22 Oct 2014

Goat Swedish November tour

Fresh from their first ever European tour, Goat are finishing the year off with three shows in their home country of Sweden.



21 Oct 2014

Louder than War reviews Anthroprophh's Outside the Circle

"Psych legend Paul Allen strikes solo as Anthroprophh with new album Outside the Circle. Louder Than War’s Ben Tansey reviews.

Paul Allen of Bristolian legends The Heads has teamed up with Gareth Turner and Jesse Webb of Big Naturals to deliver an album of contemporary psych that draws just as much inspiration from punk and alternative rock as it does Syd Barrett, 13th Floor Elevators, Hawkwind and anything off the famous Nuggets compilation.

From the hypnotic riffs, early Black Sabbath vocals and frenetic fretboard fireworks of album opener Returning until the solitary organ of New Impossibilities Part 3, ‘Outside The Circle’ unashamedly flies its freak flag high for all to see.  Allen’s voice undulates with liquid phase; drones ring out in to space and crash into rocket ship synths; guitars screech and wail and sing amidst cacophonous soundscapes.  Every note and beat hold within them a sense of malevolence, as if the band are poised on the edge of madness.  Some of the songs feel like a cathartic release, an act therapy, or perhaps even exorcism..."

Read the full 8.5/10 review here: Louder than War


18 Oct 2014

Goat live is Brussels 21/09/2014 – FULL SET!!

If like us you are missing watching Goat play live every day then it is well worth watching this great 'professionally filmed' footage of their their full Brussels show at Ancienne Belgique on their very recent European tour.

The versions of Run to your Mama and Words are simply stunning!!


16 Oct 2014

What is Goat's favourite Kraftwerk album?

Vinyl Factory asked Goat 'What is your favourite Kraftwerk album? 
And one member of the band replied and gave a very enthusiastic opinion.

Find out what their and 19 other artists choice was here: Vinyl Factory


Hills live at Liverpool Psych Fest

The amazing Hills blew minds at Liverpool Psych Fest, their first ever live show outside of Scandinavia.

Here is a taster of their set….

New album in 2015 (hopefully)


13 Oct 2014

Bearded Magazine interviews Lay Llamas

Bearded's Ben Wood interviews Lay Llamas before their headline show at Shacklewell Arms:

Like label mates Goat, Italy’s Lay Llamas combine spacey grooves, Afro-futurism and a nice line in self-mythologising. Currently touring the UK in support of the mysterious Swedes/Sicilian duo Nicola Gunta (founder, live bassist) and Goiele Valenti (lyricist, singer) discuss debut album Ostro and their intriguing stew of influences.

The Lay Llamas love a good yarn. They claim to be space travellers from a Nigerian tribe, dedicated to the search for a higher consciousness. But anyone expecting their spacey krautrock grooves to originate from a band of addled longhairs are in for a shock. In person, the band’s Sicilian founder and bassist Nicola Gunta and lyricist and frontman Gioele Valenti are young, fresh-faced, charming and enthusiastic - a long way from anyone’s stereotype of a psychedelic outfit.

Nicola explains that the band’s fondness for pagan, magical, ritualistic imagery isn’t a po-faced statement but an attempt to synthesise all their favourite influences into an entertaining whole: “We aren’t talking about real history or ethnomusicology...

Read the full interview here: Bearded


From the desk of the Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton Newcombe

Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton Newcombe was asked by Magnet Magazine to write about his favourite record labels, and we are honoured that he said we were one of them:

From The Desk Of The Brian Jonestown Massacre‘s Anton Newcombe: “I was asked to be a guest editor for MAGNET, one of the few publications I still respect since it was founded, so kudos for that. I was told I could write about anything in the world that interests me. So I am going to focus on the rebirth of the do-it-yourself music labels. Just like me and my own label, A Recordings, they have a strong belief system about releasing vinyl. I wanted to present seven labels and what they are up to right now. My questions were very simple: Who are you, what made you want to buck the trends, and what inspired you to release physical products. Enjoy.”

Newcombe: Rocket Recordings …

Chris Reeder: In 1997 when we first decided to start Rocket, there was no internet*, no email, John Peel was still alive, it was a different time. A lot died with Peel! That may seem dramatic, but I truly believe the real appreciation of the outsider, the brave, the non-conformist was really lost with him. So when we set the label up, it was still a very exciting time and my love of music and the format of vinyl was my biggest passion. And being a non-musician setting up a label was the inevitable thing to do—and it wasn’t by choice, I don’t think; it was something we just had to do!! Anthropropph, whose second album Outside The Circle is just out now, started as the solo project of Paul Allen, the chief songwriter and fuzz professor in legendary Bristol psych band the Heads. After Paul added psych noise duo Big Naturals as his backing live band, Anthroprophh transformed into quite a nasty power trio and the first results from this can be found on the compilation Crystalized: Celebrating 15 Years Of Rocket Recordings. Outside The Circle is hard to pin down; it is like a long lost gem from the famous Nurse With Wound list. In my mind, it puts Anthroprophh in the same list as Chrome, Faust, Butthole Surfers but with a very distinctive British sound with it’s execution...

See the piece in it's the full here: 

Part 1

Part 2

Image by Daniel Temkin