18 Aug 2017

Housewives – FF061116 released today

“A bristling unit of minimalist fury that's equal parts thrilling and unsettling.” The Quietus

“Filled with attitude, and raw unadulterated power” Piccadilly Records 'Albums of the week'

“The more you dig into the work, them more it leads you off into interesting, in this case sonic, directions.” Psych Insight

“Unique and oddly timeless piece of avant-garde audacity” Normans Records

Housewives new album FF061116 is released today in all good record shops!

‘FF061116’ is split into seven excerpts and built on powerful repetition, it’s a mind-melding travail into abstraction and abjection which draws on post-punk, jazz, drone, electronic and avant-garde tropes to create an unclassifiable assault that feels oddly timeless - innovative, invigorating and bare-boned yet tapping into a uniquely English lineage that extends back to the 1970s and forward, into the unknown.

Buy ltd vinyl from here: Bandcamp
Digitally from here: iTunes
Stream here: Spotify

The band are heading out on a UK tour today:

18 - Bristol, Surrey Vaults
19 - London, Cafe Oto
23 - Nottingham, JT Soar Space
24 - Leeds, Wharf Chambers
25 - Glasgow, Broadcast
26 - Manchester, Soup Kitchen
27 - Sheffield, Picture House Social 


Housewives reveal full tour dates

The band are heading out to promote the new album 'FF061116' on these following dates – starts this Friday

And their new album which is also out Friday can be preordered on Ltd Blue vinyl here: Bandcamp


Gigsoup reviews Goat at Womad

It reads:

Mysterious Swedish group Goat brought their hypnotic blend of heavy rock and world music influences to the Siam tent later in the evening. Fuzzed out guitars met tribal rhythms and chanted vocals, with the sound sometimes treading into desert blues territory. The spectacular shamanistic robes and headgear made the performance one of the more theatrical events of the weekend, with the tambourine-wielding dance moves of the group’s two singers adding to an entrancing effect. Tunes from the band’s latest album ‘Requiem’ featured most prominently, but the distinctive rhythm and guitar riff of ‘Talk to God’ formed an epic climax to the show...

Read the rest here: Gig Soup


16 Aug 2017

Listen to Housewives album FF061116 in full via The Quietus

This Friday sees the release of Housewives stunning new album FF061116.

But you can listen to the whole album now via an exclusive stream via our good friends at The Quietus.

Listen here: The Quietus

The album can be preordered on Ltd Blue vinyl here: Bandcamp


Teeth of the Sea's Mike Bourne announces debut solo show

Teeth of the Sea's Mike Bourne is to play his debut solo show at The Bristol Hum Festival on 16 September at the Surrey Vaults.

More info here: Bristol Hum


15 Aug 2017

Rocket interview on 199 Radio

Chris (and maybe John) are being interviewed about Rocket Recordings on 'My Favourite Labels' – a new show by Gareth Main ('The Independent' podcasts) on 199 Radio on Tuesday 22 August, 6-8pm.

199 Radio is a new station based at the amazing New River Studios.

This is what they say about it:

On next week's show I will be joined by Chris Reeder from the fantastic Rocket Recordings. An amazing label that has been on an incredible run of form recently, having put out records from the likes of Goat, Gnod, Hey Colossus, Josefin Öhrn, GNOOMES, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs and loads of other excellent artists.

Not only that, but they're putting out the brilliant Housewives record that we talked about on last week's show. So join us 6-8pm next Tuesday 22 August on 199radio. In the meantime, acquaint yourself over on Bandcamp: https://rocketrecordings.bandcamp.com/

Info will be found here: My Favourite Label

And tune in here: 199 Radio


Watch Housewives show at Blundell Street in full

Ahead of the release of the Housewives new album that is out on Friday, watch this great full set as a taster of wheat to expect at their forthcoming shows...


Josefin Öhrn tp lay Mirrors Festival in Hackney

Josefin Öhrn to play this years Mirrors festival that takes place at various venues in Hackney on 28 October




The Quietus reviews Hey Colossus at Fluffer party

It reads:

Hey Colossus take things more traditionally, playing to one side of the room and backed by a wall of speakers. Theirs is not a circular, all encompassing approach to their projection, but a concentrated, specific blast on one section of the room, noticeably the side of stage with the least space for the crowd to escape. Frontman Paul Sykes makes full use of his close proximity, one foot placed with purpose atop the small metal barriers between him and us, which rattles in time to the pummelling, shuddering lurches of the band, firing through the rushing brilliance of their last tritpych of terrific albums, In Black & Gold, Radio Static High and The Guillotine, theirs is a set to savour...

