28 Sep 2012

Goat....The Guardian's 'new band of the day'!!!

The Guardian has chosen Goat to be their 'New band of the day' on their site:

"The background: Goat may not be the G.O.A.T., but they are getting serious praise for their album World Music, acclaimed as one of the best of 2012. It's a heady soup (see what we did there?) of funk and tribal rhythms, kraut and prog-rock repetition/extrapolation, psych freakery and astral/acid folkisms. It's Parliament covering Can's Tago Mago with Bhundu Boys and the Incredible String Band, or a super-jam involving Faust, Funkadelic, Fairport Convention and Fela Kuti. Think Womad curated by Jerry Garcia and Holger Czukay, Edgar Broughton and George Clinton in 1973...."

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