24 Oct 2014

Cork Film Festival Set For Gnodorowsky

The Quietus have written a piece on the Cork Film Festival where as we mentioned before, Gnod are going to be performing with Khom a live soundtrack to the amazing  Jodorowsky's Dune. 

Going to be an amazing event.

Read more about it here: The Quietus

And if tonight you are lucky enough to be ayr Supermassive festival in Helsinki, make sure you enjoy Gnod who are playing live!! 


Lay Llamas - Live at Rospi in Libertà Festival

Lay Llamas live @ Rospi in Libertà Festival (August 14, 2014)


23 Oct 2014



The Quietus reviews Anthroprophh's Outside the Circle

The Heads have just reissued their second album, the ferocious frazzle of Everyone Knows We Got Nowhere. Paul Allen left the band a while ago, and at first he spent time building up a terrifyingly large record collection and enhancing his psychic know-how. He then formed a band with Gareth Turner and Jesse Webb called Anthroprophh, who have now unleashed their second album Outside The Circle, and like The Heads best work, it's enough to send your head in a spin, only this time with a few surprise twists and turns.

Take second track 'Dead Man On The Scene', which mentions the word 'Anthropocene', a term coined by ecologist Eugene F. Stoermer intended to describe the epoch when human activities like pollution began to have a significant global impact on the Earth's ecosystems. The word hasn't been fully adopted as official nomenclature by the scientific community, and of course there's some debate as to when this era actually began. Nobel Prize winning atmospheric scientist Paul Crutzen argues it's around the Industrial Revolution….

Read the full review here: The Quietus


22 Oct 2014

Goat Swedish November tour

Fresh from their first ever European tour, Goat are finishing the year off with three shows in their home country of Sweden.



21 Oct 2014

Louder than War reviews Anthroprophh's Outside the Circle

"Psych legend Paul Allen strikes solo as Anthroprophh with new album Outside the Circle. Louder Than War’s Ben Tansey reviews.

Paul Allen of Bristolian legends The Heads has teamed up with Gareth Turner and Jesse Webb of Big Naturals to deliver an album of contemporary psych that draws just as much inspiration from punk and alternative rock as it does Syd Barrett, 13th Floor Elevators, Hawkwind and anything off the famous Nuggets compilation.

From the hypnotic riffs, early Black Sabbath vocals and frenetic fretboard fireworks of album opener Returning until the solitary organ of New Impossibilities Part 3, ‘Outside The Circle’ unashamedly flies its freak flag high for all to see.  Allen’s voice undulates with liquid phase; drones ring out in to space and crash into rocket ship synths; guitars screech and wail and sing amidst cacophonous soundscapes.  Every note and beat hold within them a sense of malevolence, as if the band are poised on the edge of madness.  Some of the songs feel like a cathartic release, an act therapy, or perhaps even exorcism..."

Read the full 8.5/10 review here: Louder than War


18 Oct 2014

Goat live is Brussels 21/09/2014 – FULL SET!!

If like us you are missing watching Goat play live every day then it is well worth watching this great 'professionally filmed' footage of their their full Brussels show at Ancienne Belgique on their very recent European tour.

The versions of Run to your Mama and Words are simply stunning!!