Read the rest here: The Quietus

Photo by Amos Memon


Anthroprophh play the Exchange

Anthroprophh return to the Exchange for a one off show:

+ Support TBA

Thursday September 7
The Exchange

More info here: FB


10 Aug 2017

Housewives album launch at Cafe Oto

It is just over one week to the release of Housewives new album FF061116 on 18 August – and the day after on the 19th, the band will be celebrating it's release with a special launch party:


Cafe Oto
19 August
Tickets and info

And FF061116 can be preordered on ltd blue vinyl here: Bandcamp


Get into this say some words about Josefin Öhrn at Skeleton Key

It reads:

Josefin Öhrn and The Liberation started their set in amazing fashion with State I’m In and completely looked the part. Stage-lighting was used to dramatic effect, creating an ambience that blended perfectly with their sound. Further highlights included the stunning Take Me Beyond and the driving Rainbow Lollipop.

See the full review here: Get into This


More photos of Goat live at Brixton

Still buzzing from the amazing Goat show at Brixton?

Here's some photos for you to relive the mindblowing night courtesy from:

Alt Corner


Vinyl District


9 Aug 2017

Watch track from Housewives NTS session

Watch Housewives full Tunnel Vision session they did for NTS a year ago...

You can preorder the ltd blue vinyl of Housewives new album FF061116 which is released on 18 August here: Bandcamp


Watch video for Hey Colossus – Calenture Boy

Here is the new video by Hey Colossus for the track Calenture Boy taken from their latest album The Guillotine.

The video was put together by singer Paul Sykes.

You can buy The Guillotine from here: Bandcamp


8 Aug 2017

Psych Insight reviews 'Housewives – FF061116'

It reads:

By it’s very nature this album is very difficult to write about. Set out as a series of excerpts, Housewives, have produced something that feels indicative of contemporary society. The tracks are fleeting and lack narrative anything that could be called a coherent narrative. These are abstract compositions that at first do not seem to be particularly remarkable, with their eclectic synthesis of jazz, drone, noise and non-musical sounds. Yet like much conceptual art the more you dig into the work, them more it leads you off into interesting, in this case sonic, directions. As such this is perhaps as much a record to study as listen to, and perhaps one to imagine the unsaid whole of which these excerpts are part.

Read the rest here: Psych Insight


Thank you Supernromal

Wow...what another amazing Supernormal Festival !!!

We can't stress how special this festival is - thanks so much to all the great people involved to make such a unique event happen. And thanks for letting Chris from Rocket play some records to a packed tent on Friday night, the response was humbling we all had so much fun!

We also saw many great performances too! Our personal favourites must be Kuro (pictured), Cattle, Container, UKAEA, MXLX, Coldnose, Bruxa Maria, Graham Dunning, King Ayisoba, Lord of Lords, Pon Pon etc but there were many other great shows!

See you next year...


The Vinyl District reviews Goat at Brixton Academy

It reads:

Swedish experimental fusion group GOAT made a triumphant UK return to the legendary O2 Brixton Academy in London last week. It was everything you would expect from a mysterious, masked band with unknown identities and a knack for writing incredibly diverse soundscapes.

Currently based in Gothenburg, GOAT originally hails from Korpilombolo in Sweden which, according to the band, has a history of voodoo worship after a witch doctor arrived and lived there. Supposedly, when Christian crusaders came and destroyed the village, the surviving people fled and placed a curse on the town…

See the full review here: TVD

Photo by Jens Wassmuth


3 Aug 2017

Goat, Josefin Öhrn and Kuro play Festivals this weekend

Some big Rocket shows this weekend....

Saturday 5:
Goat – Food for the Senses Festival  Info
Josefin Öhrn – Skeleton Coast Festival  Info
Kuro – Supernormal Festival  Info

Sunday 6:
Goat – Olt Rivieren Hof  Info


More GNOD 'Just say no...' tshirts available

We have been receiving lots of requests to make more GNOD shirts, so we have decided to do another run.

