30 Apr 2017

Rocket Probes – April playlist

Gnod – Live at Roadburn 2012
(The bands first communion at Roadburn)

Alessandro Alessandroni – Indagine Notturna
(Nice fuzz wah of repetitive strummed guitar)
Alessandro Alessandroni 

Detobeat – Dream stream (Khidja version)
(Interesting, repetitive post punk psych)

Abdou el Omari - Rajaat Laayoun
(Fuzzed organ and Moroccan grooves from '76)
Abdou el Omari 

The Braen's Machine – Fall out
(Killer groove, fuzz wah soloing and keys from Italy in ’71
The Braen's Machine

Chrome – New age 
(Postpunk groove from 1980)

Dionne Warwick - You're Gonna Need Me
(Fuzzy, wah driven, string filled soul from 1973)
Dionne Warwick

Hibushibire – Freak Out Orgasm! 
(Ok, you know what you are gonna get – but there are some great Heads like wigouts on there)

Disco Shitan - Shitan part 1 and part 2
(Great slab of disco repetition)
Disco Shitan

The Pawnshop - The Telegraph Is Calling
(Third track from the recently deceased Alessandro Alessandroni in this months playlist…great track of fuzz n’groove)
The Pawnshop

Livy Ekemezie - Get It Down
(Nigerian Disco with some fuzz from '83)
Livy Ekemezie

Japon - Gagaku
(Classical drones and rhythms from Japan...has an Under the Skin and Predator soundtracks feel in places)

Kim Sun - The Man Who Must Leave
(Fuzz and filmic grooves from South Korea)
Kim Sun

Pharoah Sanders – Pharoah
(Great 1977 album from the master)
Pharoah Sanders

Sach – Engineered in LA
(Nice dusty hip-hop from '98)

The Road to Suicide – The Road to Suicide​/​Spökraket Split
(Great shoegaze from Denmark...nice recommendation by one of our friends in Hills)
The Road to Suicide

Mazhar ve Fuat - Adımız Miskindir Bizim
(Great sound on this Turkish groove track)
Mazhar ve Fuat 

Galt MacDermot - Golden Apple (Pt. 2)
(Bernard Perdie's drums give a 'Jaki like' feel to this Jazz instrumental)
Galt MacDermot 

Hama - Ataraghine
(Keyboard driven African psych – one for the Goat fans)

Listen to our Rocket Probes Spotify playist:


Watch Gnod playing Tony's at Roadburn 2017


Hey Colossus tour starts this week

The band are heading out for a series of shows to promote their forthcoming album The Guillotine this week:

04/05 – The Prince Albert, Brighton
05/05 – The Full Moon, Cardiff
06/05 – The Old England Pub, Bristol
11/05 – The Maze, Nottingham
12/05 – NICE N SLEAZY, Glasgow
13/05 – Soup Kitchen, Manchester
17/05 – The 100 Club, London
25-26/09 – Seachange Festival, Totnes

More info and poster art here: Hey Colossus


28 Apr 2017

Flowers Must Die – Kompost is released today

Flowers Must Die's new album Kompost is out today in all good record shops and online.

“a heady mix of relentless Can-esque rhythm and headspinning Scandinavian freakouts” The Quietus

“a road trip of psychotropic experience” Soundblab

“this is incredibly satisfying” Freq

You can buy from here: Bandcamp

The band are celebrating with a show tonight at Bristol's Cube Cinema:

Cube Psychedelic Department Presents

Plus DJs Heavy Heads vs DAUN, till late....
Fri 28 April // 20:00 

Tickets: £8 adv, £10 door.
Tickets and info here: Cube Cinema


Pigs (x7) feature in Metal Hammer - 10 bands you need to see at Desertfest 2017

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs feature in Metal Hammer's 10 bands you need to see at Desertfest 2017. This is what they say:

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs

Colloquially known as Pigsx7, the Geordie riff-slingers have been making waves in the underground over the past 12-months thanks to their dirty rock ‘n’ roll and fuzzed-up stoner metal aesthetic in the vein of Hark and Melvins. If you want to bang your head off, this is the band to do it.

Read the full list: Desertfest-2017


27 Apr 2017

Flowers Must Die announces Flashback records instore this Saturday

Flowers Must Die

Flashback Records – Shoreditch

(131 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 7DG)

29 April



Soundblab reviews Flowers Must Die Kompost

It reads:

Kompost, the latest release from cult-loving Swedes, Flowers Must Die, is a road trip of psychotropic experience with an invasive sense of humour. A veritable jumble of ideas with the right amount of artistic integrity to bind it all together. 

The most startling surprise is where the cosmic rockers turn to funky disco on track “Don’t You Leave Me” ? Christ, I felt like breaking out my Funkadelic, Sister Sledge and Chic collection just to harbour the mood. Where is that Philly disco album I used to have, dammit ? Didn’t I throw out that Georgio Moroder compilation? 

The boys don’t dare outmanoeuvre Nile Rodgers, so onwards they move. On ‘Hey, Shut Up!’ Flowers Must Die come across like a space-rock version of Radiohead, complete with some pained, pregnant cat recitations I thought only Thom Yorke could pull off. Against a heavy brickwork of bass and drums, it’s a scorching track, and more fun than the brilliant Oxford gloom pedlars...

Read the rest here: Soundblab