23 Jun 2017

Flowers Must Die and Goat feature on latest issue of Mojo

This is the third issue of Mojo in a row that we have had Rocket bands on the cover mount CD – following Gnoomes last month, Josefin Öhrn and Julie's Haircut the month before we now have Flowers Must Die and Goat on this latest issue!!

More info here: Mojo


The Arts Desk say some words about Flowers Must Die, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs and Kuro Maga at Supersonic Festival

They say this:

Kuro Maga
Agathe Max’s now expanded Kuro Maga combo similarly treated a full room to a set of drone music, classical sounds and modern jazz all wrapped up in a cloak of dry ice that had her audience spellbound.

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs
Lively stoner rock five-piece Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs injected a bit more adrenalin into proceedings by running through the whole of their magnificent Feed The Rats album. “I am the demon!” howled singer Matt Baty as “Psychopomp” had men and women twice his age moshing like lunatics as the sweat poured down the walls in torrents.

Flowers Must Die
Closing the festival was Flowers Must Die who, like fellow Swedes Goat, take the psychedelic jam template and add motorik and Afro-beat flavours to get hips swaying and feet moving in a wild and intoxicating wig-flipping groove. Laying down tunes like “Don’t You Leave Me Now”, “Why?” and motorik jams aplenty from their Kompost album, their set was a tip-top ending to a tip-top weekend.

Read the full review here: The Arts Desk


22 Jun 2017

Housewives announce album launch party

Housewives are celebrating the launch of their Rocket album 'FF061116' with a special show at Cafe Oto on 19 August

Info can be found here: Housewives

You can still preorder the album on Blue Vinyl and diecut sleeve (Ltd to 200 copies) here: Bandcamp


Cambridge Music Reviews on Flowers Must Die live show

It reads:

Flowers Must Die show a similar no-compromise approach to their music, from the stage setting with a single backlight and revolving colour dome keeping the six members as outlines and shadows for the whole set (not quite sure how they could see to play, but it all sounded fine!) to the build-up of musical ideas within the tracks. The two guitars, bass and drums line-up is enhanced by added electric violin, keyboard and the extensive use of that always fascinating electronic marvel the theremin!

‘Don’t You Leave Me Now’ was a standout song, with impressive vocals over a mutated disco-funk backing. ‘Hit’ was a complex groove, another track from their 2017 album titled ‘Kompost’ with its enigmatic mixture of Swedish and English titled songs.
Flowers Must Die have finely honed their live sound but they have still retained an effervescence and sheer enjoyment in their performance...

Read the full review here: Cambridge Music Reviews


Poster for Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs show with Acid Mothers Temple

Tickets here: Baba Yaga's Hut

Info here: Facebook


Goat announce show at Olt Rivieren Hof

Goat have been announced to play a show at Olt Rivieren Hof in Belgium.

TBH – information is no existent about what it is but you can find out information about location etc here: Olt Rivieren Hof

Goat's full list of Summer shows now reads:

28 July – Womad Festival / Charlton Park / UK
29 July – 02 Brixton Academy / London / UK 
05 August – Food for your Senses Festival / Kichberg / Luxembourg
06 August – Olt Rivieren Hof / Antwerp / Belgium


Josefin Öhrn in Get Into This 'Bands to see at Glastonbury'

It reads:

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation

When Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation played Liverpool Central Library earlier this year, we at Getintothis were bowled over by her swooping psychedelia and trance-like hypnotic grooves. Music to close your eyes to and drift away. A perfect fit for the intimate setting of the Glade on Sunday evening. Swerve Ed Sheeran for this; you know it makes sense.

See who else made the cut here: GIT


Goat share live version of "Try My Robe" – a precursor to a new live LP to be released later this year

When Goat toured Europe last Autumn to promote their recently released third album Requiem - they had the idea to record every show. Since returning to their home in Korpilombolo, Goat have painstakingly gone through all the shows to pick out the best versions of a 6 tracks for a limited live album called 'Fuzzed in Europe' that is planned for release later this year.

