23 Jun 2016

The Monitors reviews Necro Deathmort's The Capsule

It reads:

You really can’t have enough death-related words in your band name in my morbid opinion. Dead Kennedy’s, Napalm Death, Heaven 17. So obviously if you call your band Necro Deathmort you will pique my craggy interest. With thier new album, The Capsule, Necro Deathmort can consider my interest well and truly piqued.

Yes their playful name may conjure up dour images of stoic Scandinavian black metallers, un-humorously plodding away at horror-obsessed crust metal, or rubber-wearing novelty-goons, but Necro Deathmort are, thankfully, a lot more interesting than the stereotype their name suggests.

Necro Deathmort, comprising of Matthew Rozeik and AJ Cookson, create music that meets at the desolate, lonely crossroad of electronic music and doom metal. As Rozeik has said, Necro Deathmort originally set out “to make electronic music that was as heavy as doom metal”...

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"Evoking the majesty and terror of exploring outer space." Narc reviews The Capsule

Narc Magazine reviews Necro Deathmort's The Capsule:

After several EPs that have dabbled with dystopian techno, Necro Deathmort plunge further into heady electronics on their latest full-length The Capsule.

With their lumbering guitars and screams of previous releases consigned for now, The Capsule flits between intense arpeggiator workouts and moments of lingering, chilling calm. In Waves and First Rays make for a striking opening duo, evoking the majesty and terror of exploring outer space, but it’s the more thoughtful and slow-moving pieces that both diverge the furthest from Necro Deathmort’s previous work and also impress the most.

Crux taps into the same John Carpenter vibes as the last Boards of Canada album, while the slowly enveloping waves of closer Screens makes for a suitably foreboding end credit roll.

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22 Jun 2016

Terrascope reviews H.U.M album and Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation / Gnoomes split EP

They read

H.U.M – Trinity Way
Featuring members of Zam Zam and Moon Ra, H.U.M’s label debut Trinity Way (well there are three of them after all) is an exercise in experimental electronica overlaid with mostly spoken-word vocals evoking the likes of Coil/PTV, label-mates Gnod and even Faust in the darker recesses...

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation / Gnoomes – Repetitions
Rocket Recordings’ other release from their ever-eclectic international roster this month comes courtesy of a split featuring Sweden’s Josefin Ohrn and The Liberation and Russia’s Gnoomes.

Ohrn was responsible for one of late 2015’s best albums, once which slipped under the radar of many compilers’ “best of” lists due to its 11th hour appearance. The three tracks here comprise a psy-trance radio edit of live staple “Green Blue”, the motorik pop... 

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Listen to Teeth of the Sea's remix of Beyond the Wizards sleeve

As reported before Teeth of the Sea remixed Beyond the Wizards sleeve for their recent 12" release. And you can listen to it exclusively now over at The Quietus

Listen here: The Quietus

The quietus say this about the track:
The remix sees the band turning in an atmospheric take on the original, building ever so gradually in a combination of cosmic synths, distant guitars and shuffling beats.


The Quietus reviews The Capsule by Necro Deathmort

It reads:

The duo of AJ Cookson and Matthew Rozeik have been steadily firing out recordings since 2009, consistently wobbling between different shades of synth-driven darkness reflected in the unholy trinity of words for death that is their name. To date they’ve had a pretty open door policy to music making, marbling rugged beats, doom drone guitars, and the odd guttural scream into a propulsive blend of horror movie synth scores and industrial squall. Always prolific, 2014-2015 saw the duo producing at especially high speed, putting out untitled albums Volumes 1, 2, & 2.5, plus EP1, EP2, & EP3, as well as their most beat-heavy trip to date Martian Cartography, sounding somewhere between a NIN remix album and some late-90s Warp records acid house. The tough-to-predict band is an increasingly common 21st century phenomenon, but even by those standards these two are erratic...

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Housewives join Rocket Alldayer

We are extremely excited to announce that one of our favourite live bands around at the moment HOUSEWIVES are joining our Rocket summer alldayer at Corsica studios in London on 20 August

The line-up now is:

Teeth of The Sea
Gum Takes Tooth
Necro Deathmort

+ merch room, DJs and BBQ.

And more more big surprise still to be announced!!

Tickets can be bought from here: Baba Yaga Hut


Signed Goat Tea Towel up for auction for Shelter

Shelter were at this years Field Day and they asked Goat backstage to sign one of their ltd Tea Towels.

You can bid for it here: Shelter

The auction closes on July 8 and proceeds from this auction will benefit Shelter who help millions of people every year struggling with bad housing or homelessness through advice, support and legal services. 

Good luck!!