22 Sep 2016

Introducing 2 new Rocket Intergalactic Pale Ales

We are excited to announce 2 new Rocket Intergalactic Pale Ales brewed by Brewage à Trois available at this weekends Liverpool Psych Fest.

The 1st is a Session Ale:
'One Small Step'

The 2st is a stronger Galaxy 7.6% ale:
'One Giant Leap'

We look forward to drinking it with you!!!



21 Sep 2016

Get into This's Peter Guy chooses his bands to watch at Liverpool Psych Fest

He says this about a couple of Rocket bands:

Josefin Ohrn and the Liberation
Stockholm's Josefin and her Liberation collective are one of a number of Rocket Recordings' artists heading to Psych Fest.

Having produced one of the stand out albums of 2015 with her debut album Horse Dance, she's back with the outrageously fine new epic In Madrid / Rainbow Lollipop. One certainly not to miss.

Moscow's Gnoomes specialise in trance-like rock & roll which has the West Coast flair of the Byrds but reimagines their sound through layer upon layer of fuzzy, cyclical grooves.

Could provide one of Psych Fest 2016's best sets.

Read the rest here: Get into This


Italian Rolling Stone interviews Goat

Rough translation:

The mantra of the Goat
A surreal conversation with one of the most mysterious bands around. No one knows who they are, but everyone knows what to do: world music like no other

"I can not tell you my name," was the answer to the first question in this telephone interview, that when it comes to a band usually is: "Hello, who am I speaking?" Well, I talk to the Goat, and, as will be explained below the interviewee, you need not specify the identity. Goat is whole, a group of boys in the far north of Sweden-Korpilombolo, a village that seems to have a history of voodoo communities, which would explain the glaring masks with which they perform-that suddenly found themselves in a room to play.

The result is a world music held together by a psychedelic pasta, heavily indebted to the Jimi Hendrix Experience. The last album Requiem confirms this dual nature, although it is clear that, over time, the thirst for ethnic items to collect a bit 'everywhere is gnawing ground compared to the more classically rock ...

Read the rest here: Rolling Stone


20 Sep 2016

Gaffa interviews Goat ahead of their Euro tour

Loosely translated it reads: 

Concert Current Goat : The meeting between light and darkness tend to be really groovy. Next month, initiates the Swedish fusion band Goat an extensive tour through the European continent. The tour starts in the homeland , and the day after , on October 8, they swing past the Grey Hall in Copenhagen . Tour start in Malmö also indicates the release of their third album Requiem , which reportedly is the band's folk album. Folk traditions consist of storytelling , and it is not surprising that Goat choose this approach , you are familiar with their musical and visual expression. It 's all very mysterious , where the mystique especially disseminated through the masked gang members...

Read the rest here: Gaffa


19 Sep 2016

KURO play Supersonic Launch Party

KURO have annouced that they are to play Supersonic Launch Party.

The official launch party on 4th and 5th November in the intimate surroundings of the Centrala Gallery space in Birmingham to celebrate the return of Supersonic Festival.

This will be the first of many Supersonic / Milque and Muhle collaborations, a explosive spectacular celebration of music and fun. Showcasing some of the finest acts around and bringing more eclectic artists to Birmingham. This is a super limited capacity show so advanced tickets are advised.

Details as follows:-


Xylouris White (Jim White from Dirty Three + George Xylouris, Cretan lute player)
Sex Swing

Giant Swan
Rainbow Grave
Stinky Wizzleteat
+ Sausage DJ's
+ pop up Milque & Muhle record stall

Of course it wouldn't be a Supersonic event without plenty of cake and samosas.

Ticket details here

For me Info: Facebook


17 Sep 2016

Gnoomes in Drowned in Sounds list of bands to watch at Liverpool Psych Festival

It reads:

(Friday 23rd September, 1:15am, PZYK Colony in Camp)

Hailing from the city of Perm in the central (European) part of Russia, this energetic trio have been honing their motorik inspired dubgaze for the past couple of years, culminating in the excellent Ngan!, released in August of last year on Rocket Recordings. This marks their first ever visit to UK shores, and if the record is anything to go by, it promises to be a very memorable and momentous occasion.

Read the full piece here: DIS

The band play Liverpool as part of their first ever UK tour, dates are above.


The Seventh Hex interviews Goat

It reads: 

In a culture obsessed with content, saturation, and continual exposure, it’s rare to find artists who prefer to lurk outside of the public eye. Sweden’s enigmatic Goat may qualify as the greatest modern pop-culture mystery. Who are these masked musicians? Are they truly members of the Arctic community of Korpilombolo? Are their songs part of their isolated communal heritage? Their third studio album, ‘Requiem’, offers more questions than answers and it remains nearly impossible to pinpoint the exact origins of the elusive group’s sound. With ‘Requiem’, Goat continue to rock and writhe to a beat beholden to no nation, no state. Goat simply creates a world where the line between truth and fiction is so obscured that all you can do is bask in their cryptic genius… We talk to band member Fluffan about making music in a collective, mysticism and transcendental meditation…

TSH: How would you say the excellent latest record ‘Requiem’ ties in with the evolution of the band’s progression?

Fluffan: Well by you saying “excellent”, I assume you like the album? So thank you, it means a lot to us. I think the whole album comes from a space and a place where we felt total creational freedom. How ‘Requiem’ ties in with the other albums, I really do not know. I think that it is partly up to the listener to delve into. I rarely think about the music once it’s done and in this case recorded.

TSH: Like previous Goat works, the album offers more questions than answers – do you feel art should raise questions in general? 

Read the rest here: The Seventh Hex