Se quick as they are flying out: Bandcamp


Poster for KURO supporting Helen Money in London



1 Aug 2017

BBC Music reviews Goat at Brixton Academy

It reads:

The headline act is provided by world music extraordinaires Goat, who are surely everybody's favourite masked experimental communal voodoo-practising Swedish rock band. We'd be hard pushed to name you another one.

Their set is as confusing as it is enchanting and leaves you wondering why all rock bands can't chant, wear masks and practice voodoo, as well as playing Hendrix-style riffs, flutes and bongos.

The new psych anthem Run To Your Mama helps to cap a wonderfully surreal and serene night of music...

Read the full review here: BBC Music

Photo by Jens Wassmuth


Listen to Gnoomes Mixtape for Cash the Dice

Gnoomes were asked by Cash the Dice to come up with a mix tape for them.

You can listen to the results here: Cash the Dice


Soundblab reviews Teeth of the Sea at Golden Cabinet

It says:

...Things take a turn into distinctly epic territory with the arrival of London’s Teeth of the Sea. The band combines electronica, overdriven guitar and trumpet to create something akin to one of Ennio Morricone’s iconic Western soundtracks. If that particular Western happened to be a somewhat psychedelic affair set in the farthest regions of space. Suitably psychedelic visuals light up the screen behind the band, making the performance a satisfyingly immersive experience. 

It’s a sound that’s hard to pinpoint or pigeonhole, as the band manages to incorporate everything from pulsating, techno-indebted rhythms to feedback drenched guitar solos. Guitarist Jimmy Martin gleefully throws his guitar around as the songs build-and-build to moments of pure release and catharsis. By the time the wonderfully tense march of ‘Black Strategy’ steams into view my jaw has well and truly hit the floor...

Read the rest here: Soundblab


Reviews of Goat live at Womad 2017

"Swedish band Goat have also built a career on anonymity, hiding behind tribal masks and even creating a mythology for themselves that claims they come from the remote northern province of Korpilombolo where they grew up among a culture of voodoo worship and witch doctors. Rather than some crude cultural appropriation, the seven piece’s set, drawn from their three albums of what they describe as ‘world music’, brilliantly blur the lines between Western rock and Saharan desert blues to create propulsive, psychedelic grooves that had the Womad audience leaping up from their camping chairs."

Read more: iNews


"...Only on their very last notes did the rain suddenly fall. It herded everyone into a vast tent where the masked Swedish improvisers Goat unleashed a twin-recorder frontline for an unsettling hour; had The Wicker Man been set in Svärtso rather than Summerisle, this is how it would have sounded."

Read more: FT


The Arts Desk
"While hundreds of global acts performed over the weekend, many of the Europeans were at the forefront. The Swedish band Goat attracted an excitable horde at the Siam tent by somehow plugging into Nordic shamanism and mixing it with Hawkwind-esque cosmic jamming: they have unearthed a fertile new hybrid."

Read more: The Arts Desk


31 Jul 2017

Rocket Probes – July playlist

Flowers Must Die – Compilation
(Great comp of rare compilation tracks by the great)
Flowers Must Die

BNNT feat. Mats Gustafsson - The Last Illiterate
(We love this – so much so we very nearly put it out!)

Hans Zimmer – Submarine
(Teeth of the Sea sounding track from the rather special Dunkirk soundtrack)
Hans Zimmer

1000 Russos – Distress Distress
(Nice sounding Krauty post punk on Fuzz Club)
1000 Russos

Richard Pinhas – Dronz 5 Hamburg
(Taken from the split EP with Camera – nice track of wah synths, noise drones and jazz rhythms)
Richard Pinhas

Executive Slacks – 30 Years
(Fuzzy post punk/EBM)
Executive Slacks

Embryo –Music of today
Killer groove on this krautjazz track)

Kalyanji Anandji - Dharmatma Theme Music (Sad)
(Great bit of groove n' fuzz Indian soundtrack music)
Kalyanji Anandji

MXLX – Kicking Away at the Decrepit Walls til the Beautiful Sunshine Blisters Thru the Cracks
(Really good sonic journey from Matt Team (brick/Fairhorns/ex Beak etc etc) Loveridge)

