26 Apr 2015

Hills live in Gothenburg

Here is footage of Hills playing at FOLK in Gothenburg on Saturday where they supported the legendary Träd, Gräs & Stenar.

We will have some exciting news about the new Hills album very shortly. In the meantime sit back and enjoy this!!


24 Apr 2015

Mamuthones join Hey Colossus at Liverpool Psych Festival

Mamuthones - Don't Be Choosy (Promo Video) from Rocket Recordings on Vimeo.

Excited to announce that Mamuthones will be joining Hey Colossus at this years Liverpool Psych Fest.

Rocket helped curate last years festival so it is great to be involved again this year!!

The line up is looking ace, other notable bands playing include: Big Naturals, Evil Blizzard, Jane Weaver, Destruction Unit, Fumaca Preta, Vision Fortune, Lumerians, The Heads, Giant Swan, Sex Swing and many more…

Tickets and more info are available here: Liverpool Psych Fest


Weed Temple reviews 54 Synth​-​Brass, 38 Metal Guitar, 65 Cathedral

Shit and Shine – 54 Synth​-​Brass, 38 Metal Guitar, 65 Cathedral

The ever-mutating musical Charybdis also known as Shit and Shine (or, as they call themselves in their newest incarnation: $hit and $hine) has gone a few stylistic changes over the years, de-amplifying their sound (chances are, you’ll never heard another “Ladybird” again) since their monstrous beginnings, but never getting away from the Weird factor. Because their newest album, the mindbogglingly named 54 Synth​-​Brass, 38 Metal Guitar, 65 Cathedral, released on Rocket Recordings is just as a solid slab of mutant loopadelica as you might expect. Summoning some dead German hippies back from the dead, “Re-Animator” style and combining it with some throbbing electronics infused with tape music legacy for a heavier freak-out factor, it’s a noisy, intensely psychedelic journey through the twisted, insane realm of Shit and Shine. Highly recommended!

Visit the site here: Weed Temple


Anthroprophh and Shit & Shine play Desert Fest this weekend

Tomorrow see's Anthroprophh and Shit & Shine join Bong, Sex Swing, Sly and the Family Done plus others on the Quietus stage at the Camden Underworld, part of this years Desert Fest.

Friends of Rocket, Gonga play tonight, Bad Guys play on Saturday and Ufomammut play on Sunday.

Stage times and more info can be found here: Desert Fest


21 Apr 2015

Q Magazine guest column – Little Boxes Full Of Ticky-Tacky by Hey Colossus

Jon from Hey Colossus has written this interesting piece for Q Magazine:


With Hey Colossus releasing their eighth album, In Black & Gold, earlier this year, guitarist Jon Richards presents an personal essay examining the spectrum of artists – and faces – across the British music scene.

I recently had the great pleasure of being able to witness the Songhoy Blues concert at East London’s Oslo venue. I was part of a crowd enjoying new music, played by a conventionally set up band (Drums, Bass, Guitar and Vocals) and I was struck by how refreshing it was to see excellent performers completely engage an audience, despite a language barrier and some cultural differences.

The band come from Mali, Africa and I can only imagine how surreal it must have been for them to travel so far from home and play their music to a sold out venue of rapturous fans. They seemed like such a cohesive unit. A very strong sound and appearance. With so much expectation and love coming from the crowd. Part of Songhoy Blues’ appeal, for me, is their otherness. Young black men playing live instruments, singing and dancing. Holding down a zeitgeist show in packed club, the way The Strokes or The White Stripes did at the turn of the century. An antithesis to the Brit school studied pop, or the officer-class acoustic troubadours, or the grime MCs, or the pseudodelic rockers and all that we take for granted as being the best in popular music trends in 2015.

I found myself trying to remember the last time I had seen a young black guitar group and – more to the point – had I ever seen it from UK band? Sure, there are always non-white faces to be seen in bands on stages all over the world, but an all black UK rock band? After much head scratching, I found myself reaching all the way back to the 1980s for examples such as Musical Youth, Aswad, SoulII Soul and Roachford. Really.

How can it be that we are celebrating an exoticness in rock music so well by championing fantastic acts like Songhoy Blues, Tinariwen and Tal National, to name but a few, whilst the current pop landscape seems to be almost bereft of non-Caucasian rock bands and musicians here in the UK?…

Read the rest of this piece here: Q Magazine


'Hit the Floor' with Hey Colossus

Here is a YouTube playlist put together by Paul from Hey Colossus


Don't forget you can buy their latest album 'In Black and Gold' here: Rocket Bandcamp


20 Apr 2015

Rocket stall at Bristol Independent label Market

We have decided to share a stall with Invada at the first Independent Label Market in Bristol on 3rd of May.

We are going to be raiding the archives and selling some rarities, including some long gone and highly sort after releases.

All details about the market are on the poster above, but you can find out more from here: Independent Label Market