Unfortunately there was just too much to choose from and this great live version of "Try My Robe" didn't make it onto the LP - so the band have decided to share it now as a unique taster to the live LP.

Listen to "Try My Robe (Live)" above

Or via:
Apple Music

Goat are returning to the stage this summer playing four shows including a massive headline extravaganza at London's Brixton Academy on 29th July with stellar support from Moonlandingz and Jane Weaver: 

28 July – Womad Festival / Charlton Park / UK
29 July – 02 Brixton Academy / London / UK  Tickets
05 August – Food for your Senses Festival / Kichberg / Luxembourg
06 August – Olt Rivieren Hof / Antwerp / Belgium


21 Jun 2017

Watch new video for Gnod offshoot 'Negra Branca'

Marlene from Gnod has revealed this great new Negra Branca video

Download the track from:

To help raise funds for Islington Mill

Released by Tesla Tapes

Video made in collaboration with Rachel Goodyear X IMPATV


Julie's Haircut reveal poster for up-and-coming London show

Tickets here: See Dice

The band have these shows lined up:

07.07 Sabbioneta (It) - Sabbio Rock Fest 
15.07 Chiaverano (It) - A Night Like This Festival
20.07 Molfetta (It) - Eremo
21.07 Benevento (It) - Sound Proof Festival
22.07 Reasonanz (It) - Reasonanz
23.07 Genova (It) - Pop Sagra Urbana
27.07 Osio Di Sopra (It) - Libera La Festa
29.07 Camposilvano (It) - Lessinia Psych Fest
09.09 Fiorano Modenese (It) - Quarantenna Uno Festival
19.09 London (Uk) - London Fields Brewhouse 
20.09 Brighton (Uk) - Green Door
21.09 Manchester (Uk) - Soup Kitchen

22.09 Liverpool (Uk) - International Festival Of Psychedelia


19 Jun 2017

Terrascope reviews The Guillotine by Hey Colossus

It reads:

With 2015’s Black And Gold and Radio Static High Hey Colossus seemed intent on putting clear water between them and their noisier more atonal past. On this, their ninth release (and third for Rocket) they row back a bit down river albeit charting a different course as befits their shapeshifting proclivities.

In many ways it’s actually their most melodic release, as evidenced early doors by the nimble guitar runs of ‘Honest To God’. However these are delivered under worryingly dark sonic storm clouds as, they take aim both musically and lyrically at to the solar plexus of the current toxic political climate.  ‘Back In The Room’ might just be an acknowledgement of this at least partial return to the brutalism of yore, with a ferocious three guitar attack and unremitting drumming over which Paul Sykes spits out words like Nick Cave possessed. And who’s this adding to the maelstrom of cacophony if not venerable Nik Turner on sax, something usually guaranteed to gladden the heart of this ol’ hippie...

Read the rest here: Terrascope


Housewives reveal poster for Bristol show in August

All their up-and-coming dates are:

07 Jul UK London Shacklwell Arms 
08 Jul FR Tournan-En-Brie La Ferme Electrique 
18 Aug UK Bristol Surrey Vaults 
19 Aug UK London Café Oto 
26 Aug UK Manchester Soup Kitchen 
27 Aug UK Sheffield Audacious Art Experiment 

02 Sep FR Aiguelèze Baignade Interdite

Housewives new album FF061116 can be preordered on Ltd blue vinyl here: Bandcamp


15 Jun 2017

Rickard from Flowers Must Die give Dayz of Purple and Orange his 'Ten Of The Best'

It reads:

Sweden has a long and distinguished history of psychedelic music; from the late sixties/early seventies legends that are Pärson Sound, via their later incarnation Träd, Gräs och Stenar and stretching to the current crop of ace bands like Goat, Hills and Kungens Män. One of the very finest contemporary Swedish psych bands are Flowers Must Die - consistently inventive and always quality, their albums are a lysergic journey through psych history channeling the aforementioned Träd, Gräs och Stenar via Can and Amon Düül II and throwing in some modern post-punk attitude for good measure. Their last album 'Kompost' (Rocket Recordings) was a triumph and cemented their place at Psych's top table. 