Niagara – Comboios EP
(New three track 7" from the Portuguese dance act, dubby, repetitive and awkward)

The Myrrors – Hasta La Victoria
(Another great release of repetitive psyched grooves with a 70s Swedish vibe)
The Myrrors

Burzum – Rundgang um Rie Transzendentale Säule Der Singularität 
(Bit of a special atmospheric synth track to fall into)

Manfred Mann – Travelling Lady
(Stoned n' grooved jazzrock – first track off their great '69 Vertigo album Chapter 3 Vol 1)
Manfred Mann 

The Space Spectrum – The head nodding King
(Nice final track on their new album on Drone Rock records)
The Space Spectrum

Tradition – The Creepy Crawl
(Heady space dub from 1980)

Benny Blue – Mr Racket
(Cocaine disco-rock from '78 Germany)
Benny Blue

Metallica – Kill 'em All
("No life 'till leather...")

NTS – Various DJs
(NTS is probably the most important station on the radio right now. From friends like Cherrystones, Anthony Chalmers, Music to Ease Your Disease, One Teslam Tom Furse, Shit & Shine etc to great DJs like Elena Colombi, Chuggy, Weatherhall, Votel, Loose Bones, Reign Set and the many, many others....tune in!!)

Listen to our monthly updated 'Rocket Probes' Spotify playlist here:


Photos of Goat live at Brixton Academy by Al Overdrive

Here is a quick taster of photos from Saturday's GOAT show at Brixton Academy taken by the great Al Overdrive.

More to come soon.


28 Jul 2017

GOAT at Brixton Academy is The Guardian's gig of the week

They say:

1 Goat
Fans of the Swedish psyche enigmas not only get the usual abstract maskwork and shamanic weirdness found at a “normal” Goat show, but this week Ouija-pop supergroup the Moonlandingz and songwriter Jane Weaver join in the fusty, transcendent festivities. 
O2 Academy Brixton, SW9, 29 July

See the full piece here: The Guardian


Drowned in Sound interview GOAT

Ahead of their shows at Womad today and at Brixton Academy tomorrow DIS have interviewed GOAT – it reads:

When my phone gets buzzed by one of GOAT’s members (they’ve never revealed their actual identities, understandably enjoying the privacy of anonymity), I apologise for the lateness of the call. Before I can begin my homogenous line of questioning he coolly dismisses my concerns and asks if I know it’s still sunny at 11pm during a Swedish Summer. I confessed I did not. “The sun is up, I’m right now by the sea, and it’s quite beautiful.” Initially disarming, his digressions about nature and musical niches – at one stage he leaves his phone to scramble through his most recently played artists to tell me about “this cool African band from the 70s and 80s” – become compelling and fascinating. The impression I’d inferred from previous interviews signalled this mysterious, unchatty figure, but the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. GOAT – which I’ll designate my interviewee for the sake of syntactic flow/convenience – was funny, laid back, and infectiously passionate about music.

He reminded me of strangers you become festival friends with, warm-hearted music obsessives you fondly remember losing their shit to an obscure R&B 7” during the silent disco. In the most old-school sense, GOAT care about the music; its joy, its imprints, its purity, and its independence from politics and projected narratives...

Read the rest here: DIS


26 Jul 2017

Soundi reviews Flowers Must Die's album Kompost

Roughly translated it reads:

"Psychedelia has been going strong in Sweden for quite a while now. One of the most crucial labels in this movement is Rocket, whose roster includes among others Goat, Gnod, Gnoomes, Julie's Haircut and Hills.

Flowers Must Die, founded in 2006 in Linköping, adds a beautiful contribution to an already impressive heap of music.

On top of sixties style psychedelia, the six-piece group has added a hefty diet of Hawkwind and krautrockers such as Can, Amon Düül II and Ash Ra Tempel (the band name actually comes from one of their songs).

The name of the game is feisty improvisation and intense build ups, not that far from Circle, but more in an acid mood. The steadily expanding hypnoticism of the songs reminds one of the cosmic moment when strong psychedelics kick in.

