23 Jul 2014

Norman Records gives Goat – Commune a 10/10 review

The great guys at Norman Records have put up a very early write up of the forthcoming Goat album 'Commune', and they seem to like it:

"Finally, Goat's "difficult" second album is upon us. Their debut 'World Music' catapulted the mysterious Swedish voodoo-psych outfit onto the world stage with its mixture of wah-fuzz riffing, energetically chanted vocals and mystical polyrhythms, with colourful and hyper-kinetic live rituals to match. The pressure is on, then, for 'Commune' to be something a bit special.

Thankfully this is a band with ambition to match their hype, and 'Commune' is far from simply 'World Music' part two. I've spent the weekend letting it settle in before writing this but I still feel like I'm getting my head around it. All the signature moves from the first album are still present, but the emphasis here is much more on repetition, drones and deeply danceable psych-fuzz indulgences, often showing a darker and angrier side than we've previously heard…"

Read the rest of this 10/10 review here: Normans

Photo by Andrea Petrovičová


Anthroprophh and Evil Blizzard play Baba Yaga Hut show

In support of Anthroprophh's new album Outside the Circle, the band will be playing a rare London appearance supporting the great Evil Blizzard at the Red Gallery in Shoreditch on 11 October.

The show is being put on by the ever reliable Baba Yaga Hut and tickets can be purchased from here: Baba Yaga Hut

Watch the video for the track Crow with a Saw throats from the forthcoming Anthroprophh album here:


22 Jul 2014

GOAT - Disco Fever live at Colours Of Ostrava festival

Goat have just returned back from a successful weekend at Latitude and Colours of Ostrava Festival. Here is some footage from the latter of Disco Fever recorded from the side of the stage.

Here are some great photo's of the performance too: Full Moon 

Half of Mission Control were in attendance at Latitude Festival and was blown away by Goat's set where we they played several songs from the new album. Also at Latitude Teeth of the Sea played two amazing sets.

If you have any footage from either festival, please share with us as we would love to see it!



17 Jul 2014

Introducing 'Outside the Circle', the second album by Anthroprophh

Anthroprophh – Outside the Circle

Ltd LP / DL
Released 15th September 2014

Agitation Free///Pekka Airaksinen///Airway///Albrecht/d///Alcatraz

Times have changed since the days when arcane aural wisdom was passed down from disciple to disciple by word of mouth, in dusty record stores littered with inexpensive stacks of second-hand wax and via late-night post-pub sessions in which eager obscurists would brandish their latest esoteric discoveries through a booze and smoke-addled haze. The 'Nurse With Wound list' may have been replaced in popular consciousness by a binary blizzard of Spotify playlists and MP3 files. Yet the idealistic vision of the true psychedelic obsessive still stands proud, a monolith impervious to all adversity and compromise. 

The Deep Freeze Mice////Dharma Quintet///Dies Irae///Dome///Doo-Dooettes

Moreover, in an era where the word 'psych' itself is fast being overused to the point of meaninglessness, there are certain seers who can always be relied upon to brandish an artistic insight into third-eye salvation that departs from its obsessive origins to offer trashed transcendence above and beyond the physical form. One such is Paul 'Prof' Allen, the mastermind of Anthroprophh, whose second album 'Outside The Circle' is a dizzying psychic voyage that exists in, around and at all points of the eternal amplified axe-worship continuum.

Heratius///Hero///Juan Hidalgo///Hugh Hopper///Horde Catalytique Pour La Fin///Horrific Child

Anthroprophh began in earnest after 'Prof's departure from Bristolian cult The Heads, in whose auspices he had made a number of head-spinning records that surfed a haphazard psychic spiral from an overflowing ashtray to the stars. Yet 'Outside The Circle', the second album from the trio he formed with the Big Naturals duo of Gareth Turner and Jesse Webb, sees him steadfastly affirming his own wayward path through a vivid aural terrain of garage-birthed gnarl, FX pedal euphoria and inhospitable drone-vortexes. At times startling, at others darkly comic, and at all times assaulting the unsuspecting freak unawares, it's a treasure trove of titanic wig-outand blissful trance states.

Maschine Nr. 9///Mate and Vallancien///Costin Miereanu///Min Bul///Mnemonists

Whilst 'Outside The Circle' bears a plentiful amount of stylistic hallmarks gleaned from 'Prof's years inhabiting the record-racks and small-hours listening sessions of yore himself, its inherent beauty centres on the fact that this is no slavish retrogressive pastiche, and no tribute to glories past, rather the sound of an irreverent master bearing down on enlightenment anew. From the sci-fi doom-out of the appropriately-titled 'Space Box Zonk Machine' to the unnerving primitive electronica of 'Gottmelt', and from the kraut-fried whirl-y-gig of the title track via the deadpan Deviants-style 'Dead Man On The Scene' to the early-Monster Magnet-damaged finale 'See', no sacred stone is left unturned here. Yet at all times 'Prof''s guitar rages through the ether, all banshee howls and fiery tumult; a kaleidoscopic union between Helios Creed and the Velvet Underground of 'I Heard Her Call My Name'.

Secret Oyster///Seeselberg///Selten Gehörte Musik///Semool///Sonny Sharrock

'Outside The Circle' resides at a moment whereby fifty years of psychedelic culture and esoteric art messily collide and morph into an ornery and intimidating new elixir. Moreover, with 'Prof's credentials bolstered by the force of his band, and the sheer wealth of imagination he deploys in unassuming fashion readily apparent, this latest missive is manna for freaks of every stripe. From Terry-Nutkins-alikes to fresh-faced ingenues, few can remain impervious to this peerless display of frontier-destroying, mind-melting malevolence.

Ladies and gentlemen, witness a new monolith.

Ya Ho Wha 13///La Monte Young///Frank Zappa///ZNR///Zweistein



01 Returning
02 Dead man on the scene
03 2013 And she told me I was die
04 Albrechtdron
05 Gottmelt
06 Detached and in its own mind riding a ghost train through a fairground it had built itself 
07 The ruins of st. Luckwell
08 Crow with ore throat
0Space box zonk machine
10 Dog
11 Outside the circle
12 See
13 New impossibilities part 3


They very good people at Brooklyn Vegan have announced the news on their website which also features the very first taster from the new album, a video made by Paul 'Prof' Allen, Anthroprophh's - Crow With Sore Throat.

Read the article and watch it here: brooklynvegan


Lay Llamas to play Soundpark festival

Lay Llamas have been confirmed to play Soundpark Festival, 30 August in Brugnera (Italy).

Find out full details and about the festival and buy tickets here: Soundpark


Teeth Of The Sea/The Cosmic Dead Freq live review

Teeth of the Sea and Cosmic Live at Corsica Studios
London – 12 July 2014

"...The stage was then set for Teeth Of The Sea. I’ve not seen them play live for many years and their sound has changed considerably in that time. Tonight we get a tight band who are enjoying playing live and give it all they’ve got. Some looped trumpet notes herald the band to start playing; and with an almost black metal-style howl and crash in we are off. Jimmy Martin stands behind a bank of synthesizers with his guitar held firmly in hand. After some big heavy chords he plays a melodic guitar solo that at one point even reminds me a bit of Brian May — he gives the performance his all, looking like a mad heavy metal professor as he switches between guitar and synth effortlessly throughout their performance. The band sound swells — it’s at times subtle and melodic, dark and heavy and bombastic..."

Read the full review here: freq