Good news for us lucky blighters here in the UK, the band are touring, starting this week: 

16th - Cardiff, The Moon 
17th - Reading, Public 
18th - Birmingham, Supersonic Festival 
19th - Cambridge, The Portland Arms (supported by Psychic Lemon no less!) 
20th - London, Café Oto (supporting The Space Lady) 

Anyway, to the business at hand - Rickard from the group has very kindly spared to time to put together a list of 10 of his fave records...and it's a pretty damned cool list....cheers Rickard...

Read the rest here: dayzofpurpleandorange


14 Jun 2017

Watch Hey Colossus play Black And Gold Live at Double Dot Dash Festival


Review Gnod live in Loppen, 01.06.17

It reads:

The evening begins with three of us buying t-shirts. Normally you’d wait till the end of the night to buy one, maybe as a sign of appreciation in the afterglow of a gig. But expectations are high and Gnod’s t-shirts just happen to be particularly good. Mine features a morose black and white portrait and urges “Trepanation for the National Health”, whereas my companions opt for the more timely “JUST SAY NO TO THE PSYCHO RIGHT-WING CAPITALIST FASCIST INDUSTRIAL DEATH MACHINE”. Perfect for their visit to Scotland in an election week.

It might not be the most pithy album title, but JUST SAY NO TO THE PSYCHO RIGHT-WING CAPITALIST FASCIST INDUSTRIAL DEATH MACHINE (I’m just copy-pasting it now to piss you off) truly delivers the brutality and urgency it promises. With this release Gnod have downplayed their more psychedelic and meandering side in favour of bloody-minded noise...

See the rest here: Here Today


13 Jun 2017

Flowers Must Die UK tour starts Friday

Flowers Must Die return to the UK this Friday for a string of dates:

Friday 16th
Cardiff, The Moon

Saturday 17th
Reading, Public

Sunday 18th
Supersonic Festival, Birmingham

Monday 19th
Cambridge, The Portland Arms

Tuesday 20th
London, Café Oto


Echoes and Dust reviews Temple Ov BBV

It reads:

Gnod are the best active band in the UK; they’re also probably the most active. There is no other band on their level. You can all take your shit and go home. They’re the best band from another species and frankly, the only viable proof of alien life. Radar Men From The Moon are also a fucking good band and as men from the moon are a natural fit with the extraterrestrials known only as Gnod. How is it possible for Gnod to keeping putting out such strong releases so quickly? I can’t even find precedent for such a series of masterpieces even if I tried. The nearest I can think of is The Body but, realistically, a lot of that was collaboration, Gnod have carried themselves on their own work for the past few years and it’s all been perfect. I wonder if Gnod will follow suit from The Body and do more incredible collaborations?...

Read the rest here: E&D


Introducing 'FF061116' – the new album by Housewives

We are excited to reveal a new album by London four piece Housewives – the album is called FF061116 and is released on 18 August.

You can here the first track to be revealed from the album called 'Excerpt 6' above. Or listen to via Spotify and Apple Music

See what the Quietus have to say about it here: The Quietus

You can preorder the album on Ltd blue vinyl (250 copies) here: Rocket
Or preorder digitally here: iTunes

The press release reads:


Housewives – FF061116

Despite almost all bands being prone to painting themselves as frontier-hurdling mavericks who provoke extreme reactions in their audience, the fact is that the vast majority of them wont produce little more than bland indifference or benign acceptance in whichever audience they come into contact with, Not so Housewives, the London-based outfit whose psychic charge- equal parts brittle rhythmic drive, angular contortions  and monochrome minimalism - is as punishing in approach as the band are enigmatic in aspect. 