The music, at times soulful and funky, is mostly instrumental, but there is some more traditional singing on the track Don't You Leave Me Now. The guitarists Sven Walan and Johan Höglund are in fine form overall, delivering tasty sounds utilizizing various effects. Especially the distorted riff of Why? is splendidly humoristic. However, the real ace up the band's sleeve is synth player Rickard Daun, who manages to combine trippy soundscapes seamlessly with tighter jams. Flute and a saxophone also appear in the mix, adding colour to the rich whole, that maintains its tension throughout the album."

See the review here: Soundi


Housewives are headlng out for some shows

Housewives are going to be celebrating the release of their Rocket album 'FF061116' with a string of shows:

18/8 - Bristol - Surrey Vaults
19/8 - London - Cafe Oto (Album launch – playing as a seven piece)
23/8 - Nottingham - JT Soar Space
24/8 - Leeds - Wharf Chambers
25/8 - Glasgow - Broadcast
26/8 - Manchester - The Soup Kitchen
27/8 - Sheffield - Picture House Social
02/9 - Toulouse - Baignade Interdite Festival
13/9 - Paris - La Mécanique Ondulatoire 
14/9 - Jurancon
15/9 - Marseille - L'Embobineuse 
16/9 - Lyon - Le Sonic
17/9 - Strasbourg

You can preorder the LP on Ltd blue vinyl here: Housewives


Hills to play Reverence Festival in September

Hills have ben confirmed to play a rare live show Reverence Festival in Portugal on weekend 8/9 September – they are joining the great Träd, Gräs & Stenar as well as Esben and the Witch, The Guts etc etc

This is going to be Hills ONLY live show this year.
Not to be missed

More information here: Reverence


Kuro to support Helen Money

Kuro follow their appearances at Supersonic and Supernormal Festivals with two shows supporting the great Helen Money:

19 September / The Cube / Bristol Tickets
21 September / The Vicroria Dalston / London Tickets


25 Jul 2017

Liverpool Psych Fest announce day splits

Liverpool have revealed their day splits for this weekends festival.

Gnod and Julie's Haircut are playing Friday.
And Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs are playing Saturday.

Info and tickets can be bought from here: Liverpool

Gonna be a blinder weekend as always!


Housewives reveal new video for track 'Excerpt 2'

London four piece Housewives have revealed a video for the track 'Excerpt 2' taken from their forthcoming album 'FF061116' – their first for Rocket. The Ltd LP will be released on 18 August.

Watch the video above

And read what The Quietus say about it here: The Quietus

‘FF061116’ is split into seven excerpts and built on powerful repetition, it’s a mind-melding travail into abstraction and abjection which draws on post-punk, jazz, drone, electronic and avant-garde tropes to create an unclassifiable assault that feels oddly timeless - innovative, invigorating and bare-boned yet tapping into a uniquely English lineage that extends back to the 1970s and forward, into the unknown. 

You can preorder the album on special blue vinyl – ltd to 200 copies here: Rocket Bandcamp

The band are also playing some shows:

18 Aug UK Bristol Surrey Vaults 
19 Aug UK London Café Oto 
24 Aug UK Leeds Wharf Chambers
26 Aug UK Manchester Soup Kitchen 
27 Aug UK Sheffield Audacious Art Experiment 
02 Sep FR Aiguelèze Baignade Interdite


24 Jul 2017

The Guardian reviews Milhões de Festa – feat Gnod/Faust, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs and Big Naturals from 2016

It says:

There has been a noticeable revitalisation of the club scene in Portugal, not to mention parallel upshifts in the country’s rock and pop over the last few years. Several waves of African influence have helped cement Angolan kuduro as a dynamic creative force, in both the mainstream via popular acts such as (the now dormant) Buraka Som Sistema a decade ago to the more recent and relatively underground batida scene, centred round the incredibly vital Príncipe Discos label – a focal point for the kuduro/kizomba/tarraxinha/grime/house/techno hybrid sound which was incubated in Lisbon’s poorer districts before emanating outwards toward the rest of the country.

There are numerous reasons for all of this, according to Portuguese music promoter Joaquim Durães, such as a reawakened sense of national cultural pride – but he adds that the country’s liberalisation of drug laws in 2001 has played its role as well. Now less likely to find themselves in “sketchy” and “stressful” situations, musicians (well, the ones who seek chemical and herbal solutions to.. 

