2 Sep 2014

Anthroprophh short experimental film 'Gottmelt'

Anthroprophh's new album Outside The Circle  is nearly upon us, here is a short experimental film 'Gottmelt' made by Anthroprophh.

The album will be released on the 15th September in all good record shops and the vinyl version comes in as a limited grey vinyl gatefold with insert.

Anthroprophh will be playing the Liverpool Psych Festival and Paul from the band will be back with The Heads for their residency at Roadburn 2015


New ANTHROPROPHH Ltd tape release on Zam Zam

Just a couple of weeks before the release of Anthroprophh's new album Outside The Circle  on Rocket the band have a Ltd tape out on the fantastic Zam Zam label.

Only 77 copies have been made so be quick.

You can listen to and buy from here: Zam Zam bandcamp


1 Sep 2014

The Wire magazine’s exclusive Shit & Shine remix of Goat’s 'Hide From The Sun'

The Wire have published an exclusive Shit & Shine remix of Goat’s 'Hide From The Sun', check it out here

In the meantime check out the new Shit and Shine album 'Powder Horn’ more twisted dance music from our favourite Texan, listen: $&$


31 Aug 2014

Rocket Probes August Playlist

Emergent Void, from null to ∞ from Daniel Siqueira on Vimeo.

Shit and Shine – Powder Horn
(Twisted 'dance' music from our favourite texan)

Pohl – II
(Great Bristol band featuring Hugo from The Heads)

Electric Wurms – Musik, Die Schwer Zu Twerk
(Flaming Lips pull out some crazy krautfunk grooves on this side project)
Electric Wurms

Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes – Poème non épique

(Thanks to Paul from Anthroprophh for turning us onto this great droning fuzz psych jam)

Bernard Szajner – Visions of Dune

(French synth psych from 1978)
Bernard Szajner

Fontan – Neon Snakes

(Great contemporary kraut track from members of Uran, taken from the album Winterhwila)

Ifang Bondi – Saraba

(Nice fuzz afro grooves, another Prophh discovery)
Ifang Bondi

Bichkraft – жорж

(Nice and repetitive industrial psych from Ukraine)

David Bowie – All Saints

(Throbbing Gristle and Can sounding outtakes from Low & Heroes recordings)

Locrian – Dort Ist Der Weg
(Ethereal droney psych noise)

The Hedgehogs – The Heights
(Wah Wah driven psych from Denmark)

Fripp & Eno – An Index of Metals
(Doomy sinister track from 'Evening Star')
Fripp & Eno

Miles Davis – He Loved Him Madly 
(Miles in reflective mellow mode)
Miles Davis

New Kingdom – Suspended in Air
(Killer heavy Hip Hop track)
New Kingdom

Mark Fry – Mandolin Man
(Amazing psyched out acoustic track from 'Dreaming with Alice')
Mark Fry

Jüergen Paape – Ofterschwang
(Disney Oompah band goes kraut in the Swiss Alps…bit bonkers)
Juergen Paape


28 Aug 2014

First sighting of Goat's gold vinyl Commune LP

Hot off the press, here is a first look at the Gold vinyl version of Goat's new album Commune that is being released on September 22nd.

You can preorder this version as part of our ltd pre-order bundles that comes with exclusive posters and tshirts here: Ltd Goat bundles


Goat Commune – the reviews

Here is a constantly updated post of reviews of Goat's new album Commune that is out on September 22nd.

Don't forget you can buy one of the last few preorder bundles that includes ltd tshirts and posters exclusive with these bundles here: Pre-order bundles of Commune

The Quietus

The Needs

7 Bit Arcade

Outline online

Hit the Floor


26 Aug 2014

Teeth of the Sea play Raw Power festival this weekend

Teeth of the Sea are joining an incredible line up of bands at Baba Yaga Hut's RAW POWER Festival at the Dome / Boston Arms on the weekend.

Joining Teeth of the Sea will be Heldon legend Richard Pinhas, Thought Forms, Hey Colossus, Evil Blizzard, Gum Takes Tooth and MANY MORE..

Full details:

Baba Yaga's Hut Presents: 
Raw Power

The Dome (The Boston Arms)
Fri, 29/08/2014 19:00

On the 29 / 30 / 31 of August Baba Yaga's Hut is taking over The Dome & The Boston Arms in Tufnell Park for the second outing of RAW POWER.

Two stages, 3 days featuring some of the best psych heaviness, space rock, synth crazyness, left field electronica and much more.

Tickets can be bought here: Babayaga