‘FF061116’, which follows in the wake of their debut ‘Work’ (released on Hands in The Dark) and previous tapes and 7” releases (on Faux Discs and Blank Editions), the band shows no sign of compromise whatsoever, being as stark, harsh and stubbornly inhospitable as the strobe-haunted, feverishly kinetic live shows that have earned them a fearsome reputation beyond the rumoured West country of their origins or the urban environs of their adopted home. Split into seven excerpts and built on powerful repetition, it’s a mind-melding travail into abstraction and abjection which draws on post-punk, jazz, drone, electronic and avant-garde tropes to create an unclassifiable assault that feels oddly timeless - innovative, invigorating and bare-boned yet tapping into a uniquely English lineage that extends back to the 1970s and forward, into the unknown. 

Nonetheless, whilst some may be able to detect influences like This Heat (whose Charles Hayward approvingly described their sound as redolent of “a barely controlled anger, hypnotic and building from the simplest elements”) or Einsturzende Neubauten, Housewives are carving out their own unique place in the darker quarters of the underground, motivated by a fearsome intensity of conviction and a fearlessly experimental approach. ‘FF061116’ is the latest in a series of transmissions from a collective mindset whose manifestations are as richly rewarding as they are relentlessly intense. Wherever they go from this aural outpost, all intrepid avant adventurers would do well to buckle in for the ride. 

The band are playing these following shows:

07 Jul UK London Shacklwell Arms 
08 Jul FR Tournan-En-Brie La Ferme Electrique 
18 Aug UK Bristol Surrey Vaults 
19 Aug UK London Café Oto 
26 Aug UK Manchester Soup Kitchen 
27 Aug UK Sheffield Audacious Art Experiment 
02 Sep FR Aiguelèze Baignade Interdite


Flowers Must Die and Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs in Raven Sings the Blues 'Albums of the year so far'

See the full list here: Raven sings the Blues


12 Jun 2017



Pheeeew, Gnod have landed back in Manchester safe and sound after a pretty mammoth couple of months playing. We cannot really express in words how grateful we are to all the good people that put us on, up and come to see us. We have made so many new friends and had to time to see old ones and it’s great to reinforce the fact that whatever kind of bullshit is going down in politics in the world that generally people are good and there is way more love out there than hate. Don’t believe the Hype machine, put your smartphone down for an hour and engage with the people around you in real time.

10 years of playing and touring with Gnod has brought us in touch with so many top class folks and this year we got to see a helluva lot of them.

So here goes, much love and thanks to all these heads for the support for the last ten years and this years immense Euro n Uk shows..

Islington Mill crew, ImpaTv crew, ModerateTwatKissa, all the People of Manchester and Salford , Rocket Recordings, Swamp Booking, Dutch Pete, Big Jim, Adam Reid, H&O, Mark Wagner, Dave and Ego, Sven, Jan, Matilde , Carl Weiner, Markus and Betty, German and Gabriella, Brown Sharpies, Bob De Wit….endless list haha