Read the full review here: The Guardian


Roundhouse says HOUSEWIVES are one of the top 5 bands to check out

They say:

My favourite London band right now. Where the previous bands in this list have some kind of semblance of structure and form, Housewives are built on absolutely not having any. Repetitious, taut, spiky guitar loops play over corrugated iron drums, drilling and drilling further into your ears. Gang Of Four and Wire started this but Housewives will finish it. Think of it as the antidote to Ed Sheeran headlining Glastonbury. And go and see them live. New album out on Rocket later this year.

Read the full piece here: Housewives

Preorder Housewives new album FF061116 here: Bandcamp


Goat hijack The Quietus's Instagram

Goat have been approached by The Quietus to take over their instagram account while they are in the UK for their Brixton Academy show and performance at Womad.

The takeover should start on Thursday and go on until the band arrive home on Sunday.

See what The Quietus say about it here: The Quietus

Follow them here: @thequietus and #GoatWeaverLandingz

Tickets for Goat's Brixton Academy show can be bought here: See


New special vinyl version of Goat's World Music up for presale

We have a new version of World Music currently in production. It is a blue/purple 'colour-in- colour' vinyl and is ltd to 800 copies world wide.

You can preorder it from us here: Bandcamp

See the band this weekend at Womad and a massive show at Brixton Academy, tickets here: See


21 Jul 2017

Stage times for Goat's Brixton Academy show

Next Saturday Goat will be playing their biggest ever headline show at Brixton Academy.

The stage times have been revealed and they are as follows:

6:00pm Doors 
7:45pm Jane Weaver 
9:00pm The Moonlandingz 
10:30pm Goat 
00:00 End 

Also now confirmed, from doors and between acts are Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia and Bad Vibrations DJs!

Tickets can be bought from here: See


Supernormal schedule is revealed

Only three weeks until the best weekend of the year is upon us and Supernormal have released the set time, so if you don't want to miss Container or Wolf Eyes or Coldnose or Bruxia Maria or etc etc, see here: Clash Finder

But most importantly KURO are headlining the Barn on Saturday night, and Rocket's Chris Reeder is joining forces with Cosmic Dead and playing records for three hours in the bar after Wolf Eyes. 

Gonna be a bit messy we think?


Listen to GOAT playlist for Whiskey Thief

Whiskey Thief asked GOAT to come up with an exclusive Spotify playlist to celebrate next weekends headline show at Brixton Academy

Find out more here: Whiskey Thief

And listen to the playlist here: Spotify

Tickets for next weeks show are still available from here: TicketMaster


Listen to Housewives on Arrhythmia NTS mix

Have a listen to this great Arrhythmia mix on NTS where you will here Housewives mighty 'Excerpt 6' from their forthcoming LP 'FF061116'

Listen here: NTS

And preorder the quite amazing Ltd LP on Blue vinyl here: Bandcamp


Photos of Flowers Must Die live at Supersonic

Check out some photos of Flowers Must Die's festival closing set at the great Supersonic.

Photos here: Knaifocus


Poster for Housewives show in Manchester

Tickets: See


19 Jul 2017

The Quietus interview Paddy from Gnod about forthcoming Faust Collaboration at Milhoes De Festa

It reads:

This year's Milhões de Festa boasts an ever-excellent line-up, with a number of acts across various different genres and disciplines set to come together under the Portuguese sun.

Among those set to play this year are Hieroglyphic Being, Sly & The Family Drone, Graveyard, The Gaslamp Killer, Mehmet Aslan and a whole host more, with many of those playing as part of pool parties making full use of the festival's sunny setting.

One of the year's undoubted highlights at the festival though is the first-time live collaboration of faUSt and GNOD, which will be presented at the festival as a one-off exclusive this weekend. Ahead of that, we caught up with Jean-Hervé Péron of faUSt and GNOD's Paddy Shine below to talk about what the show will involve and their experiences of each other's music…

Read the rest here: The Quietus


17 Jul 2017

Flowers Must Die and Gnod in Vapor Trails Albums of the Year so far

Nice to see Flowers Must Die and Gnod turning up in Vapour Trails top 40 albums of the year

See the full rundown here: Vapour Trail