21 Sep 2014

BackSeat Mafia reviews Anthroprophh


This Autumn is turning out to be a pretty exciting time for psych fans with a whole slew of new albums coming out. Of these one of my more anticipated releases is the second album from Anthroprophh, the project from Paul Allen of brilliant Bristol psych noise band The Heads. I have been looking forward to hearing it because, while the first eponymously titled album was very good I had heard an even more promising direction from the recent Cardinal Fuzz 12” release, ‘Precession’/ ‘Ebbe’, which showcased Allen’s collaboration with fellow Bristolians Big Naturals. For me these tracks were fuller and more interesting than the originals and suggested that something quite inspired might emerge through this meeting of these massive sound minds.

It has.

Outside The Circle is a monumental album: monumental because of the massive ritualistic sounds that pervade it, such as on ‘Albrechtdron’ and ‘See’. If it was a structure it would be a dark monolith which at first sight seems impenetrable but, as the layers are excavated, huge tracts of meaning are revealed...

Read the full review here: Backseat Mafia


Goat live at Incubate – footage and review

Here's some footage of yesterdays stunning Goat show at Incubate where they closed the festival in style!!

Also here is a great review from Skyline Reviews:

Fanboy-mode was switched on as we were told to wait on the stairs of Midi. As soon as the doors opened, the 1000 capacity venue was filled within minutes. Yes, this band is huge right now. Yes, they will play main stages of major festivals in 2015 and bring new hope within all the generic radio-friendly bullshit. Yes, they are retro as hell. But how could they not be, since Goat basically reincarnates music which is a thousand years old?

It’s not an excuse, mind you. There are always limitations to what a band playing 70′s psychedelic funk/afrobeat can do. BUT. Goat have evolved. No more saxophone or organ this time. This version of the band is far more ‘Roadburn’ than ‘World Music’. And indeed, just like their debut, ‘Commune’ only truly starts making sense when performed live. Goat is now a band that can fill 90 minutes at a rapid pace, melting songs into each other to the delight of the dancing, sweating and mesmerized crowd.

The dancing, jumping and hypnotizing singers bring a spectacular performance completely free of sexist oppression which so often plagues female artists in music. The band is so absolutely brilliant, compounded by Midi’s perfect sound: those cymbals, those wah-wah pedals, DAT BASS! Literally nothing can go wrong with this celebration of pure music. Goat is originally from northern Sweden. Once you visit that part of the world (preferably in a car), ‘Commune’ can be understood perfectly as an album that basically expresses the grand open spaces and the insignificance of humans therein. This band doesn’t only produce something timeless and utterly addictive, it also throws you into a world of mysticism. A world in which we still cannot grasp the full extent of what is exactly going on around us. Watching Goat is nothing more and nothing less than the vicarious experience of that mystery. This is so powerful that it is inevitable for this band to become absolutely huge. As long as they keep doing exactly what they do, this is only to be celebrated.

See more reviews from Incubate here: Skyline Reviews


Adventures in Soundscapes Interview Rocket Recordings

Rocket fans Adventures in Soundscapes have run an interview with us at Rocket Recordings.

'Rocket Recordings have introduced me to so many sounds over the last few years that have taken me far into the musical aether. From Collisions volume 1 (my first introduction to the label) to the recent releases from Goat and Anthroprophh the label has assembled an amazing back catalogue. It was great of Chris and John to take the time to answer my questions and tell us more about the label.'

Read the whole interview here


19 Sep 2014

Goats first European tour starts today!

That is right, Goat's first date of their tour starts today.

This is looking like it is going to be a legendary tour, so miss it and forever regret it!

19 September
Copenhagen (DK)

20 September
Tilburg (NL)

21 September 
Brussels (B)
Ancienne Belgique

23 September
Berlin (D)

24 September
Munich (D)

25 September
Paris (F)

27 September
Liverpool (UK)
Liverpool Psych Festival

28  September
Glasgow (UK)
(Support from Lay Llamas)

29  September
Newcastle (UK)
Northumbria University
(Support from Lay Llamas)

01 October
Brighton (UK)
Concorde 2
(Support from Lay Llamas)

02 October 
Bristol (UK)
Trinity Centre
(Support from Lay Llamas)

03 October
London (UK)
(Support from Lay Llamas)


Lay Llamas - Ostro gets a re-press on yellow vinyl.

Lay Llamas – Ostro
Ltd LP / CD / DL

Ostro is the debut album by Italian band Lay Llamas and we are extremely excited to grab the first glimpse  of this amazing yellow vinyl for the re-press.

The band will be touring the UK with Goat in the coming weeks.

27th September - Liverpool Psych Fest
28th September - Glasgow, SWG3
29th September - Newcastle, Northumbria University
1st October - Brighton, Concorde
2nd October - Bristol, Trinity Centre
3rd October - London Roundhouse

Watch the video of the track 'We are You' here


18 Sep 2014

Mind Over Matter: The Quietus' Survey Of European Psychedelia featuring Rocket Bands

In their latest extended list feature, the Quietus staff and writers select a mighty list of the best, brightest and weirdest psychedelic music currently emerging from Europe. 

Rocket bands GNOD, Goat, Anthroprophh and Teeth of the Sea are all included and you can catch them all playing live at Rocket's 'Transmissions from the Outer Realms’ stage at this years Liverpool Psych Festival.

Weekend and day tickets can be bought from here: Liverpool Psych Fest

Read the full list of chosen bands here


17 Sep 2014

In the Cockpit With Rocket Recordings – a psych symposium at Liverpool Psych Fest

Not only are we curating 'Transmissions from the Outer Realms' at Liverpool Psych Fest. John, Chris and Jimmy from Teeth of the Sea are also taking part in a 'psych symposium' on the Saturday of the festival.

The details of this discussion are as follows:

In the Cockpit With Rocket Recordings / 1.30PM
Rocket Recordings land their ‘Transmissions From The Outer Realms’ curation at Liverpool Psych Fest this year, but have been releasing psych-infused outsider music since their unlikely inception in 1998. With releases by the likes of Teeth Of The Sea, Gnod, Cherrystones, The Heads, Shit & Shine and Goat peppering their 15 year history, what is it that makes label bosses Chris Reeder and Johnny O keep going? What is it about the perilous nature of issuing marvellous head music that makes them tick? And, from an artist’s perspective, what is the experience of being part of the dysfunctional Rocket family really like?

For this session, Rocket Recording’s Chris Reeder and Johnny O will be joined by Teeth Of The Sea’s Jimmy Martin, hoping to navigate the label’s past and give us an insight into Rocket’s future.

Christopher Torpey (Bido Lito! Magazine) - Chair
Chris Reeder (Rocket Recordings)
Johnny O (Rocket Recordings) 
Jimmy Martin (Teeth Of The Sea)

We will no doubt be extremely hungover , so if you want to hear some mumblings about Rocket, come along.

Not only that Nicola from Lay Llamas wil be involved in another discussion about the current Italian occults psych scene entitled:

Dark Arts Of The Eternal City / 4.30 pm
Joseph Stannard (The Wire) - chair 
Nicola Giunta (Lay Llamas)

In the meantime, read what the Quietus have to say about it here: The Quietus