Waka and the all the madheads at the Golden Lion in Todmorden, Babayagas in London, Gaspard and all at Instant Chavires in Paris , Ben ,Dennis, Christophe at Mag4 in Brussels, Jan, Matilde, Elodie and all the Brussels crew, Walter, Jurgen , Becky, Yvo and Amina and everyone at Roadburn festival..it was such an unbelievable honour to be artists in residence and play 4 shows, shouts to Radar Men, Vanishing and Kuro for the amazing performances with us, Julie at Stimultania in Strasbourg ACAB next time we will do a full show without any police intervention, Sixto, Simon and all the amazing heads at Cave 12 in Geneva, All the crew at Sonic Lyon and Vavasseur/Desenfant for joining us for a jam, Machno at BlahBlah in Torino, Chris an all the people at Bronson in Ravenna, Micho at Klub Gromka in Ljubljana..was great to have coffee and cat chats with you man.. Lisi and all the crew at Donau fest and Horse Lords for killing it that night, Radek at Klub Famu in Prague, killer gig, great to catch up with Viktor and our Lightning Glove family over there, Wouter at Gouvernment in Gent..such a cool place , perfect for a Gnod electronic set, all the crew in Liege at Le Garage..amazing support from young Belgian band Maze, All at the Green door store in Brighton..another amazing support show from Kevs band that I can’t remember the name of, all the crew in Cambridge, great show looking forward to playing Strawberry fair for y'all one day please, then we had the Gnod Weekender in Bristol…wow what a time.. massive love for all the Schwet crew, Adam , Jen , Dan, Tristan all them amazing heads, all the bands that played it, Organchrist, Victor, Zohastre, Surgeon, Kuro, Ocean Floor, Alex n Kaskie, Giant Swan all the Gnod sides, such a good weekend , love you all. Joel at the Cluny in Toon, batey, Bong lads and all the madfuckers we know up there, Jordan in Rouen at le 3 pieces ..amazing support from Valeskja, all the crew at In Utero in Mechelen..first of many for you I hope, Tom and all the brilliant folk at Water Moulin in Tournai, one of our fave nights..great gig, great party great vibes, Laiki, Uncle Frank and all the people who made the effort in Frankfurt even though we could have actually killed you with volume, also thanks for the tattoos Uncle Frank, Jeppe and all the great folk at Tape in Aarhus, kart and all the sweet people in 1000fryd in Aalborg..amazing place you have there, Loppen in Copenhagen and huge thanks to our good friend Sven there for his good vibes, help and acupuncture and massage skills, love you a lot dude, All the amazing folk at Truckstop Alaska in Gothenburg..such a solid bunch of heads, same goes for the crew at Plan B in Malmo..great place great vibes especially Destructive Noise dude..much love… , Carl and all the people on the boat at Stubnitz, always so good to us, we love playing for y'all so much, also great to see the Golden Pudel crew there…big vibes at that show…, Jeroen and all at DB,s in Utrecht for a really really great show, massive energy that night too, Ian , Alex Morgan , Noel Gardner and all at the Moon in Cardiff another big energy show, Neil, Chris, Henry and Andy at the Maze in Nottingham…amazing bunch..had a great show with y'all, Tom in Glasgow and all who came to the flying duck for our last show, “twas a great night and the support bands were fucking great too. Massive thanks also to Mai Mai Mai aka Tony Macaroni aka the Vulture for being such a great geezer and playing and recording with us and retaining his wonderful sense of humour. Also massive shout to Raikes Parade our live sound hero, without him we would struggle for sure, big love to Bob de wit at Flipside in Eindhoven..looks like we have a killer album recorded there.. Dutch Pete and Big Jim for driving us around and also never losing it and trying to kill us all haha Greg Wynne for coming to TWO shows (crazy man) , lastly a big thanks to all that came to see us, you must all be fucking off yer heads hahaha

Gnod Bless

Sorry if we forgot anyone but you know we love you




The Moon, Cardiff, Thurs 8 June

On an election day marked by downpours of biblical proportions, a few of us do at least get a brief glimpse of sunshine – Sunshine the band, that is. But sadly even that brief glimpse feels like an eternity. After weeks of political campaigning, no one wants to witness yet another unseemly squabble between warring factions with no coherent narrative. And yet that’s what we’re presented with, in the form of a vocalist who crawls around the stage screaming intermittently, a bassist who runs through his favourite riffs while hiding in a hoodie and a drummer whose percussive accompaniment is random at best. Envelope-pushing drone-metal experimentalism is all fine and well, but the trio need to recognise that it’s primarily through the effective combination of different elements that music gets its power...

Read the full review: Buzz


9 Jun 2017


Goat are playing 'Food for your Senses' Festival

Goat have been announced to play their third and last show this summer.

The are playing 'Food for your Senses' Festival in Luxembourg.

Info and tickets can be found here: FFYS

And don't forget – Goat are playing a massive show at Brixton Academy on 29 July, tickets here: See


Temple Ov BBV album released today

Today sees the release of the debut album by Temple Ov BBV – a very special collaboration between Gnod and Radar Men from the Moon!!

The album is ltd to 700 copies on clear/black colour in colour vinyl and also available digitally.

