further earlier plans for a band.

With a long period of ramping up, the debut album is currently in release. If you’re a fan of the popular Psychedelic Rock genre that has exploded this past decade, then Mien is def an album you want to hear…ALL of it...

Read the rest here: Music Tap


Glide Magazine reviews MIEN

It reads:

For diehards of psychedelic rock, those who have clung to the threads of the genre weaving their wave through the decades, the formation of MIEN is a perfect storm. Alex Maas of The Black Angels, Tom Furse of The Horrors, Rishi Dhir of Elephant Stone and John-Mark Lapham of The Earlies joining forces in a psych-collaboration tapestry of influences and exploration. By all accounts the coming together of this supergroup, if you will, has been on a collision course for the better part of a decade. Various chance festival encounters and impromptu discussions gradually morphing into the shape of the idea of a solid collaboration. MIEN and the meandering agitation and drifting pulse of this, their self-titled debut, is the result.

The danger of celebrated unions such as these is the way in which a range of established artists who all shoulder previous success and bring it with them can result in the lack of a singular focus. There are certainly times when MIEN feels like an extended jam session, the myriad ideas that stem from the sonic lands each musician calls home – as excellent as they are – ultimately falling short of a cohesive narrative one can grasp hold of...

Read the full piece here: Glide


Listen to Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation on Tom Ravenscroft's podcast

Tom Ravenscroft has included Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation's Rushing Through my Mind on his latest podacst, listen here: A Way from Home


7 Apr 2018

DIY Mag reviews MIEN

They say:

MIEN’s seeds were planted as far back as 2004 when The Black Angels vocalist Alex Maas and Elephant Stone sitarist Rishi Dhir shared a bill at SXSW. Their mutually complementary musical output was an obvious shoe-in for a collaboration, but it wasn’t until they attempted to cover an obscure ‘60s sitar-pop “banger” with The Earlies’ electronics whizz John-Mark Lapham years later that MIEN really started to build its foundation. With The Horrors’ synth guru Tom Furse joining the cause sometime later, the conception of this psychedelic supergroup was complete; and their knack for propulsive grooves and soft, synthesised dreamscapes is realised fully on this impressive debut.

Alex envisions the band as “Nico in her 80’s industrial phase mixed with George Harrison and Conny Plank”, and at the heart ‘MIEN’ is the stellar fusion of tangible world instruments and understated electronic programming. Zen opener ‘Earth Moon’ is a cornucopia of tribal drums, sitars and flutes, offering a flowery alternative to some of the record’s darker, more electronic pieces. It’s the perfect mirror to closing track ‘Earth Moon (Reprise)’, which swaps out much of the exotic instrumentation for finger-picked nylon guitars, a subdued trip-hop beat and fluttering, tremolated synth chords...

Read the rest here: DIY


Slug reviews MIEN

They say:

“Mien” is defined as a person’s look or manner, especially one of a particular kind indicating their character or mood. MIEN the band can be defined as a specific unit of characters that supplements a creative outlet through music to bring about an undeniable mood. The mood is that of four musicians who have already established their individual careers before coming together to create MIEN, a meld of ’60s heroin-chic rock and electronic powerhouses, brimming with reverb and experimentalism.

MIEN are the byproduct of The Black Angels’ Alex Maas, The Horrors’ Tom Furse, Elephant Stone’s Rishi Dhir and The Earlies’ John-Mark Lapham. The quartet has been garnering such significant praise like “supergroup” since the release of their first single, “Bad Habit.”

“Bad Habit” was released in late January of 2018. The 3:07 track is certainly a harbinger of what is to come from the rest of Mien’s self-titled, debut album. À la The Black Angels, there is no shortage of delay pedals throughout the track. The bassline meshes with a dark, looming organ to layer each moment of the song heavily. There is nothing simple about this track, which is exactly what we can imagine MIEN are going for. With each of the band members’ individual careers already beyond a solid place, this can be assumed to be what proves to be the pushing of their musical limits...

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Listen to Supersonic interview with Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs

Supersonic interviewed Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs about their up-and-coming Hare and Hounds show in Birmingham this week on the 11th.

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6 Apr 2018

MIEN LP/CDs delayed in North America

Due to powers way out of our control (especially as we just found out this morning...), the North American indie shop release date for the MIEN vinyl and CD has regrettably been pushed back by a couple of weeks, so they should be available April 20/27th. 

For those of you in USA who want to get your physical album sooner than that, head over to https://www.mienband.com/store where the band can ship them out right away. Apologies for the delay. We're as unimpressed with this turn of events as you are... 


Brighton's Finest reviews MIEN

They say:

Comprised of The Black Angels’ Alex Maas, The Horror’s Tom Furse, Elephant Stone’s Rishi Dhir and The Earlies’ John Mark Lapham, MIEN are a super group in every sense of the word. Yet, history has shown this type of act doesn’t always work. Thankfully, this isn’t true for an album that transports you through the history of psychedelia.

The seeds were sown for this collaboration in 2004, when Dhir found himself in a chance encounter with Maas whilst performing sitar with his former band on a bill at SXSW in Austin, with The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Not long afterwards, he stumbled across The Earlies, who he would similarly collaborate and share a stage with. This led to essentially the genesis of MIEN. Furse then came into the picture a few years later and the line-up was complete.

The result is a record that transcends a variety of influences, from The Velvet Underground to Neu!, straight through to George Harrison and Jefferson Airplane. At its essence, it’s a love letter to the members’ record collections, whilst at the same time managing to remain modern and relevant...

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Concert and Co reviews MIEN

It says:

Unknown to the battalion until then, the MIEN group released a mysterious and very thrilling untitled first album in April 2018. Behind this enigmatic name (and in capital letters) are in fact hiding very respectable people all having the distinction of having already passed multiple times under the radars with recognized projects: Alex Maas, the leader of the Black Angels (which takes care of voices, samples and loops), Tom Furse of The Horrors (which provides keyboards and programming), Rishi Dhir of Elephant Stone (who plays bass, sitar and keyboards) and John-Mark Lapham of The Earlies (who deals with keyboards, samples and programming). Friends of long date, the four protagonists of this brilliant psychedelic company have worked on the development of this disc by exchanging audio files via internet, for a result likely to appeal to fans of the Black Angels, the voice inhabited and versatile Mister Maas being at the center of the thing, while having a very good chance to titillate the excitement of kraut rock lovers, experimental electro ambient, and other hacks perfect to twist the brains more or less burnt listeners. 

By using a lot of stellar synths, often adorned with sitar parts no less aerial and badly haunting bass, the pieces of MIEN really have all the qualities to be listened to with your eyes closed, your head in the stars, making slow gestures of the type yoga at large outdoor gatherings (or not) to open the doors of perception. Alex Mass's group, Tom Furse, Rishi Dhir and John-Mark Lapham will give his very first concert in the first part of Slowdive during the famous festival Levitation in Austin at the end of April 2018, with a line up enhanced by the presence of awesome Swans percussionist, Thor Harris ... On stage on this occasion, as on the disc in question here, titles like the unstoppable and often infernal "Earth Moon", "Black Habit" (the first single of the group delivered with its strange, well-chelou, macabre celebration), "(I'm Tired of) Western Shouting", "Hocus Pocus" (very drugged) or "Other" (planing ode with modular synths in line with "Shine On" You Crazy Diamond "by Pink Floyd) have something to impress with kraut voodoo ceremonies organizers.

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