You can buy from here: Rocket Bandcamp

And all good record shops.


8 Jun 2017

The Quietus review Hey Colossus - The Guillotine

The Quietus review Hey Colossus - The Guillotine :

This is what they have to say:

In The Guillotine Hey Colossus have hit a new peak just when it felt like there was no higher for them to climb. Patrick Clarke explores a ferocious call to arms and a militant articulation of turbulent times.

One would be forgiven for thinking that 2015 was the year in which Hey Colossus reached an unmatchable zenith. Releasing two of the year's most brilliant albums, In Black And Gold and Radio Static High via what seemed like the major outlet for all that was brilliant in modern psych – Rocket Recordings – it felt like a twin-peaked culmination of an unconventional, though thoroughly deserved, rise to prominence.

Born as a crazed, cataclysmic hodge podge of furious free noise with inflections of kraut, psych and Japanese rock in the early-2000s, over a decade later the band became something of a British staple, lauded not only by the fringes but by the likes of Uncut and Mojo. Their sound, while having undeniably progressed, 'refined', even, still packed a brutal slug of a punch, and it seemed as though they'd perfected, like never before, the perfect balance between the brutal mania of old and a deserved sense of 'status' in the music world.

In the time between those two LPs and their latest, The Guillotine, much has changed, not only in the music of Hey Colossus, but, as it goes without saying, in the world at large. In the wake of the planet's hopeless heave to the political right, on their 11th studio album the band have done what seemed barely possible in 2015; Hey Colossus' knives have been honed even sharper. In short, the band have reached another level, where it felt there was nowhere left to climb........

Read the full review here: the Quietus


Get Into This review Hey Colossus - The Guillotine

The great music website 'Get Into This' have added Hey Colossus - The Guillotine in their current choice cut album's for June.

This is what they say:

Hey Colossus have undergone a spectacular transformation with their last few records, growing from krautrock infused sludge-terrorisers into measured and menacing psychonauts with honest to god catchy songs.

This new record sees them continue down this path, perhaps for the first time placing Paul Sykes‘ spectacular lyrics front and centre, which is a good job, because he’s really got something to get off his chest. The dread of the current political climate hangs over the entire record, with a verse from single Englishman‘ that muses on the futility of nationalism sticking out in particular: “Whoops the empire slipped through the cracks / The stuff of legend and it’s never coming back / Here lies egress / Stitching on a dodo to the family crest“. He strikes out at the world’s ails with verbose, pointed and acidic wit throughout the record, while retaining a level of esoteric mystery that’s captivating.

Read the rest of the piece: Get Into This


7 Jun 2017

Temple Ov BBV - 'What Happens To Memories When You Die' Video

'What Happens To Memories When You Die', good question, maybe Temple Ov BBV can answer, the Gnod/Radar Men from the Moon collaboration may contain 'Strobing', watch at risk.

The video was created by Rocket's very own John O'Carroll and if you witnessed the bands amazing performance at this years Roadburn Festival you may recognise some of the footage!

The album is available on vinyl & digital from Friday.


DIS choose Hey Colossus's 'Englishman' as a soundtrack for the election

It says:

Hey Colossus
Soooooo I might be from the US, but I get how the UK severed itself from the EU. Our Dixie flag-flyers and MAGA cultists wish for the same “pure” (read: all white) state that your extreme nationalists want – and they’re the ones who jumped with both feet into the most backwards elections that both of our countries have ever endured in ages. But English nationalism is even further entrenched - and to a degree, even more absurd, as Hey Colossus so righteously point out: “Whoops the empire slipped between the cracks / The stuff of legend and it’s never coming back”. Those that hold onto this archaic ideal, they assert, are pathetic waifs that deserve to be crushed – and that’s exactly what “Englishman” does. Well, in a conceptual sense. But fuck me, how sweet is the sound of that squelch right now, eh?

Read the rest here: DIS


The 405 premiere new Temple Ov BBV video

Ahead of Friday's release of the Temple Ov BBV album, the Gnod/Radar Men from the Moon collaboration – The 405 have premiered the video for new track 'What happens to memories when you die'. 

See what the say about the video/track here: The 405

What happens to memories when you die

The video was created by Rocket's very own John O'Carroll and if you witnessed the bands amazing performance at this years Roadburn Festival you may recognise some of the footage!

The album is available on vinyl & digital from Friday.

Digitally: Itunes


5 Jun 2017

NARC previews Gnoomes show at The Cluny in Newcastle

It reads:


Local psychedelia promotion extraordinaires Wandering Oak add to their eclectic roster of shows on Tuesday 6th June, when they bring Russian stargazers Gnoomes to the Cluny 2 in Newcastle.

Having undergone significant personal and socio-cultural upheaval in the mere eighteen months between their debut album Ngan! and its new follow-up Tschak! (and yes, the exclamation marks matter), this trio manage a very special balancing act between whimsical, Deutscherock influenced melody and chaotic pedalboard soars...

See the full piece here: NARC


Soundblab gives The Guillotine by Hey Colossus 10/10

It reads:

Heavy metal is more often than not renamed heavy psych in these modern times but whatever you would like to call the previous incarnations of Hey Colossus, they have been one of the finest of these loud, nasty, heavy bands that take three guitars and slam layer upon layer around steady crunching riffs with sometimes screaming other times just ominous vocals in more creative directions than any band I can think of.

I first heard of this band back in 2015 with Radio Static High and considered them one of those best of breed rock and roll bands along the lines of Parquet Courts and Ought that take their particular genre in the most creative routes possible…

Read full review here: Soundblab


Joe from Hey Colossus tells TeamRock.com the 10 records that changed his life

It reads:

Hey Colossus bassist Joe Thompson dives into his record collection

"Being a vinyl buying nerd and owner of a zillion records (this is not a boast, it's more a cry for help), this was real tough. I could have picked 400 records that have influenced and inspired [me]. So, I started writing, picked the first 10 that popped into my bonce, and [fired] them off, stream of consciousness style.

As a band, we are all vinyl nerds; it's probably the main requirement for entrance. We've played gigs where we've been paid, then split the money and spent it all on the record stalls at the show. So, here's my list... [but] ask me tomorrow and it'll be totally different." 

Read the full piece here: TeamRock


Poster for Anthroprophh show in Manchester

Terminal Cheesecake / Anthroprophh / Blown Out / Cattle 

8th Sept
7 PM - 11 PM

The Star and Garter
18-20 Fairfield Street, Manchester M1 2QF

Info/Tickets: TBW


Poster for Bristol Psych Fest featuring Hey Colossus

Another city, another psych fest...

Tickets/info: BPF


Kuro play rare London show

Kuro return for a London show over a year since their last!

They are supporting the amazing virtuoso musician Hellen Money:

Helen Money + Kuro + A-Sun Amissa

The Victoria
451 Queensbridge Road, E8 3AS London, United Kingdom

Thursday, September 21
7:30 PM

Info and Tickets: Chaos Theory

And don't forget Kuro play as a special 4-piece at Supersonic Festival in just under two weeks


Hey Colossus poster for up-and-coming shows


2 Jun 2017

Narc and Ringmater review Hey Colossus's new album

NARC says:

In 2015, Hey Colossus achieved the remarkable feat of releasing two absolutely essential albums inside ten months. Some feared that the departure of Jonathan Richards last year might have seen them lose a key element in their astonishing burst of creativity, but The Guillotine more than allays those fears: this album is a fucking beast.

Whilst the glorious noise rock we’ve come to expect is as face melting as ever (Tim Cedar is back at the controls), there’s also the opiated, hypnotic Calenture Boy and the disorientating boogie of Englishman, whilst Experts Toil sounds a lot like XTC covering Fugazi. There’s also a sharper edge lyrically. The Guillotine is as varied and essential as their 2015 double-whammy and that’s a wonderful thing.

Read the rest here: Narc


Ring Master says:

As proven time and time again with UK outfit Hey Colossus, the only thing expectations can assume is that any encounter with them will be thickly compelling and singularly distinct in theirs and the surrounding musical landscape. And so it is with new album The Guillotine, a release taking the sextet’s sound to a new terrain of adventure and unpredictability whilst bewitching body and imagination like never before...

Read the rest here: Ring Master


Gnoomes add Bristol date to UK tour

WED 14/06/2017

Gnoomes + NES$

The Old England Pub

Tickets: Headfirst


Soundblab reviews Temple Ov BBV

It reads:

GNOD should be known to everyone already as they have released some of the best albums of the last few years, including this year's Just Say No. Radar Men From The Moon are an Eindhoven-based instrumental who play shoegaze, neo-psych, kraut, space and noise rock. Temple Ov BBV is 'a collaborative work and a performative gesture between RMFTM and GNOD. The culmination of these two groups can be interpreted as a stream of materialized thoughts, in which their work can be listened, viewed and contemplated in ever changing ways.’

Butchers Tears starts with a metronomic sound that lasts for almost a minute until the band(s) join in. The sound is the Noise/Psychedelia/Gang of Four combination of Just Say No with Paddy Shine shouting over the top about always being on the wrong end of the stick. The song breaks down and returns to the metronome before slowly rebuilding into a Noise/Post-Punk, one-chord onslaught followed by a lengthy screaming session. It's fantastic, especially as the intensity builds during the call and response section at the end...

Read the rest here: Soundblab


Record Collector reviews Hey Colossus album 'The Guillotine'

It reads:

3-2-1 they’re back in the room

In 2004 Hey Colossus released Hey Colossus Hates You, and have since garnered a cultish acclaim for their distinctive brand of groove-laden audio thuggery. That said, since 2015 the drubbings have been somewhat more nuanced. Releasing two albums that year, the London and Somerset outfit began to weigh more heavily on their psychedelic and krautrock influences; resulting in a less-abrasive sound, the possibilities of which are further explored here.

It’s HC’s most melodic release yet and also perhaps their moodiest. Opener Honest To God lumbers about like a fatigued zombie dragging itself up a hill, while others list forward dreamily under the immersive trudge of the drums and the rolling swagger of liquiform country-blues guitar...

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Hey Colossus The Guillotine released today

Hey Colossus's new album The Guillotine is released today!

“Disorientating brew of metallic intensity and inexplicably catchy melody" – Line of the Best Fit

“Gritty, greasy and macabre, while lyrically engaging and deliciously tuneful" – Record Collector

"The Guillotine is one of the finest albums released in 2017." 10/10 – Soundblab

"Hey Colossus just staked a claim for a wider share of the spoils" – Echoes and Dust

"...the reason why they remain one of the country's most exciting acts." – The Skinny

"...into the spotlight, gaining the visibility they deserve." 9/10 – Ghost Cult

"A brain-squeezing psychedelic pulsation" 9/10 – Whisperin and Hollerin

Buy the album form here: Rocket Bandcamp or from all good record shops


The band are heading out for some shows:

June 8th – London, New River Studios (UK) ***ALBUM LAUNCH PARTY***
June 9th – Torino, Radio Blackout Festival (Italy)
June 10th – Verona, Wunderbar Summer Festival (Italy)
June 11th – Guastalla, Handmade Festiva  (Italy)
July 8th, Rouen, Les Trois Pieces (France)
July 7th – Ferme Electrique Festival, near Paris (France)
July 8th – Bristol, Psych Fest  (UK)
August 25/26th – Seachange Festival, Totnes, Devon  (UK)
October 7th – Gent,  Scratch + Snuff (Belgium)


1 Jun 2017

Anthroprophh show with Terminal Cheesecake, Blown out and Cattle

The Beauty Witch have put together another killer bill...

The Beauty Witch presents:

Terminal Cheesecake
Blown Out

Friday 8th September
The Star and Garter / Manchester

Info and tickets here: The Beauty Witch